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Chapter 29

29.) The empire princess is taking out her purse


As she turned the book page in her hand, she started to recall the story inside the book.


[It’s a story about a princess and the black dragon Sekhmet. It is said that this story was taken from a real time event in the ancient times of the Hugh Jack Empire, but I think it was just exaggerated.]


Long, long time ago, The Hugh Jack Empire was attacked and cornered by a large number of monsters that came from the north, the empire almost perished.

But it all changed suddenly when the black dragon Sekhmet came out of nowhere.

Holding such an immense power, the empire’s princess gave herself to the black dragon in exchange of help from that powerful being.

It was told in the story that the eternal black dragon asked for the empire princess that was told to have an ability to understand a monster’s heart. 


It seems Alicia was quite satisfied with herself after remembering this old story; she literally drank her tea in a gulp.


[I still can’t believe that such a big country which the great wind spirit had granted its protection was destroyed just like that]


Since Alicia was just a child, she was told that the Hugh Jack Empire that was used as the base of this book story was destroyed a long time ago.

It was destroyed by the attacks from a large number of monsters while it was still preparing an attack from the Dostore Empire.


[…Although it is not a nice story, it is true that the downfall of the northern empire made the four major powers in the south to join their hands]


For the soldiers of the old empire, they could somehow hold their ground if it was just a few monsters attacking them. But it would become a different story if they got attacked by a large number of monsters.

The real cause of the downfall of the northern empire was because they took the full brunt of the monsters that came from the north, it should be the southern empire nemesis. 

Then, to be able to hold against such powerful monsters attacks, the southern empire and the other four major powers in the south joined their hands to defend themselves against those monsters.


[So it seems. Even if the northern empire ended up destroyed, it could at least convey the danger at the north, probably…] 


Charlotte remembered about her past.


For the sake of surviving, I gave my live to the Dening household. Although the Denings themselves wish for me to live as a normal girl.

It has been a long time since the first time they picked me up, I feel like I have been living as a normal girl until now.

In this Kurushu Magic Academy, I can read books whenever I have free time, I can even take a walk sometime with ease.


It was such a small and closed world here, but Charlotte felt that this academy, this place she lived in right now, was the safest place in all her life.

Yes, r

ight now Charlotte already feels so happy here.


[…Somehow it has turned gloomy here!]


Right now, Alicia is staring at Charlotte which is sitting across her.

She can feel such overflowing elegance just from only looking at her.


[Even so, how long will you stay as Slow pig’s attendant? Even the Denings themselves said that nothing good will come from having any relation with that Slow pig. No matter if it’s about work or anything else, you still have me who will listen and lent my strength to Charlotte san, doesn’t you? ]


[Right now, I’m really, really happy. Slow-sama had picked me, someone who has no relatives or even a place to return, up to his side.  And just by seeing so many people in this academy having fun, it already makes me so happy. And Alicia-sama, I firmly believe that there will come a day that Slow-sama will become famous like before]


[Famous!? There is no way that will happen! It’s true that he has become slimmer, but it will still be impossible, even if heaven and earth turn over! Ah, by the way, Charlotte san! It seems the students in this academy are betting whether it is true that the Slow pig is really becoming better or not!]


With a blank stare, Charlotte looks at Alicia who has raised her voice.


[They gamble about it?]


[Yes, it’s true! It has become a big event inside this academy since the majority of the students are giving their attention to it! And most of the students placed the wager for him to fail! This is the reality now! Even though he is trying his best, it’s already impossible to fix his reputation up till now!]


She declared it strongly with a smile floating on her face, but not the good smile shown to people, but a smile that made her look like a villain. Seeing that, Charlotte understood what it was that Alicia wanted to tell her.

Even though these two were born in quite a special place, (something like their birth is royalty, but I don’t know how to put it) here, in this Kurushu Magic Academy, they were just two normal girls.

People live happily in this place, but when they find something that seems fun they will hop onto it.

Quietly, Charlotte stands up from her seat and walks into her drawer to take her brown purse from there.


[Alicia-sama. Honestly, there are some books from Daris capital that I really want]


Charlotte remembers a book about a love story that she had wanted since long time ago.


I want that too, I also want to know that book’s continuation, aaah but, the book by that author seems it will come out soon…

What to do, there are so many books that I need to buy…

Oh yeah, I think I need to think about a different place to hide my things.


