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Chapter 752 - Immortal Venerable Fearful of Wife


As Qin Chao looked at Ah Li's beautiful face, he couldn't help but have a few evil thoughts in his mind.

Combine ah... Could it be the legendary combination of flesh and blood?

"Master, what are you thinking about?"

Ah Li couldn't help but ask when he saw Qin Chao in a daze.

"Ah, no, no!"

Qin Chao said, he couldn't tell his thoughts to this little dragon girl, if not, if the other party was a Thunder Doom Stage Ranker, he would be beaten up.

"Hmph, master must be thinking about something evil!"

Ah Li was not stupid at all. Although he was not tall, he tiptoed and tapped Qin Chao's forehead with his finger. Don't say it, it hurts.

"From the moment we sisters started following our masters, we saw a lot of things! Humph, she could still do that kind of thing with her senior sister in the bath! Too evil! Master is becoming more and more evil! "

"Eh, this …"

Qin Chao's forehead was covered in cold sweat.

However, Ah Li giggled, and said, "However, Ah Li likes this kind of master, he is much more lovable than before!"

"What the f * ck..."

Qin Chao wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

This girl was too fierce. Why is it that all the girls he knows are this kind of trash!

"Master, don't you want to ask us how to combine our bodies?"

Ah Li pulled Qin Chao's arm and asked while grinning.

"Cough cough, you, you tell me."

Qin Chao rubbed his nose, trying his best not to let his viciousness get the better of him and asked.

"As for our Nine-dragons Ring, it was actually personally crafted by our master before he became a Immortal Venerable. We sisters, we can all become masters of our powers. I am at the first level, the Overlord Dragon. I can give Master the power to advance to a higher level. After I call out my new sisters, they can continue to give their master new strength. Even if we do not join together, we are all experts in the Thunder Doom Stage, and are also Master's greatest assistance. "

Ah Li said as he pulled Qin Chao's wrist, and said, "Because we are extremely connected to the Nine-dragons Ring, where are we? As long as Master calls for us, the Nine-dragons Ring will immediately send us to Master. If Master needs my strength, please call my name. My name is Li Yin. "

"Li Yin huh …."

Qin Chao muttered.

"You usually don't call me that!" Ah Li immediately said, "Usually, your name is Ah Li! "You can only call me by my full name when the combination is complete!"

"Tsk tsk, good …" Then, shall we try to combine our powers? "

Qin Chao snickered.


Ah Li nodded his head, and then took two steps back. Standing by the side, he tilted his head and looked at his master.

"I'm starting."

Qin Chao took a deep breath, touched his own Nine-dragons Ring, and muttered, "Become my power … Ah Li... Ah, no, Li Yin! "

"Master, I'm here!"

Ah Li's delicate body suddenly transformed into a gigantic black dragon. Then, with a roar, it suddenly charged into Qin Chao's body.


At the same time, a dragon-shaped wristband armor appeared on Qin Chao's right hand.

His palm was also covered by this wrist armor. A dragon's mouth was placed on top of it.

Vaguely, Qin Chao seemed to hear the cry of a dragon.

His entire body shook as a huge amount of energy flooded into his body in an instant.

The power of the Nascent Soul Late-stage, was broken through, and was advancing towards the Golden Body Stage layer by layer.

Golden Body Level 1, 2, 3 … Fifth level, sixth level, seventh level!

And this didn't stop! Qin Chao's power was still evolving!

Eight waves! Ninth layer!

and in the end, it had actually stopped at the terrifying realm of the Golden Body Level 9!

"Master, this is the power of us sisters, a Nine-dragons Armour that can merge with you! I am the wrist armor on your right hand, from now on, you will have to cultivate your Chaotic Yuan Qi and awaken your other sisters as soon as possible! When all the Nine-dragons Armour appeared, even the Heavenly Emperor was not your opponent. "


There was no need for Ah Li to explain, Qin Chao could already feel the terror he was in right now.

He spread his arms and roared.

The surrounding air went berserk.

The ground was shaking. Layers of cracks spread out as though they were split open by Qin Chao's invisible force.

"Brat, you've struck it rich!"

Luo De's voice was also filled with amazement.

"With this Golden Body Level 9, you can f * * king run amuck in the cultivation world! Also, there are a lot of high level techniques from the Diamond Sutra and Nine You Method, you can start cultivating now! But unfortunately, this power was only temporary. He had advanced to such a terrifying level. Say, if you already have the Golden Body Stage, this time, aren't you going to directly enter it?! If you are a Thunder Doom Stage, then this strike … Flying Immortal Stage, fuck it! "

"Strictly speaking, my cultivation has already reached a new level. Once I reach the Flying Immortal Stage, there will be a stop."

Ah Li was actually able to communicate with Luo De, and she said, "You little kid, you don't know anything. Upon reaching the Flying Immortal Stage, one would reach the ninth level of the Flying Immortal Realm. I can barely make it to the next level. Because I'm alone, I'm still too weak. But if all of us sisters gather together, the entire set of Nine-dragons Armour can allow our master to once again return to his position in the Immortal Venerable! "

"This is too, too terrifying..."

