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Chapter 39

39.) I Want to Say I Like You

(Slow POV)

[——-Charlotte. I want to be by your side]

It’s the only word that I wanted to say to her.

The only word that the black piggy duke couldn’t say in his whole life.

[We have been together for a long time since we were children. That is why I thought my feelings would just be transmitted to you.] (Slow)

Charlotte seemed like she was trying to say something, but she seems a bit troubled right now.

I can see her mouth opened a little, shocked.

This is the first time I see her like this.

[No matter what kind of person I am, I don’t care whether I am a noble or not. It doesn’t even matter whether I can use magic or not. For me, those kinds of things aren’t worthy enough to think about.] (Slow)

Magic is not just a useful and convenient tool for us; it’s also a devastating weapon at the same time.

In this world, if you have talent to use magic, it could affect your destiny a lot.

But, magic wasn’t everything.

[I was bound, bound by the heavy chain called the Duke Dening Household. And only after I threw away my family, I could cut off those heavy chains from my body. When I think about the plan I made at that time, I guess it was really reckless and foolish.] (Slow)

Being born in the Dening Household and becoming a boy that was liked by the great wind spirit.

When I was aware of my surroundings, my father told me that my future had been decided for me.

I was to be the next head of the Dening Household and would be burdened to lead Daris’s military in the future.

That is the destiny of someone who was born in the family of the Duke Dening Household and loved by the spirit.

Even among the history of the Dening Household, I was one of the people whose future has been decided at an extremely early age.

What a boring life, I think.

So, I will live as free as I want since I was still allowed to do as I liked as a child.

And that way of living that let me call forth the wind spirit to me.

But you know, Charlotte?

My life has changed.

My decided future, the rule that was made by the adults.

My whole life has changed since I met you.

Even though I turned into the black piggy duke after meeting you, when I think about it now, I don’t regret my decision that time.

After all, living the way you like at that time——

——Really fun.

And even though I was still the black piggy duke at that time, I have made friends.

Even though those friends of mine always bring trouble to me, but I can’t deny that they are all my most important friends that walk with me toward our bright future together. Vision currently still can’t contact his father. He is living strongly with the hopes to take up the possibility to raise his family name again. Then there is Deppa, a commoner that has a great dream and fights for it without giving up.

I can’t lose to those guys.

The time has come for me to run towards my own dream.

Charlotte has been always thinking about my future. It made her think that she is no longer good enough for me.

I can see her disheveled hair covering her face..

She opens her big eyes and waits for my words.

She is waiting, prepared for anything that wil

l happen.

[Charlotte, I don’t care even if you can’t use magic at all]

After she hears my words, Charlotte becomes surprised and her shoulders start to tremble.

The words cannot be stopped, the feelings on those words are also beginning to overflow.

I move the hair on her face with my hand.

Her eyes were so red, the clear tears starting to form on both of her eyes.

[I wish I could have told you my feelings sooner.]

I always think to tell her my feelings one day.

Those words I just said naturally came out from my mouth without even thinking about it.

I’m always thinking that it would be so beautiful if I was able to say those words with a romantic scene at the background.

And it would be perfect if I said it when my diet had been a success and I had turned into a macho man.

[I’m always been late at everything. I am really just a darn pig to let the most important thing in my life get hurt.]

To make Charlotte to be continuously worrying about it, I was truly a fool.

I was truly a big idiot.

I still haven’t changed myself from that black piggy duke in the past.

I was truly an idiot on top of an idiot that is also a darn foolish pig.

I always think that if I turn myself into the white piggy duke, I will automatically get the beautiful stage where I could become someone appropriate to confess my feelings to her.

No, it’s not.

I was wrong.

I shouldn’t just foolishly follow my destiny.

[Charlotte——–I like you.]

She opened her eyes widely.

Her face turned into sakura colour, how cute.

It has been opened for me.

With my intention, there comes my new path.

And my words, you will be the first one to hear it.

[—–I really like you.]

Hearing my own words made me realize it once again.

Charlotte, I really like you.

I can’t help liking you.

I don’t even know when it started, but I like you.

[I have always, a~~~~~lways loved you since a long time ago.]

Your face that changed from pinkish sakura coloured into a bright red one is really cute.

(??? POV)

[——There is a story book about the black dragon Sekhmet inside Charlotte’s room.]

[——The noble child can’t save the princess.]

[——Since he was a child, he has read it times and times again. The noble boy could feel the anguished feelings the nobleman experienced.]

[——When he wanted to say he likes her, the princess of the northern kingdom was already gone]

[——The sadness and hopelessness he feels at that time, I can understand it now.]

[——That is why, I won’t make the same mistake twice.]


[I like you, I truly like you. And because I like you I don’t want to get separated from you for the second time.]

(Charlotte POV)



It was as if the time has stopped.

I can’t understand what happened here.

Just now, what did Slow-sama just say?

Eh? Eh?

Even though I don’t understand what was said, it seems I cried.

I can’t feel my face at all, my chest also became numb.

Even after all this time I have been with Slow-sama, I’ve never seen him showing such an expression like this.

He was looking straight at my reddening face.

[A-ahaha. How embarrassing. What the heck was I saying just now.]

[Eh, eh? Slow-sama. Eh? ]

[Uhhm. Did Charlotte also want to join my morning run? Yes, that’s okay! Let’s go dieting together! And also, let’s train magic together with everyone ! Yoshi! Let’s train! Let’s train our magic together, Charlotte!]

Slow-sama looks like he wants to leave here in haste.

Without even looking at my face, he was looking to the other side of the plaza while looking like he was talking to me.

But, this is also helping me.

There is no doubt that my face is truly red now.

Slow-sama was currently talking in high speed without stop.

He was saying things like ‘Buhhi’ or ‘Buhyaa’.

The disorderly Slow-sama right now looked exactly like a pig.

I have this feeling that I just discovered another side of Slow-sama just now.

Umm, eh?

What did Slow-sama say just now?

I was so surprised, I forgot what he said to me just now.

I only remember it was something really shocking to me.

All my tension from before has gone before I noticed it. If it’s now, I believe I can say it to him.


With this momentum, I have to say it to him.

I have to tell him that I was someone from the northern empire.

[S-slow-sama! The truth is, I…]

And then, I see that Slow-sama focusing his eye into the other side of the park.

I also try to focus my attention to the place where Slow-sama is looking at.


It is true, there is someone calling Slow-sama in a very loud voice from there.

Somewhere beyond the park, there is someone who keeps calling Slow-sama’s name.

Ah, it was Deppa-san.

A commoner student who became able to use magic just now.

Actually, I am a bit jealous of him.

Because I have no talent at all on using magic.


Deppa was calling Slow-sama with a loud voice.

Deppa ran towards here with great urgency.

[Deppa! What happened!?]

Slow-sama stands up while shouting.

I was surprised seeing the two of them act like this.

I wonder, what exactly happened?

Slow-sama saw me first and then makes his eyes fly toward the educational building that was far from here.

Only for a moment, he looked bewildered. But then, he straightens his back and pulls out his brown coloured cane.

Only by withdrawing his cane, Slow-sama’s atmosphere changed drastically. There is this mysterious kind of feeling around him now.

Then not long after, there is this warm wind wrapping around him.

That wind that Slow-sama created made the mysterious atmosphere just now dispersed.

But I’m glad it has turned into this.

Because that thing before was just too shocking for me. I can’t even tell what happened that time.


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