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Chapter 59

59.) Royal Knight

“He who doesn’t lose hope”

“ To our home country Daris and he who don’t lose hope”

“They Live in that country”

“Those knights are created for the sake of protecting the royalty, Those knights are the core of Daris”

“They are the great noble who received the Great light spirit blessing even though they are not a noble, and those knights are not led by the house of Duke Denning”

“And when those white mantle that was whiter than anything else in the world show up in a battlefield——-”

“—–It means The knightdom of Daris has become serious”

A white mantle without any dirt on it, the highest magic sword technique, it is showing off the strongest forces on Daris.

They are the face of the knightdom of Daris, They are the magic knight who swore their loyalty to one the small country of the Four Southern Alliance that combining magic and sword technique as their way of life.

Those who received the white mantle will be received the yearning from the people of this country, they are the knight of the knight——

——They are the Royal Knight.

Right now half of the Royal Knights were gathered at Yolem, the numbers are 30 people.

Another half was going to the factory section and watch the fight was broke out there.

Right now their tongue is tide seeing how a man with 100 gold as a reward from his head are being overwhelmed by a commoner.

[Silva the commoner, so he is one of the princesses Karina’s Guardian candidate huh]

[Princess Karina looks like interested in him, also it seems he also got approved as a hero candidate by that Cardinal Maldini]

[I thought the rumor was exaggerated. But his move was so fast, it was as if he holds two of those ‘Enchanted swords’. Heck I can’t even see his move.]

The wall of the already abandoned factory was already blown off, those two are no longer fighting inside the abandoned factory anymore.

The member of the mercenary group inside the factory is already tied by the royal knight member’s magic and ready to be delivered to Yolem.

Silva’s and the big man fight was so fierce, the after-effect of the battle was leaving the towns guard to take a step back after seeing it.

They were ordered to never take a step into that battle until it was over.

[Answer me you big sandbag. Tell me all your plan.]

A tall body with black hair, Silva’s using his Enchanted Sword to carved the Giant Man’s body just like using a normal sword you can find anywhere else. The giant man’s legs have long lost its strength since his knee has been injured, it happens just like what Silva has said before, Silva said that he will know the worm’s feeling when they grovel themselves on the ground. 

The battle up till now has makes the Giant Man dropped to his knees so many times until it couldn’t be counted on two hands.

The Giant man feels so disgraced as if he was trying to protect the pride he stands up while roaring.

After that, he looks scornfully towards where the Royal Knights were.

[Why did that commoner didn’t use the light spirit’s magic inside the enchanted sword? If he uses that won’t this fight end in an instant?]

[This battle has already decided, what a bad taste he has there.]

The giant man run towards the Royal Knights that was watching their fight while those knights were talking leisurely.

Even though he was bleeding all over, he still could recite an aria and send num

erous big gems towards the Royal Knights.

It was his certain kill move.

It was a speed that can’t be stopped even if a person can see it, and no matter where that magic land in one body, even if that person wearing an armor, those people will be infected with a serious injury.

But the Royal Knights easily destroy that gems that were flying toward them with magic easily. There are even some of them are yawning while doing that.

[I will kill you all!! I will kill each and every last one of you!!] (The Giant Man)

As if taking what the giant man said as a joke, some of the younger members of the Royal Knights even laughing hearing that.

No matter how much of a price his head has, this time the one he fights was the group of a knight that said to be the strongest war potential Daris has. In this kind of situation, what the GIant man said there was turning into a joke already.

[You, Commoner! Just kill him already! Cardinal Maldini didn’t send us here to watch over you fooling around like that! We are the Royal Knight! We are the shield of this country that protecting the royalties! We don’t have time to watch over you playing around like that!]

The gems that were coming toward the Royal Knight was burnt away, and there is a person that was coming from those knights. He takes the already worn-out wanted man and gazes his eyes.

[If you don’t want to do it, let me do it for you!]

That Royal Knight starting to cast an aria, soon fire starting to eat the Giant Man alive. But just before it touches the helpless Giant-Man, a light suddenly come and interrupt it.

The Royal knight that just realized what happen could only see the situation and can’t help but open their eyes wide.

[Do you know who’s the one use that magic just now!? The commoner here was—-!!!!].

The white mantle wearing Royal Knights were raising their back in caution and draw their sword. The atmosphere turned into so tense while bloodthirst could be felt everywhere.

But beyond the Daris strongest war potential expectation, in front of the wanted man, there is a man standing right in front of him as if trying to protect that guy.

[it was a direct request from the king, He has something he wanted to know from this guy here.]

Even though he was one of the Guardian candidates there is no such ornament that showed that in his body, he was only wearing plain and simple clothes that the commoner usually wear.

Without even flinching, the commoner Silva only watch the Royal Knights in silence and say…

[I don’t care who they are, but I won’t forgive those who disturb my fight, even if they are the Royal Knights themselves.]

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