Luo De was speechless.

The Immortal Venerable was a terrifying existence in legends.

exactly what kind of monster was his Possession! F * ck, I made a huge profit this time too!

Qin Chao looked at the street in front of him that was like a natural disaster to him. He rubbed his nose and knew he could not stay any longer. I reckon it'll be on the news tomorrow.

With a wave of his hand, the motorbike that had been lying flat on the ground suddenly flew up and flew into his ring.

Qin Chao didn't know that not long after he left, a streak of black smoke suddenly flew out from a corner and landed in front of the immortal's corpse.

"I'm sorry, just become my nourishment."

The black smoke turned into the figure of a woman. She held a black blade and slashed at the corpse.

This knife suddenly split the celestial being in half.

A crystal that flickered with white light suddenly lit up.

Joy flashed in the woman's eyes. She reached out and picked up the crystal. Black smoke surged out from her body and wrapped around the crystal. In next to no time, he had become one with himself.


The woman's body suddenly began to tremble violently. Her eyes, nose, mouth, and ears began to bleed.

Blood from the seven orifices was exactly like that.

"So, such a strong power …"

After spitting out another mouthful of blood, she suddenly spread open her arms and roared.


An enormous ghostly figure appeared behind her. It held two blades in its hands.

An immense force spread out in all directions.

"I, I finally broke through..."

The woman wiped the blood off her face, revealing her beautiful face.

The smile hung at the corner of her mouth.

"Thank you, for becoming my nourishment …."

The woman glanced at the Immortal's corpse again. "However, leaving you here would be troublesome."

As she spoke, she stretched out her hand. The black smoke on her body began to roll, then it turned into a black blade and crushed the corpse into pieces.

The pitiful Fairy Yaochi was originally going to execute the Holy Mother's wanted poster from the lower realms. But who would have thought that not only did he die, his Immortal Soul was even dug out by someone. In the end, not even a complete corpse was left.

After completely crushing the Fairy Yaochi, the few treasures revealed some clues.

Without batting an eyelid, the woman kept the magical equipment.

"With the Immortal Soul, I can cultivate the Immortal Energy."

The woman muttered to herself, "With the Immortal Energy, I can cultivate these few treasures. I will definitely take revenge. "

After she finished speaking, her body turned back into black smoke and disappeared completely in the blink of an eye.

However, this woman also did not know that after she left, another figure had walked out from the darkness.

"This is going to be interesting."

Cao Yu carried a small notebook in his hands, and continued to remember things, "This guy can even use Nine-dragons Ring s now. "Wang, if you don't make any more moves, I'm afraid this fellow will grow at a rapid pace …" And that girl. Hur Hur. Interesting. Maybe she can become a key chess piece. "

After Cao Yu finished speaking, his figure gradually dimmed, and no one knew where he had gone to.

As Qin Chao flew back, that old man Luo De was still talking to him.

"Brat, this time, you can finally train your three thousand of ghost army properly."

"What's so good about that spell?"

Qin Chao curled his lips in disdain. Was the three thousand of ghost army as powerful as his Residual Heart Swords Formation? It was even a high level technique of the Nine You Method, not strong at all.

"Pui!" "Kid, what do you know!"

Luo De was instantly enraged, "three thousand of ghost army, this is a high level technique that I have meticulously created. The Chaotic Yuan Qi that you are currently training in is still too weak, but when Ah Li wakes up, under her guidance, you can properly cultivate the power of god. How powerful would three thousand of ghost army who was activated by the power of god be! Moreover, before you, three thousand of ghost army was just taking human form! The real three thousand of ghost army, you have never trained in them. "

"A real three thousand of ghost army?"

Qin Chao did not understand.

"That's right."

Luo De answered, "A real three thousand of ghost army requires a person's flesh and blood essence to feed. Only by absorbing the flesh and blood essence would Rakshasi be able to keep growing stronger. Your previous three thousand of ghost army was barely a bit of power that I gave you. Back then, when I swept across the Yama School, I used this three thousand of ghost army! Remember, the three thousand of ghost army is an evolutionary spell. The stronger the blood, flesh, and soul that it absorbs, the more powerful its growth will be! "

"If that's the case, then I'm rather interested."

Qin Chao also felt that the Nine You Devil Palm, this kind of low level technique, was unable to keep up with the situation. Right now, he was mostly relying on the Residual Heart Swords Formation.

"Come on." Perhaps one day, I will also have to call you Immortal Venerable. "

"Haha, let's talk about it when the time comes!"

Qin Chao laughed and increased his flying speed. He had to go home and rest. Tomorrow, I will have to continue dealing with Yang Li that girl …

Oh no, I forgot to ask Su Ji for a leave of absence.

But now, Su Ji should have long gone to sleep.

I'll ask for another leave of absence tomorrow.

However, what reason would he have to make up … [Let's just say that the sect is in trouble...] I hope she doesn't find out...

As for Luo De, he felt disdain in his heart.

For a future Immortal Venerable like him to be afraid of his wife …

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