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Chapter 41

41.) Finally the mercenary starting to move!?


(Slow POV)


After I came back to my room, without delay I opened the drawer on my desk.

I took out the note that I had a while back when I was still remember things vividly and the map of Yolem that I made personally. On that map there are a lot of crosses marked there, they were places that I indicated as hiding places for the mercenaries that currently are on Yolem.


[What a perfect timing Silva]


Knowing that Silva is also accompanying Martini Cardinal who is leading the Royal Army towards Yolem was a surprise even for me.

He didn’t wrote about it in detail but in general he was talking about the test to choose the ‘Guardian’.

Princess Karina, the next queen of Daris.

Even for me who watched the anime I only know about her information and not once I have ever seen her.

Even though I am kinda intrigued in what kind of person she is, now is not the time.


I believe that the real Aruru-sensei must be kept Inside on one of those many hiding spots on Yolem.

And then my window suddenly opened when a black bird that has sharp talons just like an eagle comes flying into the room, the bird wearing a hat that look liked the one a postman used on its head.


[Is it a Rocket bird? Silva really did it now]


For the masses, this bird is one of the fastest birds in the delivery industry.

It needs quite a big sum of money if someone wants to borrow this bird.


[I leave it you to get this letter to him okay?]




[Buhi!? What was that sound you made!?]


It surprised me! I didn’t know there was a bird with this kind of sound.

Then I pat it’s head and attached my letter and also the map that I turned into a small scroll to it’s feet. When I’m done with that I hurriedly went to school’s gate by jumping through my window.



[Buhi, hiihii, buhii, hiihii]



While I was running towards the school gate while producing sound effects, a fat black cat came out of nowhere and just floated around easily with the wind.

Aah, I see. It is already the time for its report.


[Slow. Just now that woman went to that big building there while watching everything around her]




Every student whom I have passed just saw me talking by himself and looked at me weirdly, I DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR STARES AT ALL!

It’s not my fault that no one can’t see this great spirit-san’s body here! It will only bring trouble though if they could see it! It would made such a shocking scene if like me they could see a black cat flying around freely in the air!


[It was the old building that you always ran around it nyaa~]


The building I always ran around it?


[The old research facility!]


[I think that’s it nya~]


Right now people are already prohibited from entering that former school building.

It was once a research building that was used by the teachers for their magic experiments and because o

f that, by now it has been reduced to tatters.

Because there is a high possibility for that building to collapse, people were forbidden to enter that place and that is the reason no one comes near it, the exact same place that I have been using it for my morning run.


[Finally you made your move. In that case, hey Art Ange, would you mind searching the research facility and find out is there a bottle that has a perfume inside of it?]


[Perfume nyaa~?]


[It is a monster attracting perfume. It has a blue border with clear liquid inside it]


[It is really troublesome but I will do it nyaa~. Then, what will Slow do after this nyaa~]


[I will go straight to the forest and see for myself what is the situation on the dungeon there. Oh yeah, before I forget. When you have finished searching for that perfume… you can go back to Charlotte’s side]


When I mentioned Charlotte’s name, the scene before with her flashed on my mind.



I have told her that “I like her”.

And then Charlotte’s face reddened.

Even when my head has been full with this dungeon problem, my mind keep wandering to her place…


Aah, right.

I have become the white piggy duke aren’t I?

I am so embarrassed. I don’t know what kind of face should I use when I meet her next time.




While riding the wind like it always did, the great wind spirit looked at me weirdly.


[I’m the great spirit that will do any discreet things as long as Slow ask me nyaa~. But why did your face became red when you said Charlotte’s name nyaa~?]




It seems my face was also turned red.

Well… I don’t even need to think why did my face turned red.


[…I just confessed my feelings to Charlotte]


Yes , I just told her my feelings.

I have been holding this feeling of mine for a long time, and right now it’s still piping hot just like a fresh grilled steak.

Just remembering that scene from before makes my face to boil.

I shuddered for a moment there.

The harder I was  tried not to think about it, the pinker my mind became.








That’s right! That’s right!

I have somewhat confessed to her!

I had to somehow leave just like that in a hurry even before I heard her reply!

While I was running with the great wind spirit, I was agonizing for what I did.




[Whoa that surprised me!! Hey guys look, the piggy duke is running while shouting some weird sounds!!!]


The students who saw me had this ‘don’t want to get close to that thing’ kind of face while watching me running.

I can’t help it! My face is hot! It is piping hot! It is just like burning! I can’t help to just want to move my own body!


[I will find that perfume ASAP nyaa~! And then I can see how that girl Charlotte will look after getting confessed nyaaaaa~!!!]


The great wind spirit looked so happy that it’s just rolling up into the sky and went straight toward the research facility where Aruru-sensei was.

Disgusting! Why the heck did it used that kind of move!?

As usual, the great wind spirit do the things that it usually does.

Geez, how come the wind spirit is called elegant by the people?

The existence of this wind spirit kind of leader is far from what you call elegant!




Well then, time for a dash! I ran at full speed toward the school’s gate.

Buhi! Dungeon, here I come! Let’s put that barrier and come home early today!!


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