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Chapter 4

4.) Reflecting on One Own Self with A Small Voice

[The fire spirit loves hot blooded person, the water spirit loves a kind one, the earth spirit loves a straight forward person, and the wind spirit said to loves a wise one, magic power grow depend on how much you are loved by the spirit. Basically how much you are loved by spirit is a heredity from your ancestor, but there are some case where the commoner also loved by the spirit.]

In magic academy there is once a year a test consisting of class learning, martial arts, sword technique, and magic examination. If you’re not receiving at least eighty percent score on average score you can’t go in to the next grade. To cover for the lack of score from martial arts and sword technique, the heavy piggy duke having the best result in magic class and class lesson so he can safely fulfill the condition to progress every year without a doubt.

But every year there are some student cannot pass the year test. And then according to the rules if we’re not graduate after five years we will deemed as failed.

[To increase power in your magic there is an effective way of putting the spirit in a cane it likes. For example, the wind magic user Duke of Dening,

grind and entire fruit of Yadogiri which is the spirit favorite and put it in his cane.]

I hear the teacher explanation intently as i occupy all of the top most seat in class. It doesn’t mean that everyone hate to sit around me you know. It’s just no one dare to sit in the same column as me. Even though they don’t need to be that reserved though. Or so i think.

But from teacher point of view i will looked like a pig boss i’m sure. That teacher stole a glance at me since he start talking.

[According to the Kurushu magic academy record there are so many alumnus holding immense magic power. Everyone shouldn’t be jealous of it, you should learn from your senior and move forward. That’s all for today magic theory class.]

After nodding for the teacher’s word, the leaving student steal a glance at me. Even i can feel the gaze i have no friend at all. There is no negative feeling but, every one still avoiding me. I know that feeling. Who in their right mind want to be friend with this piggy duke you know. Lately there is no negative feeling toward me, but my image up till now is far to worst.

I get up from my chair when everyone in the room leaves.

[Dening-san. I

I heard you’ve been working out lately]

In the platform Aruru-sensei talk to me while preparing for the next class.

Wearing Glasses,  smooth brown hair stretches to the waist, and  wearing a black robe.

He became the teacher for magic theory after graduating from the magic academy. His class is famous for it’s boringness, but i don’t thing it’s that boring. He is a teacher who hold basic as important after all.

[ Aruru-sensei. As expected i am to fat, so i think  i will go for diet]

As i said that i pinch my stomach a bit.

Yup, i am a piggy duke. Effect from those diet haven’t shows up, but i feel my walking speed has increase a bit.

[Wonderful thinking. And somehow your eyes looked different now, Dening-san]

[My eyes? I think it is change, probably…Ah sensei, please don’t move for a bit.]

I walk heavily toward sensei’s front. As i stand toe to toe with him, he seems to be shrinking. Forgive me sensei, I know If this piggy duke stand it’s kinda intimidating. But please forget it for now.

[Don’t make trouble for sensei]

What the heck this naughty wind spirit say, from sensei’s body it flew toward the window to the outside. There is no doubt it is some prank it is playing. I wonder will there be a strong wind when i bring

i bring a stack of paper in the corridor.

[Ex-excuse me?]

After saying my farewell to sensei who don’t understand my action, I leave the room. After all if it’s known those fairy is watching there will be some clamor. While walking along the corridor, I think about the next lesson. It’s Martial arts class. But I think I will ask permission for running around the sport ground. Even Aruru sensei know i am on a diet even though he is not quiet fond of rumor, so i believe it will be easy to get permission.

I have to become a MACHO man as fast as possible!


With a big sound i walk along the corridor, and at that time i meet someone whom face i know even when i live in my previous world.

The pair is the same year as me.

One is a boy with a blazing hair and the other one is a small strong willed woman.

The main protagonist Shuya, and my former fiance Alicia.

[Ah, piggy duke…]

[Slow the pig…]

For the protagonist I am his bitter enemy.

Well, when we was a first year it’s my fault making a move to those guys.

Even until now whenever i meet them i saying disagreeable thing like, [Shuya. Are you playing with girls again? isn’t it good to be someone from a good family.] a good family.] or [Alicia is really bad at magic isn’t she?]

But I have been decided to change from my old self.

[….I’m sorry for everything i have done to you guys]

A cracking voice I don’t even know where is it from  came out, Did they hear that?  after that with my heavy step i hurriedly walk past them.


I thought i already have a change of heart, why is it so hard to apologize to someone?!?


At night i sneak out from the dorm alone and start running.

It’s been only a few days since i start running like this, but i can feel my body become better! But still there is a sound effect dossun dossun  while i ran! Hurry up and slim up my body so i will become a Macho man!


At the edge of school ground standing there is an old research building and i running circling it’s surrounding. It’s an old building no one care to use. On top of that at night there is no way anyone will come to this place.


I think it’s time to go back.

Just when i walk back to the boys dorm, a voice came out from the back of the research building.

[Wind! Wind! Damn it! Wind!]


Tl note.

…..just for the info i try doing push up and i can only do it once…………..

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