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Chapter 3

3.) I’m So Fat The Chair Broke


In the magic academy, the job for an attendant is not just fulfilling the everyday needs of the nobles, but they also carry the burden of their academic matters. And because some of the students in the magic academy come from distinguished families, there are some case where an attendant is also searching for a useful lord.

There are also some cases where the nobles might be wooing an attendant girl who is serving another noble from a lower class than them.

But that rarely happens to Charlote.

Rather than being hated, she is serving the most powerful person in the second year of Kurushu Magic Academy. (Kurushu Mahou Gakuen)

She is serving me the piggy duke after all.

[No way Charlote—–]

When I’m done with my classes for today, I’m calling Charlote to my room.

Her tidy silver hair and those powerful black eyes full of will. As if a sculpture made from ice, so cute.

Buhi… And without me knowingly, a sigh escape from my own mouth.

But Charlote’s maid uniform is getting dirty here and there.

For someone who watched the anime I already know the reason.

There is also the case among the attendants, that because she is serving me the piggy duke, she is also receiving some harassment behind my back.

[Slow-sama, what kind of assistance do you require now?]

Charlote looks at me with shock. It’s unusual for Charlote to be showing emotion in her face, usually she rarely shows it.

[You don’t need to prepare breakfast from tomorrow on. I will eat together with everyone in the dining hall buhi]

Uuuuh, I wonder if it’s enough with food only from the dining hall…

I am becoming timid again without me noticing… No, I mustn’t!! I have decided I will be on a diet!! I have to throw away this fat from my body!


After Charlote bows gracefully towards me, she leaves my room.

At the magic academy, students can spend their time as they pleased after the class sessions are over.

But as usual, in my room at the boy’s dorm, fourth floor I am doing nothing.

The boy’s dorm has five floors. The top most floor is for the royalty, the fourth is for the higher nobles, the third floor is for those not so high rank nobles, the second floor is for the low rank nobles, and finally, the first floor is for the commoners.

The higher the floor, the bigger the room will be.

I heard that in the first floor, the commoners have to share a room with two or three persons.

We call it, the tako room.

[Buu… buu]

While being half naked, I begin my muscle training.

[Buu… Buuuuuuuu]

But I can’t even do a single push up. Oi, what does this mean piggy duke! You don’t have any muscle at all! Also my stomach is growling.

Normally I would have eaten at least two portions or more when it was lunch, but I have to pass on that now!

To pull out my will, I am standing in front of a mirror.

In front of me, I see a big fatty is standing there.

[How terrible…]

My wish is to be standing right next to Charlote.

I can’t stand beside her if I’m this fat. My goal is to become macho.

I understand piggy duke’s feelings, he has been running alone all this time. He has no one, he doesn’t even have any trusted friends and no matter how much he is being scorned, for his heart keeps calm and strong.

Because of all that, I will grant him his wish.

Honestly I want to go straight to them and scold those who bullied Charlote, but things will turn bad if I go there no


For the sake of Charlote so she can be proud of serving me, I will become a great human being! In the anime the reason Charlote liked the piggy duke might have been because he is a kind man, but that is not enough anymore!

Piggy duke though it would be bad if he became a great person but couldn’t marry Charlote. I believe that kind of thinking is wrong. He never relied on anyone, and though it was impossible to tell anyone about his thoughts.


Piggy duke thought he would be separated with Charlote if he spoke his thoughts, but this is wrong. Even if it’s just a little, there has to be someone who can help. Now In this silence I’m remembering about my knight.

He has someone which to depend on each other and keep trying hard together.

After Charlote became a slave, I won’t have her taken away by that protagonist.

Alright, I have decided, now its muscle training time!

Whenever I have time for it, I will keep training my body!

For the sake of standing next to Charlote, it’s time to fix my life!

In the morning, with a worried look in her face she is seeing me off.

[…Please do take care, Slow-sama]

After coming down from the boy’s dorm stairs, I walk outside.

The students and also the attendants see me like I’m something unusual.

[It’s the piggy duke…]

[Is it possible that piggy duke is coming to the dining hall?]

Without minding those guys, I keep walking to the banquet hall we use as the dining room.

The students are seated in a long desk that looks so much crowded. Well then, where should I sit? Because of my big body I don’t want to squeeze between people… After thinking it over I sit in a corner near the entrance.


This is bad, most likely the chair seems to have broken in pieces. I’m still too fat aren’t I?

Pupupu, seeing such spectacle they laugh unexpectedly.

I knew it, I am the piggy duke! Go on a diet! No, more than that, why the hell did this chair suddenly broke? Are you really fine?

As I sit, some attendant bring me the food.


With great vigor I bring the food to my mouth.


[Nomnomnomnom, wha?]

Before I realized it the food disappears. Wasn’t it to little? It was gone in an instant.

The seasoning was so thin, and did the other students feel satiated with this amount of food?

When I looked at the other table, I saw the other student’s stunned faces. …What?  What the heck?! As soon as I saw them they avoid my stare, those who were talking to their friends put down their tableware in a hurry. I’m kinda hurt with their reactions.

…I’m still hungry, what should I do.

[Dening-sama. If it’s okay with you, please eat this]

As soon as it that was said, a festival like breakfast is happening in front of me.

Ah, it seems those who want to flatter me have come. A beautiful blond haired guy. Hmmm, I think he’s in the same year as me… Ah, he is the viscount’s second son, I’m sure of it! Another person who never appeared in the anime is coming!

[My name is Vision Greytroad. It’s a pleasure to meet you]

I can hear someone somewhere smacking his mouth. Somehow I can feel this blond man is also hated a lot. But if possible I want to repay his courage. He could talk to me in this kind of atmosphere.

The Banquet hall became quiet. Everyone is looking at me and this blond guy.


Piggy duke is screaming hungry-hungry from inside me. This guy… That’s why you are not good! Where the hell did that promise of a diet went now!

As I stand up from my seat, I decline the blond student offer.

[I had enough with this food. Thank yo—–u, UWAA! UWAAAAAAA!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!]

The broken seat’s bedding began falling out! Suddenly the banquet hall became quiet and after that a thunderous sound of laughter could be heard. Oh man, I am so embarrassed. Dammit! Don’t laugh!  I am in the middle of a diet after all!


As I slowly get up, I looked sharply to everyone around and the place suddenly became quiet again.

[I had enough of food…]

After saying that and as I walk outside the dining hall my stomach keeps growling.

At the same time roaring laughter could be heard from inside the hall.

As my face keeps turning red, I run to the boy’s dorm.

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