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Chapter 40

40.) A Dungeon!?


The top floor of the staff’s building was the headmaster room, it was a vast open room that could also be said to be a paradise for the water spirits.

After I knock on the door to the headmaster’s room then I quickly got inside, the headmaster and Rokomoko-sensei have been waiting there for me.


[Slow-kun. Just outside of this academy, we found a dungeon in the Forest of the lost, it’s weird how we couldn’t find that dungeon until now because that dungeon is a big one]


Eh, Dungeon!?

It’s a word that I have never imagined to be encountered here.

In that vast forest just outside this academy there is a dungeon, even I, the one who have knowledge from the anime, didn’t know it existed.

Right now rokomoko-sensei just silently closed his eyes and folded his hand in front of him.

I was staring at the headmaster face in disbelief.

Somehow his face looked to be so worn out, and the water spirits, as if trying to lighten headmaster’s burden, they are coming close to him.


[It’s really was a coincidence that Rokomoko found it when he was searching for an easy monster to train the students. These days Rokomoko and I have been trying our best to go inside there… It really took our all just to do that. I thought we both were enough to do it, but I guess with only the two of us we can’t reach the bottom of the dungeon.]


[Haaa, it remind me of my times when I was still an adventurer and went deep inside a dungeon… It’s friggin troublesome. By the way Dening, you are the one tracking that mercenary huh?. Geez old man, you could ask me to do it couldn’t you? This Dening here is still a student.]


I heard these two were going somewhere, I can’t believe that they went into a dungeon…

A dungeon will collapse when the it’s core that is located at the deepest part of the dungeon gets destroyed.

Even though it looks like with only the two of them they are lacking people to go into the dungeon, but actually these two’s power are not a joke at all. Rokomoko-sensei was a veteran adventurer and even had qualifications of a B class adventurer, so it should be so easy for these two to subjugate a dungeon that was born just recently. And for them to actually fail to reach the bottom…


[And then, Slow-kun. There is something you want to tell me, right? If it’s possible would you mind telling us in this mean time?]




And so I told them everything.

About the magic formations, about the bundle of hair that has a certain perfume on it that is related to the teacher, and the magic character that was written on the magic formation.

With interest, the headmaster heard the explanation about my investigation, while Rokomoko-sensei took out a bundle of hair from his pocket and a disgusted expression appeared on his face.


[I see, I see. It is really hard to believe… But it all make sense… Now that I think about it, when it was her employment test, she couldn’t even use fire magic at all.]


[Old man! You’re lying right? Are you saying that you believe this crap!? I have exchanged a few words with Aruru-sensei when we were teaching the students&

nbsp;and I believe there is no way she will do something like that!]


Rokomoko-sensei seems surprised hearing that, he looked at the headmaster and me alternatively.

There is actually only one hint which can connect Aruru-sensei to ‘No face’, and that was how she falsified her basic magic element.

But those spirits could only be seen by no one but me, and I can’t tell this method to them.


[I believe it, I was the one whom let Slow-kun decide his own investigation method, I have once heard the rumor that the wind child prodigy could actually talk heart to heart with the spirits. Besides, I don’t think I have the ability to find any mercenary that could be hiding inside this academy.]


[Being able to hear the voice of the spirits could only happen on legends you old man!]


[Aren’t you the one who told me that Slow-kun has a love story already at a legendary level?]


Rokomoko-sensei scratched his afro hair roughly.

After that he breathed out his dissatisfaction and urged the headmaster to continue.

It looked like he was already forcing himself to accept this.


[Since we found this dungeon, we are unable to put all our efforts only into finding this mercenary. And depending on the size of the dungeon it will become a much dangerous threat than the mercenary. We need to prohibit classes outside of the academy, and then I need to prepare more strict guards along the highway towards Yolem city.]


[Yeah–. But, that dungeon is deeper than I thought. This one was the army’s failure]


For the sake to train the students, the army should have at interval times, to sweep the monsters on the forest that’s just outside the academy, just enough to make sure they were weak enough for the students, but it became a different matter since the birth of this dungeon here.

The monsters inside the dungeon are said to constantly fight against each other, and that will make them evolved monsters that not just students, even the teachers will have  problems against them.

