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Chapter 60

60.) Run, run, run, We’re almost—-. AH, My magic!

[‘Heal’, ’Heal’, ‘Heal’!! You can do it!]


Are we not in Yolem Yet !?

I don’t know how long we have been running now! 

The scenery I saw haven’t change for a while.

I don’t know what happens in the academy right now, and I also don’t know when this magic power of mine will be depleted.

Good grief, why did there are a lot of things I don’t know.


Suddenly a rock golem came out at the highway from the forest.

S, stop it, please! It’s not like I was surprised by you! It was just a bit shocking seeing your body a bit bigger

than a normal human!

It will be a bit too difficult to remove that giant rock golem from the highway with the wind magic.


It’s not like I need to defeat that golem here anyway.

As long as nothing disturbs Mr. white horse here, everything gonna is alright.

That is why I used water magic to freeze that rock golem in an instant.

And suddenly at that time.

[DAAAAAAA!!! Oo earth, send that thing away, ‘Mudhand’!!!]

A giant hand suddenly come out from the muddy soil, and as if it swallows the golem, the mudhand holds the golem inside it.

And then it throws the golem towards the forest with a strong throw.

It was a technique

technique that seems like mocking the power of a golem.

When I was wondering who uses such magic, suddenly a person jump out in front of me while I still running on top of the horse.

What I see was a splendid Afro. Yup, there is no way I mistook it for someone else.

After I explain the academy situation briefly, I get on top of the white horse again to continue my run.

The mercenary made Rokomoko-sensei sleep all this time, and when he woke up from the spell he already up above the sky.

It seems that the giant bird brought him by the shoulder because sensei struggle too much the giant

the giant bird accidentally dropped him in the forest then sensei’s head hit something and lose his consciousness there. Rokomoko-sensei was laughing while saying that he will pay the mercenary back one day. What a scary face you have there sensei.

[Sorry for asking you again and again. ‘Heal’, ‘Heal’, ‘Heal—-!].


But weirdly Rokomoko-sensei was wondering who I am when he first saw me before. And when I said I’m Slow Denning he was really surprised when I said ‘I lose some weight you know’ seems like he really wanted to tell me something at that time.

When I cross this highway I used my magic power non-stop, it’s normal for me to for me to lose some weight.

But why did Rokomoko-sensei couldn’t accept my explanation there?

I wonder if there something on my face? Don’t tell me, there is some horse s*** on my face?

When I thought those things, finally I saw her.


I know it, if she is not giving up on sensei, she will come closer to him herself.

That is why—-

When I realize Natalia the mercenary comes to attack me from her flying monster, I have ready myself to counter her attack.

[Come on, it’s our second round miss mercenary!]

Hundreds of wind bullet were made and shooting high in the sky.

The atmosphere distorted, it was something that will strike fear to whoever saw that.

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