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82.) The Never Changing Young Master

Silva asked his master.

Will he go there no matter what happened despite the Royal Knights not giving him any kind of supports, will he go even if it means by himself?

[That is a dragon, you know…..young master. It could even defeat the Royal Knights, rumors even said our army strongest persons go by themselves but return with nothing…]

It was a voice mixed with worry.

But Slow thought it was not impossible to defeat it.

The dragon was indeed a very strong creature, it was an extremely rare monster seen in the southern country.

A person who could defeat the monster that was called the ruler of the sky will receive a title to their name.

They will be known as the dragon slayer and leave their names in the history, but the only dragon slayer known to man was only one from the northern country.

[…..Even when you know about it, you will still go there right, young master?]

[Silva. There is no proof the black dragon was attacking the academy.]


The white horse let out a cry.

As if saying, 'what the heck are you doing here wasting times. Let's hurry to go back!'.

[You don't care about the dragon, even if there is a black dragon there you will still go, young master. After all your attendant, Charlotte-chan was still there right?]

Slow turn his head to look behind him and looked at Silva.

At his waist, a sword was hanging while lights keep radiating from within its scabbard.

[….Silva. Don't tell me–]

[Young master. I only have one question towards you…..Charlotte is the child of white lily isn't  she?]

Silva has been conducting his own investigation, he was trying to making sure some secret information he has about the Hugh Jack Empire. He also knows about the silver-haired little princess that was born in that country.

Dostork empire was trying to search for her by any means, some said she was still alive and survive, there were also a group of knights from the Hugh jack empire last seen at the Denning's territory.

Surprisingly Silva could solve the mystery without waiting for someone to tell him everything.

He always suspects the female slave's identity they save that time.

Why did Slow Denning, the one who was called as the wind prodigy, told her to be his attendant.

Then Slow look at Silva who ask him a question.

(I knew it…..There is no way you are not the masked guy inside the anime…. You can also guess Charlotte's identity huh…. Just how excellent are you, you really are such an outrageous person.)

Slow nod at Silva.

He didn't even have any intention to hide it from Silva.

[….Don't tell me, you know who she was since the very beginning? Is that why you made her your personal attendant?]

Silva sentences were filled with rage.

The radiance from the sword in his scabbard was increasing each second passed.

[Yes, I know about it. I know about it since the first time we place our foot on that slave market]

[….It wasn't just because you want to look cool right? Tell me now, why did you didn't even told me, is it because I was not that trustworthy?! Don't tell me, the thing you said to me that time was also a lie!?]

There is no need for only one person to hold this secret by himself in the first place.

It would be nice if he could just tell Silva to help him before.

Their eyes met, Silva could see sorrow from his master's eyes.

[I can't tell you who Charlotte really was at that time. I didn't even have the confidence to do it. All I can think at that time was I have to protect Charlotte and her past alone. Yeah you can just say it now, I really was a little brat that time]

Silva knows keeping all kind of things by himself was the bad habit of this wind prodigy.

As the former knight of this person, Silva could even brag that he knows everything about him.

(Ahh…..As expected….You are…)

It has been a long time since the first time Silva trying to find out what was truly happened.

He should felt anger towards his young master in front of him now.

But on the contrary, what he felt now wasn't angry, he felt at ease.

I knew it, he is still the same as the wind prodigy I know from the past.

Silva feels glad Just by knowing that fact the person in front of him hasn't changed after all these years.

[…..Young master. There are a lot of things I wanted to say and tons of things I wanna ask. But we don't have time for a fun chit chat now. That is why, young master——Tell me clearly, what is it that you want from me]

There are tens of thousands words he wanted to tell, but sadly time is not so kind it to just let him said it.

That was why, Silva let his swords do all the talking.

The commoner knight was faced with two option, whether he will go back and protect the princess, or to pass through the forest in front of him.

[i want you to lend me your strength]

Such an honest word.

The moonlight was peeking from within the cloud's gap and illuminate the wind prodigy himself, the wind itself has become quite for a while now.

[I'm not alone anymore. I don't want a future where I will be alone. I want to make a future together with my former knight… No, it should be my friend from now on. I want to make a future together with you]

[…..So you have already decided your future huh. Then what kind of future you have been thinking, young master?]

The enchanted sword was overflowed with radiance and no one can stop it from happening.

The town's people were in awe watching these two people.

[Silva, the thing I want for the future is…..]

Then the wind prodigy spoke.

He only told him what his plan with very few words.

There are only two words he wishes for his dream in the future. Those two words were…..

[……World peace]

83.) World peace, are you serious?

From a certain wind prodigy, something that any normal people will consider as a joke was spoken.

What he said even confused Silva, someone who was chosen as the next candidate to be The Guardian even though he was only a commoner.

[World peace….Are you really serious about that? How-?]

Silva never even imagine those words coming out from his young master's mouth.

Anyone who heard what he said just now would be said the same thing, the thing he said was only a child dreams.

But for Silva, those words his young master said was once in a lifetime dream worth risking his life.


The only answer given was extremely short for word.

Thanks to that Silva fall into confusion again, then he remembered about the talks he heard from the people in the middle of his journey in the past.

[Oh yeah, by the way, I heard about this thing from some Hugh Jack Empire's people who manage to escape to the free federation's territory. Even when these people told me about what happened back then, they told me it was still felt like it was just a dream]

Silva's voices trembled when he continues to explain it.

[There are 2 monsters appearing back then. One monster was trying to corner the evacuating people, while the other one was the one helping those people]

Hearing Silva's explanation, Slow Denning answer it with a slow nod.

[That's right. Right now there are 2 opposite factions inside the demon king army. And that is the more reason I need to go to where the Hugh Jack empire used to be]

The first step, tell his knight what was his plan.

[I need to meet her, The demon king general who rules with her charm, the glamorous pixie. Her name was Aerith and I need to meet her as fast as possible. And also there are tons of things I wanted you to do from now on]

What the heck will you make me do from now on young master?

More importantly, how much did you know regarding this?

Despite having a lot of question, Silva's heart was trembling with excitement.

[Do you get it Silva? A mere black dragon was nothing compared to our dream for the future, just a small fry I tell you]

A dragon, a small fry?

Even though what Slow said could be mistaken as a joke, Silva wasn't laughing, a strange power was welled up from within his body.

Even if Cardinal Maldini or even Princess Karina herself said wouldn't dare to say it.

I once again realize, besides this boy who greatly success in his diet in front of me, I don't want to serve any other master.

[But well, even if you said big thing like that, I believe you can't just win against that black dragon by yourself]

Unintentionally Silva slips some of his thought after hearing his master big dream motivational speech.

[Haaa? Just so you know I am strong. I am really really strong. I am as strong as one thousand of Mr. orc. Or do you want to taste my strength huh, Silva?]

Hearing his young master's answer Silva laugh.

He is honestly happy right now.

He is so happy that his young master needs his power.

He was so happy he could walk the same path as the wind prodigy once more, he could even forget all those hardships from the past.

Even if someone like Cardinal Maldini who not only a guardian but also someone that giving this country assistance for years, his voice is not as moving as Silva own master's voice right now.

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