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Chapter 38

38.) Next time I will, towards you…


(Charlotte POV)


It’s lunchtime now.

There are a lot of students using their free time enjoying sitting on top of the lawn while eating their lunch there.

Slow-sama asked me to accompany him to enjoy the atmosphere outside together while eating the lunch that we bought from an stand.

And right now we were sitting side by side on a bench on the corner of the plaza.


[I have something I have to tell you properly]


When I heard he said that my thoughts got halted.

My chest was pounding like crazy.

It was just like a certain attendant that is secretly learning magic just to make his master, a girl, impressed.

Knowing that other attendants also have some kind of trouble with their duty kinda makes me relieved, because I have no friends to exchange those kind of stories.

Master and his attendant are one body and soul.

I also wanted to be like that too.

That is why, I need to tell him the truth about me.




I looked at Slow-sama for a quite long time.

Kind eyes, with quite a chubby body. But lately he has turned quite thinner.

Slow-sama is really trying his best with the diet.

I think he is really doing great.


[…Charlotte, Actually I…]


My breath stopped.

I can’t stop staring at him.

Did Slow-sama hid something from me?


[…Lately I have been skipping my breakfast because of my diet]


[Th-… That’s not good. You have to properly eat breakfast…]


Gradually, sweat comes out from Slow-sama’s forehead.

Somehow, he looks really nervous right now.

Yosh, now is my turn to speak.


[S-Slow-sama… The truth is I…]




Our eyes met.

Honestly my heart has been beating like crazy since before.

Because this position where we sit side by side, with our hands almost touching each other almost never happen.


[…Lately I have become a little fat because I rarely go outside…]


[I-is that so… that’s… Bad isn’t it?]


It’s a big problem.

Somehow both of my arms became kinda squishy here and there.

The sweets Alicia-sama brought were so good that my hand unconsciously move by itself to grab them.

Even though my master, Slow -sama trying his best on his diet, how come his attendant became fat?

It will became so funny, people will laugh without doubt.

Even Slow-sama is looking at me with bitter smile.


[…Charlotte should go on a diet too. Buhi]


[Yes, it seems so…]


Sometimes Slow-sama makes a Buhi sound.

I don’t know why, but it seems he did it as natural as breathing.

Even I think it was strange. I think Slow-sama should stop his habit saying that.




Somehow my nervous feeling from before has gone.

While still buhi-buhiing, Slow-sama watch the students relaxing themselves on top of the soft lawn.

[Slow-sama… After hearing your story about that attendant. It was really moved my heart.&hel

lip; That’s why, umm. I will say it now. Ummm… Slow-sama. The truth is, lately I was thinking about something.]


Right now he wasn’t the old Slow-sama anymore.

There will be nobody else that will called Slow-sama pig anymore once his diet success, I’m sure of it.

And I think Slow-sama will gradually became attractive as time goes on, or so I think.

Even inside the dorm for the girls attendant, the rumor about him being attractive has spread, and I believe more and more people will try to stab my back.

If it stay like this then Slow-sama will go somewhere far away where my hand can’t reach.


[I was thinking that if Slow-sama success on his diet, then you will no longer need to be in this Kurushu Magic Academy anymore]


The young noble here not only come into this academy only to study.

I heard some of the reason the noble trying to graduate from this academy was so they could raise their status, making a strong connection with the graduates here, and also to secure their job after they graduate.

And among those reasons, the number one reason a noble going into this academy was to makes a connection among the young noble  here.


But, Slow-sama was from the Dening household.

In this country only one or two noble that could compete with them.

Especially for the current Duke Dening Household.

Even I can see with my own eyes that Slow-sama’s father really doting on him.

I believe if Slow-sama said he wanted to return, he will back into the Dening-household in no time.


[I believe you will go back home one day. And then you will learn something more useful then the things you learnt from this academy. Because  as I see it now, you don’t have anything else to learn from this academy anymore.]


Slow-sama is smart.

Not just in his practical magic uses, but I also know he is the best in the other studies among the student.

If the things about Slow-sama right now became known, there is no mistake that Slow-sama will go back to the Dening household in no time… I’m sure of it.


[When we were still at the Dening resident,I was often  told by the people that I’m not someone fitted to be Slow-sama’s attendant. But, at that time, you were always protecting me whenever that things happen…..Those people starting to stop saying things like that only after I still following Slow-sama when you are starting to turning into someone mischievous……Actually when it happen, I felt a bit relieved]


Since we were a child, Slow-sama always protecting me.

With patience he help me to familiarize with the things around me while staying by my side.

And because of that kind of Slow-sama that I decided to be Slow-sama’s attendant no matter what.

No matter how hard it will be.

I only wanted to be together with Slow-sama.


Because I am Slow-sama’s attendant I can surely say this.

Slow-sama will turn into someone great without a doubt.

