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Chapter 42

42.) It begins from Zero, My White Piggy Duke


Together with the headmaster, I follow the animal trail that lead us deeper and deeper. At first we only find some weak monster that will run away as soon as they meet us, but as we go deeper and deeper into the forest the monster got stronger and starting to assault us.

Buhii… What a walk we did right now! If it was when I was still the black piggy duke this walk will be so~ hard, but as I am now it was as easy as breathing! Buhi buhi!


[Slow-kun. Right there]




And then we found it.

A place full packed with resting monsters were inside this forest. The dungeon entrance which will continue to the underground was behind those packed of monster that currently sitting on the ground and stumps.

Every single monster that came out from that hole has the same thing in common, they are excited and in full alert toward its surrounding.


[Headmaster, it was quite a mess there]


[I am too old for stuff like this]


Both me and the headmaster currently on top of a thick branch on one of the big tree here to watch the condition of the dungeon and the monsters below.

If it’s possible I just want to put up that barrier and get back, but looking at how excited those fellow down there I think it won’t be that easy.

Even if I want to use sleeping powder to those monsters I need to made them calm first.

Even though defeating those monster was also an option, but their blood will made the other monsters more excited, and if there are more monster jumping on the fray it will means more trouble for us.


[I can dissolve this sedative with  water and disperse it using the wind, .but doing it this way will take a while for those monsters to calm down]


[It can’t be help, well then let’s just take a nap for now]


It appear that the headmaster looked really tired.

As the one who look after this academy it has been a few days since he can’t rest, at first it was  the appearance of that mercenary, and now this dungeon here.

I manipulate the wind around the headmaster so that the rough sound from the monsters won’t reach him, after I done with that I continue my observation on the dungeon.


On my way here, Art Ange seems already told a few word to the other wind spirits out there because right now there are quite a lot of wind spirit around me right now.

As expected of one of the great spirits, how reliable.

When the headmaster woke up, I told him about the large quantity that was found inside one of the room of the old research building.


[Slow-kun. You sure have an excellent comrade out there]


[Comrade is it… Well you could say that]


Well it was just a lazy fat cat for me though.


[—-and then, let’s talk about our situation for now]


And then I talked about my plan and headmaster’s plan from now on.

I was also told him about the large quantity of perfume found inside the academy.

We can’t wait any longer for the royal knight to come.

We need to put that barrier on the dungeon entrance, get back into the academy to secure that perfume. After that we need to apprehend that mercenary and give her to the royal knight.

Just a little after we finished talking, the headmaster release a small whistle from his mouth.

Suddenly small birds come while chirping, after doing something that look liked conversing with the headmaster, it suddenly fly to the sky toward the academy. I

t seems Rokomoko-sensei had arranged sometime to teach a class together with Aruru-sensei.


[As soon as the monsters lot down there fall asleep we put the barrier at the entrance]


When those monsters has been put to sleep with the sedative I have been spread with the wind, we will go inside the dungeon without delay.

Then I use the wind magic to control the air current here.

It won’t take long before those monster fall asleep in this way.

Waiting on top of the tree, the headmaster and myself wait for the right time to put up the barrier.

The sun has starting to hide himself behind the mountain.

And beyond that mountain, was the northern empire, the world where the monsters reign.

And suddenly I realize, there should be a pixie there isn’t it?


A few month from now there will be a severe winter, the world where those monster live will be collapsed.

The southern four nation alliance will waging war and once again set their foot on the northern empire soil.

And then after she saw the glass of tears that left behind, the girls made her decision.

The lonely devil king will be waging an all out war with the southern four nation alliance with the southern empire leading them.


[I know e~verythi~ng about it]


After the tragedy that happened to Aerith, the demon king finally made up his mind.

She was, afterall, the only relative that the demon king has and she was currently governing the northern empire site.

She was that demon king older sister also someone that lead those monsters and the only one who pursue a peaceful relation with the human. And that Aerith will be deceived by the southern four nation alliance and got killed, and that was also the reason the demon king will move.

She was an extra character that was ranked first in the “I want her as my big sister” list.

The elder sister of the demon king, Aerith.

By the way the second place goes to Charlotte.


[That things goes there… this thing goes here… then buhibuhi this. Do that… at that place…]


I was currently walking while looking at the ground.

What I found here was there are a lot of monster trail in here indicating that there are a lot of monster above the dungeon, mostly orcs and goblin.

Well then, about time for me to move.

I was ready to move from the thick branch when——-


[——–Slow-kun. Do you have a moment?]


Suddenly the headmaster calling me while sitting from different branch.


[What is your thought, about the future?]


I get back to my sitting position.

When I see the monsters below, there are some of them who haven’t fallen asleep yet.

Dangerous, dangerous.

Humm, my future huh..

My grand goal was to live happily ever after with Charlotte.

And then—–


[Slow-kun, if it’s possible, even after you have graduated from the academy, would you mind keep staying there? If you don’t have any intention to return to the Dening household, I can make you the young teacher that teach on the academy. It was also you looked like you enjoy it so much when you teach magic to the commoner student there. Even though our academy has a lot of talented teacher there, what we need now was someone who could nurture someone else.]


