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Chapter 11

1.) The Friends Declaration

From the deepest part of the dining hall, I can feel several strong glares coming from the teaching staff.

When you look there following the lead of the headmaster and Rokomoko sensei, all the teachers are looking at my direction now with piqued interest. And somehow, there are more students than usual. What happened here?

[Wait, wait a sec. Come to my room now]

Vision is gonna say thanks for the gems I gave him here! He could now pay the school tuition! If he speaks of any of those things I will be branded as a pig who buy his own friend! Use your mind for a sec there, Vision!

[…To Dening-sama’s room?]

[Yes, yes that’s it! Ah, don’t forget to bring your breakfast with you]

To bring Vision to my room, we hurriedly leave the dining hall. I can hear a lot of disappointed sighs coming from the dining hall. Oh man, what a curious bunch you are.

Nn? Of course we don’t forget to bring Vision’s majestic breakfast with us. It seems he already knows that I was the one who sent him that package, I can’t believe he is really bringing me that breakfast right now. It will become my reward for trying hard all this time.

[Awesome, the rooms in the fourth floor really are different]

With curious eyes Vision is looking at my room. Hoy hurry up put those majestic things on your hand onto the desk. It was for me isn’t it? (Ed: byebye diet) (TL:…..why piggy)

[The corridor is made to look simple, so the attention is focused on the carpet, and how the room was made to look really different from those at the third floor. And there is also a personal bedroom, it’s a thing I have never imagined. It seems the ceiling was made to be a bit taller]

[Is that so? I’ve don’t know how the other floor looks like after all]

No matter if it’s the fifth, third, second or the first floor I don’t have any friend in those places. Oh yeah, I also don’t have any on the fourth floor. In the first floor half of it was built to be a storehouse and I also heard that the room for the commoners is in a seriously bad condition.

[This desk, it was made from a hundred years old tree, what a treatment and this is only the fourth floor, then the fifth floor would really look like a royal palace?]

[Well, they ARE royalty after all. But there is only one person living in the fifth floor for now, he is really living like royalty. There seems to be a personal maid in there… And then, what is that package you hold?]

After I take my seat, I begin my second breakfast.

Vision is looking at a picture that hangs inside my room in wonder.

Vision is looking at a picture that hangs inside my room in wonder.

[…Please don’t play dumb like that. Do I look like that to you?]

No, more like, you lost some weight. Did you perhaps lately didn’t sleep at all?

I can’t see that ikemen with glossy hair anymore.

[Please don’t be mad with Charlote-san. The truth is that after I was scolded by the headmaster, I should have to move to the first floor, in that way I can live in a more modest way. Just for your information, the commoner’s room is truly as bad as the rumors say. I’m surprised when I know we will be stuffed there together in such a small room. At that time I saw Charlote-san talking with another maid and then I accidentally heard my name in their talks, So I decided to eavesdrop them]

I rise my face and see Vision in front of me.

I have never heard of a noble being moved from the third floor to the first. It’s not wrong that the life expenses will drop significantly, but is his pride alright? I thought that he had

such a high pride.

[Dening-sama. I have left that part of me since yesterday. I have received a scolding from the headmaster. He told me to decide if the power the spirits lent me when my heart was running, was true power. …I have parted with that side of me. As expected, I think I will become a joke material for a while in the school]

Vision laughs at his own self derision.

As expected of the headmaster. He is not just a man with an elegant white beard.

If Rokomoko sensei is teaching magic to the protagonist, than the one guiding his heart is the headmaster.

[After scolding all of us, He told me to stay behind because he wanted to tell me something. I thought at first that he was going to tell me to drop out, but instead he told me the reasons why my father’s standing became so bad. It’s the first time I have hear the truth about my father]

Vision’s father? So it’s viscount Greytroad.

What is he being accused of?

[Because I was so ashamed I honestly cried. There were a lot of things I didn’t know, why did I became so blind? This anger, this sadness, I threw all of my emotions at the headmaster. He then told me, he will hear me out until I recovered from my tantrum]

As I thought it’s not my job to do that. I want to clap my hands for our headmaster.

But Vision, you really trust me a lot since you told me about things that far. Why? Did you also think of me as a friend?

[He told me various things, but there is one thing among them that was truly interesting. 12 years ago, there was a commoner that became a knight and served the Dening household]

Did the headmaster said that to Vision because he wanted to give him some hope?

But becoming a knight from just a commoner it’s really difficult.

It will take years even for a baron to become a knight, from that point on he will become a true noble.

[I can still remember those two knight’s figures when you brought them to the dance party. A hard headed knight and a knight who keep chasing women. These two have an extremely different personality, but they seems to be having fun protecting you. For those two splendid knights, swearing their loyalty to just a kid no different than me, if I haven’t seen it by myself I won’t have believe it. Then the headmaster told me the knight who seemed so flirty with girls, was actually a former commoner. I believe his name is… Knight Silva]

He is the knight I picked from the commoner.

