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Chapter 2

2.) Well Then, Shall We Start A Diet?

This fatty! This fatty! This fatty!

Don’t joke with me, piggy duke!!

As I know the piggy duke’s memories I am getting mad!!

This lass, why he became so hated? To the point he will exiled from this country, I know the reason!!

[Buhi, bu, buu]

This piggy duke has calculated everything!

As the next head of the family in this generation he cannot be with a woman who was just a retainer. He made a plan to make himself hated by plummeting his family’s name, causing an accident here and there, and eventually getting exiled from the country.

After getting exiled from the country I have a dream to live a simple life with Charlote somewhere quiet using the money I saved secretly.

But that dream of the piggy duke won’t come true.

After losing his only reason to live because Charlote became another member of the protagonist’s harem, he died as a slave after all.

[Buhi. Buhiii, Buhiii!]

I’m running until sweat flows so much like a water fall. After taking off my school uniform and wearing modest and simple clothes, I began to run again.

The sweat began to stick to my clothes and my feet start to wobble.


Oi piggy duke! No, ME! How much you didn’t exercise!!

[Look!! The piggy duke is running!! His figure is just like a moving orc!!]

[It’s true–. Will there be a pig rain tomorrow?]

While listening to the bad mouthing I keep running.

The reason why the piggy duke never got on a diet in the anime no matter how much bad mouthing he got, I know it. He needed to keep looking incompetent and like an idiot.

The empire’s number one military personnel, Dening Household.

The current head Baldroy Dening had been doting on him.

The reason it’s so simple, the piggy duke holds wind magic which is much stronger than the current head.

For generations there is one inheritance of the wind in the Dening duke’s household.

It is the wind guidance.

Among the candidates for the duke, the one who is loved the most by the wind spirit will be the next head of the family!

After the piggy duke was born, the next head has been mostly decided.

When the piggy duke became aware of this, he was already receiving training to be the next head of the duke household.

But when he was 6 years old.

The piggy duke meet with the dead eyed Charlote in the slave market, and because of some mischievous wind spirit he learnt Charlote’s background.

In front of his eyes he saw a withering girl that was actually a princess from a downfallen kingdom.

What happened to her, the piggy duke knew everything up until she became a slave.

[My knight, Silva!! Buy that slave! I don’t care how much it is! I want her to be released from that place!]

[Slow-sama… Please look, the price of that girl. Isn’t the price a bit superficial?]

[Slow-chan. Un, it’s a bit pricey isn’t it?]

[Father you said it’s my time to choose my own personal attendant! Just take the next 5 years of my pocket money!]

From there, little by little the piggy duke changed.

He neglected a healthy life, always saying irrational orders all around, the genius next head of the duke house had become a selfish young master.

And as for the piggy duke, this school life is the important one.

He spread the name of the piggy duke to lower the name of the duke’s house all over the country.

[Buhii, buhii, buhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii]

In the anime it was successful, the piggy duke’s plan was a big success.


day the piggy duke was exiled from the country, the head of the Duke’s house said to him, [Slow, don’t you ever show your face to me again]

Isn’t there any different way for the piggy duke?

[BUhii!! Buhii!]

I remember.

There was an event in which the general manager of the anime said,

[The piggy duke is a clever, strong, kind, and also have a strong will against sorrow. This is a story telling us about his sorrowful life seen from the other side. The piggy duke had all the power to accomplish things, but in the end he only saw Charlote being stolen by the protagonist. This is an anime that I poured my all, to tell you a story about a boy who keep all those secrets within himself]

[Buhi, bu, bu. Buhyaaa. Buhyaaaaaaa!!!]

It hurts!

With great momentum I was thrown to the ground. It hurts, I think it will leave a scar in my face. What a sad figure. This is the one, the piggy duke who’s loved by the wind spirit. Somehow I know Charlote is also looking at me now. The piggy duke frail heart begin to tremble.

[Aah. The piggy duke just fell! Uwaa, he is running with that kind of body after all]

[Heh. Go die Piggy. It’s really a poison for my eyes. No matter how much of a Dening household person he, is isn’t that impossible~]

The wind spirit sends me what the students are talking about. A rolling pig is an interesting, and a spectacular spectacle after all. [Hey look. That is the piggy dance from the piggy duke] S***, don’t say a thing if you don’t even understand. I can hear it all you know. Just go play some swordplay somewhere… Wait, I can hear what they are saying, then it means…

Is it possible that the piggy knew all the abusive words directed at him in the anime?

[Aah. The piggy duke is looking at here]

[It’s impossible to overhear us in this distance. Oy pig. Look, he can’t hear it. Ooii, piggy duke. See he can’t hear it]

I just remove the mud sticking to my clothes, and continue running circling the vast sports ground again. It is actually sword technique class but, I asked the teacher to let me run on my own. With an astonished looked he, the teacher, allowed it. I believed he is feeling relieved inside. Since I have never once joined the sword technique class after all.

[Buhibuhi, buhi. buhhibuhi]

This school education revolve around class study (theory), martial arts, sword technique, and magic. But for the piggy duke in the anime, he tossed away the martial arts class and sword technique classes. As of now I know the reason. Because it’s impossible to get good results with this kind of body.

The rest of the students are holding swords in the center of the sports ground and having a mock fight in a groups of two.

For the friendless piggy duke making a two person team is an impossible feat. Even now when there are so many students bad mouthing him, there is no one who thinks of him.

[Buhibuhii. Buhi]

For not telling anyone about his feelings for Charlote, actually the piggy duke is an idiotic one.

Never depending on anyone, I’m an idiot for just thinking about one single girl endlessly.


But I won’t walk on that kind of future now.

With the memory from my previous life. I have decided on a few things.

The first one, I will start training now.

I need to lose some weight at first.

[Buho. Bbuu, Buhoo]

The piggy duke in the anime never once looked out for his own appearance.

The only human close to him was only Charlote and he felt somehow relieved.

But I know it will eventually bring him to his own destruction.

[Buho, buho]

I think that because of my previous memory the piggy duke personality ceased to exist.

But it has not disappeared.

When I’m looking at Charlote’s figure, this piggy piggy duke’s heart begins to shout.


Ah, I have fallen again! It’s natural if I began to run with this kind of heavy body. S*** you are so fat piggy duke! Look at your own self more!

[He dropped again. What are you doing, piggy duke]

[Isn’t he getting scolded from his papa? look, there is a rumor that Duke Dening has a strict rule about appearance]

The looks from the girls are piercing me.

They said things like ‘Still running again’ or like ‘But it’s kinda too late to begin dieting now, it is impossible’.

Dammit! It’s irritating me! Shut up! But even though I am getting irritated my piggy duke’s heart began to tremble. Don’t bother with what the others see buhi he said. …No, It’s different! I will tell them off now piggy duke! That’s why you are no good! There is no way this world will move according to your plan, too naive!

It’s impossible for me to carry it on my own!

Now, let’s start running again!

This piggy duke!

[Buhii. Buhii, Buhibuhi]

From now on I will remove this dark kind of piggy duke and aim for the white kind of piggy duke!

Run for it! The famous white piggy duke!

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