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Chapter 30

30.) Tempering A Certain Mercenary Magic Circle


I have seen a countless number of horses  running around in this place.

But as far as I can remember, I didn’t have a good relationship with this place even back on my black piggy duke times.

The reason was because I was extremely heavy at that time and when I rode a horse, it got crushed under my weight.


Seeing those horses running around like this, I suddenly have an urge to ride one myself. Well, let’s do that when more of my weight is gone.


[Buhi, Buhi]


In the middle of the grassland, there stands a lot of small houses that are being used as a horses stable. (maybe ‘as horses’ stables’ as it’s said in the next line that they are more than one)

As I follow the spirit’s lead excitedly, I was starting to walk behind these stables.


[Is it here?]


As I walked, I push away through this grass that is as tall as me, I found a nicely concealed magic formation that was carved on the ground. 

It was carved in blue colour. And at the center of this formation is… Hee, this one huh?


[Magic formation of water doll. And there is also another darkness magic that would be release  an attack to the surroundings when this formation is activated… So with this, it has been proved that there is a dangerous mercenary lurking in this academy]


This dangerous magic formation was lined up nicely beside the  stables.

If this kind of magic is activated, this water doll will attack all living things around here.


[Is this some kind of plot to delay her pursuer by taking down the horses? At this rate, there would be the same magic formation at the dorm around here]


If this kind of magic is activated around where the students or the maids live, there will surely be panic.

Even though water doll is not a threatening spell to the people that can use magic, there are so many people that can’t fight in this academy.

At a glance, when this water doll manifests, it would look just like a water elemental monster, Aqua Slime. And if this kind of monster look-alike attacks some students inside this academy, I’m sure there will be an uproar.

Now, I am extending my hand towards the magic formation in an attempt to tamper with it.


[Wow. When one of the water doll gets damaged, its body will join with the nearest water doll. As for me, I would need a lot of time to produce this kind of magic formation]


As expected of an undefeated mercenary.

She can really prepare something this nasty here.


[BUT, it is too bad! I won’t even let you use this one!]


I put my hand on top of the magic formation and send my magic power to it.

After I put my magic power to the magic formation, a faint blue light came out from inside, and I forcefully suppress the explosion from the magic formation that is about to go active. Right now, I am doing some precise modification on this magic formation. I think that if someone saw me d

oing this right now, they would misunderstand me as a magic formation specialist seeing how good I am now.

While I’m tweaking the magic formation in front of me, I suddenly had goosebumps.

I detect a high magic power from within the magic formation.

There would be a big crater here if I failed tweaking this magic formation.


[Ugh… She is good. But I have all the magic I need to interference with it.]


I can’t overlook it even for a moment now so I can change the owner of this magic formation from that mercenary to me.

And with that kind of intention, I release a lot of magic power into it.


[Become a wall to protect us, water doll. Wear the armor of light and water, protect this academy, come forth and become the water knight! Buhiiiiii!!!!]


From the magic formation, a burst of light came out.


[Don’t you dare tell me I was cheating because I am an elemental master after this. You also have your magic tool of darkness, I dare you to try as much as you want to make more… Buuhi, well it is a good job I say… Oh?]


I suddenly realized their presence while I wipe my sweat.

There are a lot of horses san here that were watching me while I was tweaking the magic formation.

They looked alternately between me and the magic formation that I just altered with their big black eyes.

And then, maybe because they can feel what I did to the magic formation, they rub their heads to my back.




[It’s alright now, there will be a strong magic that will protect you guys when the time comes]




After that, I squat from where I stand and inspect the ground further.

When I push the grass away, I can see a hole on the ground but there are no other things.

Besides the magic formation she made, there is no other trace I can find.


[Well, it can’t be helped seeing it needs a lot of time just to make this magic formation. Well then buhii, it’s time for magic practice, let’s show an excellent and magnificent performance to these guys (remove either ‘them’ or ‘to these guys’; I’d remove ‘them)]


While stretching my body, I look at the exit of the pasture.

And then, I confirmed the distance from here to there.

Yoshi, guess I will run. Should I do a dash from here?


[Buhibuhibuhibuhi. Buhii?]


A lot of horses san is coming toward me right now.

I am not playing now! I am still running right now! This is for my diet! That is why I beg you, please don’t ask me to ride you guys!




I was running together with the horses-san (it was always ‘horses san’ previously) while they were making excited voices.