Her hidden safe right now is quite safe actually, but the inside of Charlotte’s room is full packed with only love storybooks. 

Since the time Charlotte came to the academy and got her own room, never once has she forgotten to happily read her romance books before sleep. 


[As expected of Charlotte san!]


Alicia who has been eagerly waiting Charlotte’s answer and grabs her hand’s strongly as she heard that.

Right now in this room there are two different individual that passionately holding hands. Charlotte, the attendant, and Alicia, the princess of Sarkista who is studying here.


[There is no way knowing who will win in a gamble! I know that well desu wa!]


Because these two people here doesn’t have much money on their pockets, they will secretly ride this entertainment that is happening inside this academy to earn some pocket money.



Inside this room where those two are happily talking, there is actually one more entity.

Art Ange, the wind great spirit, is right now happily crawling on top of Charlotte’s bed.

Its figure right now is just like a zombie that is crawling out from earth.

Because nobody can see this wind great spirit, it can do anything it likes.


{I really want to materialize nyaaa~ But darkness magic is disgusting nyaa~}


It doesn’t have anything to worry about.


It is true that the southern empire’s confidence about themselves was because theywere known to have the three musketeers and the wise prince on their side. On top of that, their soldiers had been blessed by the great darkness spirit, so they must be very strong.

Furthermore, let’s not forget the great demon king on the north that has become a burden to the south empire.


{But… If I compare those guys with him, those guys are just a really small, small, small fish nyaaa} 


This country has that guy after all.

A certain guy, that for some reason is chasing a mercenary that is creeping inside this academy.

A certain guy that will always protect Charlotte.

A certain guy that decided to protect the last remnant of the northern empire.


His life has differed from its normal path since he met Charlotte and I.

He was a boy who kept getting fat while saying, ‘I did whatever because of love’ with a smile on his face.


Wind child prodigy?

For this great wind spirit, even without that title it will know that boy’s capabilities.

Art Ange remembered the very first time it exchanged words with him.

Even now, it is still wondering in its mind why did all the spirits wanted to befriend him.


{Those guys from the southern empire and that demon king, everyone really has such a strong resolution to do something. But from now on, your enemy is that cheat guy nyaaa}


Excitingly, the wind great spirit keeps running around Charlotte’s room while meowing.

It can’t be helped for the spirit to keep getting excited, wondering how that boy will live from now on or how will he rise his power from now on.

Art Ange gets really, really embarrassed whenever it remembers it lost against southern empire soldier’s magic.

But in exchange for that, it could meet an unexpected human like him.


Someone who fall in love with my Charlotte,  my excellent things that not any of the great spirits care about


{After meeting that guy, a guy who lives like a pig and is doing anything he likes, Charlotte should have already realized that she can do whatever she wants after she watched him. She can even imagine something bizarre if she wants}


Yes, Charlotte is my cute little baby after all.

She also imagines bizarre things whenever she is alone, such a cute child she is.


Because the wind great spirit has been together with Charlotte for a long time, it knows a lot of things.

It knows she is always such a little girl even though she always put on airs as a cool beauty.

No matter how much attention Slow tries to get, the spotlight will go to Charlotte as the princess of the northern empire.

But Art Ange never worries about that.

If it’s that guy, no matter what is coming to them, he will do anything to protect Charlotte.


{Yeah! You will nyaa!}


And then, while the two princesses’ eyes met, it moved to the table where the two princesses are.

Well, whatever it does those two can’t hear him though.

It thinks it wants to say it at least once.

Especially to a certain short cheeky brat in this room.

He walked closely to Alicia’s face and then made a boxing stance in front of her face.


{…You midget! Don’t you dare to think something strange! There are no other people that can be in harmony with him, besides me and Charlotte!}


The great wind spirit’s back feet spring up and aimed at Alicia’s cheek.

Somehow Alicia felt something strange on her cheek, Is it the wind? Or so she thinks.

As for the source of Alicia’s strange feeling, the great wind spirit just magnificently walks back on top of the bed while shouting.


{The dead old man from the military is the only one who knows about how great he is nyaa! Beside that, it’s boring nyaa! This academy is boring nyaa! There is no stimulus or any fresh fish here nyaa! I wanna go to a more gorgeous place nyaaa!}

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