As I hear headmaster talking, without me realizing, the mountain has turned orange as the sun set. And coincidently that way was also the direction where the northern empire located at, wherever I see in that direction Charlotte always pop in my head.


[Headmaster, I truly appreciate your concern form the bottom of my heart]


I, since a long time ago, love Charlotte’s face whenever she throw her gaze outside the window.

Whenever I ask ‘where did you see just now?’ she will always answer, ‘it’s a secret’.


[Thanks to what you said just now, I realise where I stand right now]


The wind brush my face gently.

Without interrupting me, headmaster listened to my talk until the end.

What a truly nice person that always think of his student.

And that is why I wish that you always be the headmaster of Kurushu magic academy that was always care for his student.


[Slow-kun. You have made me interest in yourself that was once called as the wind wonder child and also who was once called as the piggy duke that was scorned by the people around you. I’m sure that you have noticed those self of yours, and I believe those personality of yours will shape your own future. Well then Slow-kun, I’m curious, which one was your true self?]


Beside the sound of the sleeping monsters, I can’t hear anything else in this forest.

With my kind smile, I look to where the headmaster sat himself.


[The piggy duke that always do anything as free as a bird. After all wherever I will go in the future I will be known as the piggy duke buhi]


Are are?

Just now I can hear myself speak like an orc just now.

Despite how serious that scene just now, I was just… geez. Buhibuhi.


[No matter what happen I will live freely the way I want to live. It is so free that I was free to say I love you to the person I love, free to choose my own future.]


I know what will happen after this.

As the story goes on in the anime, a lot of sacrifice made both on the people and also the monsters.

Even without counting the demon king, Aerith and their follower, there are still a lot of people that was dying in vain.

But stimulated by Shuya’s growth, all the country here will join together as one, and then the road to live to live with the monsters open widely, and those sacrifice along the way will be worth it.


[Headmaster, there is something that I need to tell you since a long long time ago.]


But then I have been thinking.

I have all the knowledge about what will happen here. And I think I have a good acting skill here.

If there is something that will happen in the future and I know about it, there is no way I can pretend I know nothing of it.


But to change the future my noble title only became a hindrance.

That is why I don’t need this ‘Dening’ name anymore.


I will throw everything I have now and start again from zero.

This is my own story, this is my own uprising.

Everything great start from zero after all.


[To let me study in the Kurushu magic academy… I thank you from the bottom of my heart]


And then I bow my head toward him.

After hearing my word, the headmaster faces turned a bit sour.


[Slow-kun, you…]


Not long after, as if he understood something, he just sighing and then put a gentle smile on his face.


[…Is that so, it seems you have made up your mind… Aah, Slow-kun. Did you still remember my word before? That I love seeing the moment my student show me an unexpected growth. And now I understand why you told me about it]


The headmaster showed me a good natured old man smiled.


[Towards the Slow-kun who has been given so many things to the Kurushu Magic Academy. And also someone that has been given me a whole lot of fun everyday ever since rolled in the academy… If you mind telling me what was the thing that motivated your growth and also your future dream from now on, I will considered it your tuition fee on this academy]


The thing that motivates my growth is it?

I can’t think of anything what motivated me, then my mouth moved by itselfs.


[I think that was…]


Charlotte, to protect you and also the oath I have been made with the great spirit.

From that day on, my life begun.

From that day on, I always keep my eyes on you.

From that day on, you have put more colour on my world.

And then, that colour name was…


[…Love that is, on top of that it was my first ever love… And then headmaster. It was only a little, but I——]


You have taught me what does it feel loving someone.

Your figure that seems lonely with dirty dress.

Your figure that desperately trying to hold your own tears.

Your figure that holds your stuffed toys like it was something important.


[——I also wanted to save this world.]


As expected, even the headmaster surprised after hearing my answer, without delay I jump off from the thick branch I was at.

Come now, all the monster have been put to sleep, all we need to do was put that barrier up and then quickly go back to the academy.

Catch that mercenary together with the stack of perfume and finally go back to where Charlotte was.


[Thank you for everything headmaster! After this problem has come to close, I will soon leave the academy!]


The feeling I have told you, from a long time ago, I really like you.

Because after all, you are a princess.

Aren’t you tired to hide your true identity even from me?


[Interesting! Truly interesting! You are a student that Kurushu Magic Academy could boast to others, and it pleased me being able to see your growth from this up close Slow-kun! Live the way you won’t regret! Aah, I will put some word to the Duke Dening! Don’t worry about it, if it’s Vardeloy-kun he will listen to what I said!] (tl : I will use Vardeloy as piggy’s father name, ty anonymus for your suggestion}


At that moment, my story has begun.

Charllotte, you are the one that told me right?

I don’t have anything else to learn inside this academy.

I know this is me being cheeky, but I also think I don’t have anything to learn there.

That is why I want to leave this Kurushu Magic Academy.


I also have written this on Silva’s letter, it was unexpectedly easy to save this world——–


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