Slow-sama will turn into an extremely great person.

Slow-sama will need an attendant that far far more skillful than me to support him in the future.


[If Slow-sama return into the Duke Dening Household right now, I believe all the people there will be delighted…….. As the time goes on like this, I believe you will turn into someone greater and greater, and then you will need an attendant that has a lot of capabilities, or so I think. And I think… It won’t be me… Because, after all… I can’t use magic at all]


The ruined northern empire, the Hugh Jack empire.

The royal family of the emperor was told really bad with magic for generation.


[An attendant for a great noble family like Dening Household should be good with magic. A noble from the Dening household going into a campaign a lot of times, and his attendant should have been able to protect his master even if it is using his own life in exchange. Because the battlefield was dangerous, and it was the attendant’s job to protect his master no matter what]


And even though I should do the things what I said, I can’t even use one simple magic at all.

When I was still staying in the Dening household, I was longing to be able to use magic whenever I saw Slow-sama and Alicia-sama using it.

But, no matter how much I long for it I can’t use magic at all.

Slow-sama have been teach me magic again and again but no matter how hard he teach me, I still can’t use magic. I don’t have any talent on magic after all.


[From this day on it will the day where you will be a great person… There are no other people that could understand more than I did, because I was the one that  always watch you all this time…]


It made me so sad my tears has starting to coming out.

And at that time, Slow-sama’s expression changed.

From the usual kind face, it changed into a shocked face.

With haste I turn my face down.


[I-I’m not good enough… I was the only who got protected… even right now I was the only one get protected. As an attendant I should be the one protecting Slow-sama whenever a dangerous person come into this academy… And that is how a real attendant should act. But now, I can’t do anything at all… And to know when to back out, was also important for an attendant…]


This is the first time I see this kind of Slow-sama’s faces, a face that he was like he was  almost cried.

As I thought, I was not a good attendant.

I only made trouble for Slow-sama.

I always did that.

I was the Charlotte who can’t do anything after all.


[Slow-sama. I’m sorry… I felt Slow-sama getting farther and farther, and before I knew it…]


[…I see]


From the hand that holding Slow-sama’s hand I can feel his body heat.

I don’t know when but our hand was holding each other perfectly.

I only know that fact right now.

My heart beating faster after knowing that.

As I see Slow-sama’s face right now, I can’t even see other things around us anymore.


[…Charlotte. You know what, for me no matter whether he was a commoner or a noble, whether he could use magic or not, I don’t even care about those things.]


It’s not good not even caring about that.

Is he a commoner, a noble, or a royalty, their position was important.

Even inside this magic academy, it has been decided where we live according to our position.

And right now, my birthplace, the northern empire, has ruled by the monsters.

And that is why right now I was just a commoner.

Someone who don’t have a place to return, and also a commoner.

I was just someone who was called Charlotte.


[Charlotte. Lately I have been thinking numerous times about what was the thing that important to me. Is it my place as a noble, the country we called  Daris, the reputation of the piggy duke, or is it my nickname, the wind child prodigy. And I think all of them are important to me. Those are the things that can’t be replaced no matter what. And actually I was one greedy fellow here.]


I was thinking that Slow-sama’s future on top of everything, that is why I said that I wanted to back off as his attendant.

After hearing the word from an attendant that Slow-sama it convinced me, it made me sure of my decision to back off as the attendant of Slow-sama’s.


[If we see it from the perspective of someone who born in the Duke Dening, It is true that since back in the day all the attendant there could use magic and also someone who have superior knowledge in military so they could help their master’s military affair]


Dening Household of the wind.

The Great noble who was governing the Daris military affair.

Up till now it was Slow-sama’s rebellious times so it’s still okay for me, a commoner, to be recognized as his attendant.

But it will be different from now on.

Slow-sama will become someone great from now on.

He will, I’m sure of it.

Because I know he is able to do it.

That is why I——Have to back out as soon as possible.


[But those things are trivial things for me if I compare it to my most important thing]


And then it makes me thing all the things that Slow-sama has done to me.

He is someone that saves me from the hell.

Since we were a child he was the one that secretly saves me.

He is so kind towards me and the only person who always pamper me.

And now I can’t no longer stay with him anymore.

And I have to say it to him by myself.

Please, find someone more suitable for your attendance.

Someone who was extremely strong, someone who deserved to be the attendance of Dening Household of the wind.


[Charlotte. Raise your face, I want to see your face.]


So I raised my head.

As Slow-sama’s lips moved, his word flew out.

Don’t want to hear it, don’t want to hear it, but I have to hear it.

As the sunlight was peeking through the trees, the light then shone at my lord’s face.

As I thought, he is truly someone cool.

I don’t want to hear those words coming from this person.




Slow-sama’s lips keep moving.

Don’t want to hear it, don’t want to hear it, but I have too.

Because after all, I’m your attendant———


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