[Hihihihiiiin! Hihihiiiiin!] (sound of horse)


One giant white horse came out from among the brown and black horses that were currently running towards me.

It closely ran right beside me, so close that I can even feel its heat perfectly.

It has a very nice hair with a big body, and when it was running towards me, the other horses opened up and give it a way. The proud white horse keeps looking at me while running as if asking me to ride on top of it.


[Are you these guys’ leader!? I am so sorry to tell you this, but I don’t have any intention to ride on you! I am on diet now!]


[Hihihihiiin!] (the white horse)


[What the, you want to compete with me now!? I won’t lose!]


[Hihihiiin! Hihihihiiiin!] (the white horse)


[The heck, you have a weird sound! If you say Hihihiiin like that you won’t be popular with the girls!]


Now move your asses horses san!

A fat magic user who just fixed a dangerous magic is coming through!


[Hihihihiiinn] (the white horse)


[Buhii, buhiiiiiiiin!!!!]



Just now, Rokomoko sensei has just told us what is today’s subject.

He told us to make a group of two and fight with our best magic.

Today’s assignment is not doing some simple magic like usual. We can use whatever magic we want without reserve today.

When it was told they can do it without reserve, the students who have gathered in this training ground became very excited.

From there on, we can see hot fireballs floating everywhere, spears of water that are as cold as ice, golems that are produced from earth or even balls of wind that are rolling here and there.


[A group of two huh, buhii]


After hearing those fearsome words, it will be a cinch for me, the white piggy duke! The old me who would have been on panic when hearing those things, no longer exists! Nothing of my old self is left!



[Slow-sama. Why are you taking distance from me? I think the distance is too far for our magic duel.]


It’s nothing; I just have so many things to reminisce on this place.

Isn’t that right? After all, in this whole wide world, isn’t it only me who drank monster caller perfume? Hmm?


[There was also a case where your magic was running wild here, isn’t that right, Vision. This is just a precaution… precaution…]


[Controlling magic power is really hard, you know? Everyone has at least failed once or twice. The strange one is actually you, Slow-sama]


Once again, I survey this training ground.

Fireball, water spear, all kinds of spells are being used by the students, but everyone is having a hard time controlling their magic power.

When it seems to be dangerous, Rokomoko sensei will cut in and protect them.


[Excuse me, Slow-sama. Can I use the sword this time?]




[Lately, Rokomoko sensei has been taking me outside the academy to train. I was fighting against the beasts inside the forest, but they were just small fries. I want to fight seriously at least for once. If it’s Slow-sama, I believe there will be no problem using all my strength]


Ahh, so that’s it.

Vision, you. So Rokomoko sensei has been training you thoroughly.

No, you have totally taken over Shuya’s position as the main protagonist, haven’t you?


It is true though that there is no strong monsters outside the academy.

Once a year, the military will dispatch a search party to exterminate monsters that seems to be strong and also to check whether there is a new dungeon or not.

But if you go deep into the forest, there are actually strong monsters there. But of course, because those monsters are actually smart, they won’t come close to this academy.

I think there are at least orcs or goblins inside the forest now. Well, it’s no wonder for Vision who was already quite good at magic to call them small fries.


[I have no problem with it. Well, I actually have some interest in the Royal knight’s swordplay]


[Okay then, I will ask sensei now! If he says it’s OK, let’s do it then!]


I was seeing Vision going to Rokomoko sensei’s place while I am standing in a place that is quite far from where he was standing before in case his magic goes in a rampage again.

Because I was suddenly left standing here alone, I decided to watch how the other students train themselves.

Especially the commoner students who train on the corner of the field.


They have a group up there and they are swinging their wands like crazy, they try various things, but none of them seems to work because they can’t produce any magic.

That is why I thought it can’t be helped if they are like this.

Those who don’t have the kind of blood that the spirits like will be having difficulties to learn magic no matter how hard they try.


[Ara, Dening-san. Are you alone?]




I can hear the calm and composed voice of a girl.

When I turn around to look, what I see is a girl standing there wearing a black robe.

A girl who has a composed bearing with a waist-long brown hair and wearing a pair of glasses was flying and now stood before me.


[…Why are you here, sensei?]


She is one of the magic researchers employed in this academy.

She is also someone who is responsible to teach about magic in a simple way in this academy. She is called Aruru sensei. And that sensei right now is looking at me with a sweet smile plastered on her face.


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