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Chapter 58

58.) The Imperial Princess is in mayhem

Charlotte was lying on top of the futon faced down.

She has completely drowned in her own world right now.

[…….Now that I think about it why did Headmaster Morozov called Slow-sama.]

It was inside the room was given to Charlotte at the second floor of the female attendant dorm.

Besides the bed, there is a wooden wood with two chairs and a shelf.

And those things are the only things that placed in that room, but despite how simple it is, for Charlotte, it is the calming place.

Even though she was the imperial princess at a time, but right now she was just a humble commoner servant serving the Denning household. It was the only place that Charlotte could freely say the things in her mind.

The heavy rain was hitting the window since before.

The wind tonight seems going to be stronger, said Charlotte on her mind.

No matter how many times I think about it, that one was a confession.

There is no doubt.

It’s not just a dream of mine.

I was confessed.

Charlotte fully enjoyed this happy feeling she has right now without wearing her usual iron armor, 

[Charlotte-san!] (Vision)

That was why she gpt surprised when her door was suddenly flunked open.

[KYAA!?] (Chalotte)

Vision Greytoad frantically searching for Charlotte in the middle of people that was trying to run to the Cathedral.

She had a peculiar appearance that not much people have, but no matter how hard he tried to search for her he couldn’t find her anywhere.

Feeling some bad premonition, He asks a female attendant that was running towards the cathedral where is Charlotte’s room and soon come to where she is now.

[Charlotte-san! Why didn’t you go evacuate with everyone!? Can’t you hear the Headmaster’s voice!? Rather, can’t you hear those clamor out there?!] (Vision)

Vision can’t believe what he saw there.

Headmaster’s voice was so loud, everyone inside this academy could hear it just fine.

Even if a person shut all your window,  there is no way they can’t hear that voice.

Not just that, there is also monsters cries from the forest, their cries were overwhelming this entire academy.

He can’t believe there is still someone who can still act like there is nothing happen in this kind of situation.

[Vision-sama!? There is blood on your face! Even your clothes!] (Charlotte)

[This is those monsters blood! Not mine!] (Vision)

[E-Eh, MONSTER!? What happened out there!?] (Charlotte)

[The headmaster said there is someone who spread perfume smuggled from the outside inside here! That is why those monster is coming toward us! Rather we are already under attack!] (Vision)

Some brave people at the  Cathedral that already volunteered to defend the gate from the monsters attack.

It can still hold on for a while, but it was only a matter of time for the gate to fall.

Inside Headmaster’s barrier at the plaza in front of the cathedral, the people inside the academy can’t take their eyes off from a second watching the third year students fighting in a life or die situation against those monsters flying in the sky.

It seems recommendation letter from the headmaster is really important to them.

That is why When Vision saw Charlotte was sleeping on top of the bed without any worry he was so surprised and thought it really worth a praise, and when Charlotte hearing that news she was so surprised she doesn’t have time to prepare her usual ‘cool face’.

[Eh, Eh,

EEEEEEHhhh~~!!! Are you serious!? Are you really really really serious!?]

[I’m dead serious! That is why right now you will come with me to evacuate to the cathedral! The headmaster made a barrier right there. There is no way those monster can get past it! Now Charlotte-san! Let’s go!] (Vision)

[Ah, ah, Yes! …U, um. h-how about Slow-sama? Where is Slow-sama?] (Charlotte)

[….that-] (Charlotte)

Vision hesitate for a moment, but he remembered that the girl in front of him right now was his best friend’s most precious attendant.

At that time he decided to tell her everything.

[Slow-sama was going to cross the highway to Yolem alone to tell the people there about our condition here in the academy!] (Vision)

[At night….crossing the highway…? Slow-sama? Eh!? That’s dangerous!] (Charlotte)

Charlotte can’t say anything anymore.

The town of Yolem and Kurushu magic academy was only connected with a single road.

[Slow-sama has resolved himself and prepared to cross the highway! It was all to protect this academy!] (Vision)

Normally it was prohibited to cross the road at night because at that time monster will become more aggressive.

[Then Charlotte-san. There is something that Slow-sama asked me to tell you] (Vision)

[Slow-sama said that…….to my hometown….? The white lily is it?]

My god, my hometown? And then white lily?

Is that an invitation for a date?

Charlotte starting to worry and her face turned red.

But I need to think about my how to tell him about my hometown for a bit.

It was actually the Imperial territory but, I should tell him that my hometown was one of the Denning Household’s territories.

But then I wonder if there any place in the Denning’s territory that has white lily…….

If it was my real hometown it should be the time for the white lily to bloom, it was so pretty—–.


Suddenly Charlotte’s vision got darkened.

She became so afraid she even forgets how to breathe.

[….Vi, vision-sama. Is, is it true? Did Slow-sama…..really say it? Did he really said ‘white lily’?]

Her usual calmness has gone, seeing that Charlotte’s face turned ghastly pale Vision starting to consider something. He didn’t know what kind of meaning these words his friend Slow left behind truly mean. 

But at least he could understand from Charlotte’s behavior after hearing his word react.

[In this kind of situation, there is a possibility that I hear it wrong. That is why—-]

That was why, for the sake of Vision’s reckless friend that was running to cross the highway he has to control the situation here.

[—–when Slow-sama get back, let’s ask him again]

After that the Great wind spirit Art Ange watch those two leaving the room with a sigh.

Vision thought that it was impossible for someone not hearing the headmaster’s voice or the clamor at the outside but, those voices and all kind of information from the outside was stopped with the power of Art Ange.

It was never heard Slow asking to protect the academy in his stead.

After letting another sigh, Art Ange goes outside from the window and go to the entrance of the female attendant dorm entrance.

It was waiting for the two people to come out from the building there.

When it looked up towards the sky above the cathedral there looked like a monster face that looked so all high and mighty flying at the sky.

That face looked like it said that ‘this world is mine’, while it laughing mockingly looking at the cathedral and the people there.

{……..what is that nyaa?} (Art Ange)

With doubt, Art Ange looked at the sky.

There was some bad feeling mixed in the wind with the storm.

{…..who has a will this strong that mixed with that wind nyaa.} (art ange)

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