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Chapter 31

31.) The mercenary is an enemy!? Or is she a friend?


I watch her long hair wave as I smell an especially sweet scent.

I wonder… Ah, that’s it.

This smell is the leaf of Barakiku. (バラキク it has a few meanings because the author write it in katakana. バラ is a rose, キク is chrysanthemums, or it might be a whole new specimen in this this story called barakiku)

I’m sure that Aruru-sensei’s comes from a place that makes perfume.


[Aruru-sensei? Why are you here?] (pig)


Aruru-sensei is actually not good at handling magic.

That’s why she is working as a researcher to study about the origin of magic in this academy, or so the anime said.

In reality she has an aptitude in using fire magic according to the six element magic classification, but she has always failed in controlling her magic no matter how many times she tried to cast it.


[Right now I am doing a new theme for my research; I was currently examining the relation between spirits and commoners. Then I thought ‘Let’s watch when the commoners practicing magic in class directly’ that is why I’m here] (Aruru-sensei)


She smiled brightly at me, and while she watched the commoner’s students struggling with their practice, she continues.


[Even though they are already a second year now they still take magic practice as their class, I’m honestly surprised] (Aruru-sensei)


Basically, a class will only be held with students of the same year.

That is why this magic exercise is centered on the second year’s students.

But, it is quite surprising for me that Aruru-sensei who is a noble to be interested on commoner students. This kind of act never showed up even on the anime.


[If we are talking about the relation between the commoners and the spirits, their chance to use magic is really low, to the point that some of the teachers here have said it was useless for them to join the magic exercise class. And I think even Aruru-sensei also think that, right?] (pig)


[Yes, I think so too… And I think there are a lot of teachers that think like that in this academy. But there are already some commoners that can even nicely control their magic, but if it’s those guys I believe they can use magic. That is why I want to think of a way for them so the possibility is not closed] (Aruru)


[It’s the same for me. My friend, even though he is a commoner, he could use earth magic] (pig)


[Aah, so you are talking about that first year student that uses earth magic. Umm, if I remember correctly his name is… Kubba?]


[It’s Deppa. How come it turns into such a brutal monster-like name, sensei?]


This is just my own thinking, but…

How come Aruru-sensei knew about the information about Kubba being just able to use magic?

It was only a few months since the beginning of the year, but in that meantime there is a commoner student that can already use simple magic at his disposal. I believe it is true that he became a hot topic among the commoners because he could use magic on his own, but I can’t believe those kind of talks even reached Aruru-sensei.

Ah, my bad, it’s Deppa.


…And then I saw Aruru-sensei.

When our eyes met she gave me a smile.

That worry free smile of her r

eally suits her as a wise magic teacher in this school.

You can even say that she is the very personification of a good grown lady.




But I notice something different.

As Aruru-sensei came close to me I noticed that the spirits around here became somewhat displeased.

What I saw now was that there was a lot of spirits with different attributes surrounding her, and that is odd remembering what is sensei’s speciality.

It’s quite different than the Aruru-sensei I know.


[Aruru-sensei’s best magic is fire magic right?]


[Yes, you’re right. Isn’t that weird, because I believe I don’t have such a hot blooded character like that]


Even though Aruru-sensei was saying her best magic was fire attribute, but the spirits that were surrounding her mostly were spirits with water attribute. And there are also a lot of darkness spirits surrounding her.

It’s strange, even she said it herself that her best magic was fire attribute.

There is a possibility that she mistook her attribute when it was checked, but that is even weirder because she is one of the specialists in this academy.

Is that kind of thing normal here?


I motionlessly saw sensei.

Hmmm, the outer appearance and even the behavior are really perfectly fit of Aruru-sensei.

No matter how I see it, she looks just like sensei.

She is even looking at the students that are still trying to invoke their magic with Aruru-sensei’s usual kind look.

I really can’t believe it that the inside of this person is the mercenary I was looking for.


[You are right. Perhaps if I should say you are quite liked…———]


In the anime, it was said most of the mercenary have allied themselves with the southern empire.

If I think about the southern empire, I thought I can’t forgive those guys but…


[——–by the water spirit sensei]


Lately, I was thinking about something.

It is true that in the anime there a lot of enemies, but right now both Shuya and me, we are still second year students in this academy. There is no line connecting us with the war that is about to happen, and while it is still on this stage shouldn’t I change the future in a big scale with everything I know while I buhi-buhiing?


For example for a certain mercenary that has been creeping inside this academy.

If it’s now she haven’t sold her soul to the southern empire.


[Water magic…? Why did Dening-san think that I like using water magic?]


The clash between the southern empire, the demon king, and the alliance of the four countries is an old story here, so I should change the future, just kidding~.

…yeah, let’s do it.

I am quite strong, and also I have that knowledge from the anime. Buhibuhi.


[How should I said this, the water spirit loves nice people, so a rare teacher like Aruru-sensei whom think it is worth to teach magic to the commoner students, to be liked by the water spirit is no surprise for me]


But there is a big possibility that Aruru-sensei’s true identity is actually a certain legendary mercenary.

Only after I see this person with my own eyes I can finally feel the possibility that this person is the one I’m searching for.

So it was like that–.


This one was quite a fraud I said. If someone only sees her outer appearance there is no way they can see through it.

Those people on the southern empire sure have some money on their pocket seeing they were able to hire such an expensive person.


[There is a possibility that the spirits will begin lending their power to them. If the commoners could use magic on their own, the future would change greatly. Even if there is only a truly small possibility for them, they will try to fight for it, and for myself right now I knew it quite well]


Sensei became surprised after hearing that and looked at myself.

And while I can still smell the fragrance of barakiku, my eyes met with sensei’s eye.


[…I see.]


A sharp look like looking through inside me, right now sensei is looking at me like an adult with such an eye.

I remember seen that stare somewhere else.

That is an eye that looks for something.

It’s the same eye I saw on the grownups which were seeking the cause of why did I turned into the piggy duke.


[Ara, pardon me. It is because the researcher inside of me wants to know more. If I may say why is Dening-sama supporting those commoners…]


[——Slow-sama-. I brought the sword with me——-]


Hmm? Aah, that was Vision’s voice I hear.

I can see him coming here from behind Aruru-sensei while holding a sword with him.

I wonder how he was able to get permission from Rokomoko-sensei, I need to ask him about it at the dorm.


[It seems your friend has returned. Well then, I will leave this place. Thank you for your interesting opinion, Dening-san]


And then she walked into the corner of the training field to the place where all those commoner students keep training their magic.

In her place, Vision is coming with sword in hand walking towards me.

It seems he was in a hurry here that he didn’t realize that his bangs are sticking on his forehead.


[Are? Slow-sama? Why are you smiling by yourself?]




Ha, Haa!? You are too noisy for someone who just arrived here! The mercenary is still there so don’t spouting strange things like that!

No, I’m wrong! It hasn’t been decided she is the mercenary! Nonono, there is the probability she is the phantasmagoric-san! You will expose me!

She will make a move towards me if she is found out!


[Buhii, buhii, buhii]


[Slow-sama. Is there any reason why you can’t hold your laugh now?]


I told you to shut up!

Aruru-sensei is looking at here with a curious face now!

The next time you talk I won’t hesitate to blow you out with magic!!!


[Slow-sama, why are you laugh–]


[Ooh wind, whirl up and blow him away! Huricane!!]



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