To made the combination of the headmaster and Rokomoko-sensei fail to reach the bottom of the dungeon, it means that this dungeon was not born just recently.


[We have been contacting the capital since a few days ago and finally got their reply. Martini Cardinal has already being dispatched towards the academy while leading the Royal Army with him]


[What, they are already on the move!?]


They move really fast.

It was extremely fast, remembering that Rokomoko-sensei only found this dungeon a few days ago.


[And Rokomoko, about that talk]


[Aah, the shop keeper that was selling the monster attracting perfume has just confessed. It seems most of the perfume has been disposed of, but to whereexactly? He don’t know. Is it perhaps already inside this academy? After all it was one of that mercenary’s most favorite tool.]




Bu,buhi!? What perfume!? I’m not doing anything bad right now! BUhi!

I was breaking cold sweat when I remembered a certain  perfume inside my room.

Monster attracting perfume.

It has become a prohibited goods on Daris.

But now that I think about it, it really is that mercenary’s favorite tool. It was really the most efficient way to turn a place into disorder.

If those things used now, it will become a big problem.


[The dungeon and the perfume. It will be really troublesome if the mercenary finds out about the dungeon there. That is why we can’t let this information into the public.]


If in some case a large quantity of that perfume was sprayed on this academy, a lot of monsters will advance towards here.

I can’t imagine what will happen if the monsters and the dungeon master of a dungeon, that even the headmaster and Rokomoko-sensei can’t even clear by themselves, comes out to the surface.

…I beg you, just go back to where you came from.


[I heard that Martini cardinal and the Royal Army should arrive at Yolem tonight. And tomorrow afternoon, those people will be visiting this Kurushu Magic Academy]


[Buhi! Wasn’t that extremely fast!?]


They will arrive to this academy tomorrow!?

It seems the Royal Army has been moving with quite considerable forces.

And that administrative manipulative boss, Martini cardinal will personally lead them.

Hmmm, I was not that good with that person.

SInce a long time ago I can’t understand his thoughts, he even was manipulating Shuya in the Anime.

Maybe, he actually wanted to raise the Royal Army fame with this. Because lately, it seems my father has being doing quite well against the southern empire.


[Headmaster, if the mercenary have companions on Yolem city then the arrival of the Royal Army will be known. No, perhaps she already had that information in her hands.]


No matter how experienced a mercenary was, if that person fought against the Royal Army they still won’t stand a chance.

That is why that mercenary might use any means necessary to escape from the Royal Army. And in that case, if that mercenary has the monster attracting perfume then she will use it without a doubt.


[So, between the dungeon and the mercenary, right now it is clear that the dungeon takes more priority… But the situation will be reversed if the mercenary holds the perfume in her hands… Slow-kun, right now I will go to the dungeon once again. When I went there last time the monsters were so excited that I couldn’t leave a satisfying barrier behind… hmmm, let’s just return to the academy this evening]



No, she is the mercenary, and only time will tell us whether she had the perfumeor not.

Anyway, the wind great spirit was always beside her documenting her every action right about now. If in some case that mercenary made some move, there is no way Art Ange won’t know about it.


[If in some case we found a large quantity of that perfume inside this academy—- When the Royal Army arrives tonight, we will seize that mercenary. Well then Slow-kun, what will you do?]


Near Kurushu Magic Academy a dungeon was born.

It was a mysterious thing that never once came out on the anime.

And about the dungeon that suddenly came out of nowhere just outside this academy, I have some kind of thought regarding that.


[Right now Aruru-sensei was being watched by one of my collaborators. I have an absolute confidence on him]


I have no proof about it, but I could think of something created that dungeon.

You could call it sixth sense, because it is a feeling only I know about it.

A dungeon that suddenly appeared and endangered this academy.

And a dungeon master and a dungeon that was not supposed to exist in the anime.

After all the one who beat it——


[Headmaster, please also bring me to that dungeon]


——-Someone on my heart shout ‘BUHIIII”.




And then, just before we exit the headmaster’s room.


[He has become the topic on the street, that Silva]


I take a letter from Rokomoko-sensei.

And with seriousness Rokomoko-sensei looks at me.


[Dening——I leave that old man to you]


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