I heard he tossed away his position and is moving from place to place now.

[At midnight, I moved to the first floor so no one would noticed it. But those third and second floor students now looks at me with jeering stares, at that time I secretly cried inside. …Dening-sama, It seems I don’t have any friends now. Those that I used to think of as friends, when they knew about my downfall, none of them wanted to help me. And then I heard Charlote-san’s requesting this other maid to give me this thing who holds gems inside. I cried all night after I got back to my room you know? Through the night, I was thinking about you for a long time, and I decided if we get to be in the same room, to talk with you about the knight who ascended from commoner. If Everyone knew about all this, they would be surprised and won’t believe it at all]

Vision stopped walking around inside my room and looked at me firmly.

But not long, you can see a smile floating on his face. It seems I looked interesting to him while I’m eating my food.

[Dening-sama. I will say it clearly. I have always admired you since long time ago. No it’s not just that, I was charmed by your radiance!]

You, you flatter me too much idiot!

I won’t return this breakfast even if you flatter me that much. Delicious! As I thought I want to fill up my stomach like this everyday~!

[But that radiance from such a wonder child has gone out so suddenly, and you have become such a bad boy. There is a theory floating around that you just ate something wrong or you were possessed by a demon and it changed you entirely, but there is no official report regarding your change. I can’t believe those things. Because your name has even become known to other countries. I can’t believe it but, some believe the empire has even sent some assassin just to kill you]

…Actually it is true.

And when I almost died because of it, a commoner saved my life.

[After hearing those rumors about you, I was looking forward to see you when you enrolled in Kurushu Magic Academy. I was thinking to let you see my growth in magic. And you looked just like what the rumors said. No, it was much worse than the rumors]

Hmm, the time when I enrolled in the school is it?

I was asleep in the entrance ceremony, I made a prank to the teachers whom were entering the classroom.

[A pig right? He was a fat pig ready for its shipping]

Vision nodded in agreement while showing such a smile.

[Yes, a pig indeed. Even all the students call you now with the nickname of piggy duke. Only just by saying piggy duke to you they could make a friend. Also you don’t even care who it is but you just pick a fight with anyone, you speak bluntly when you disagree about something and you lead such a self-indulgence life. All this also incurred in the family’s name decline when people started asking question such as, what kind of education he received to make such a wonder child turn into a pig?]

S-stop, don’t say anything more!

I need those bad rumors so I will be abandoned by my own family!

[But you’ve changed lately, even though everyone were saying things like this was just another of the piggy duke’s whimsical thoughts. They are also betting among themselves about when you will demean yourself even more as a pig]

What the heck?!

Am I such a good source for a bet?!

Okay then!!! I will bet everything I have for my own success in rehabilitation, Vision!!!!

[The reason I came here right now is that I was thinking about coming to flatter you as your self-indulging pig self. But before I could do that I was able to see that there were some changes in yourself. The other students won’t realized that, but for me who have always been thinking about you since a long time ago can see it clearly. That’s why I was so desperately trying to make it up to you. I want you to recognize me with the magic you’ve shown me a long time ago]

Suddenly he smiled again.

From the window, wind is blowing in and it’s rustling his hair making it just like a picture.

[…Dening-sama. I can’t receive this gems]


Nonono, why did you say that with that timing? Isn’t it strange?

Do you want to quit the school? Please stop that thought. That’s why just use those gems I gave you dammit!

I stuffed my mouth with a big sliced potato. Un, it’s delicious.

[The headmaster promised me to give me a part time job with a good payment, once in a while]

Part time…?

Hearing that word my whole shocked and trembled. And unintentionally I stopped munching these delicious potatoes in my mouth.

The headmaster is giving a part time job to a student? I somehow seems to remember something about it.

[E-to… Is it a quest to kill a wyvern in the volcano mountain with Rokomoko sensei?]

[Yes! For my penalty causing such a ruckus I have to follow Rokomoko sensei there this time]

What?! How!?

As I swallow the potato in my mouth I drink some water.

[Guee! Guee!! Gohokgohok! Gohogoho!!!]

[Wha, are you alright?!]

The potato is stuck in my throat!!

Uoooo!! Uooo!! I’ll die!!!


[Water, water, water, what kind of liquid is in this bottle?! Is it a drink?!]

Don’t joke with me! That one is the monster calling perfume!! Isn’t there a label there saying it is dangerous if it’s leaking outside?!? Damn you Vision!!! Did you really wanted to kill me that badly?!?! So you are only thinking about gold aren’t you?! Give me back my gems!!!


As I begin to lose my breath I point out to my bedroom.

[Guee, guee, Oeeee, obobbobo]

[Gulp, gulp!! Phuwa!!]

I’ve come back to life, I really think that was going to be my time.

Let’s stop eating a second breakfast from now on. It must be a divine punishment from god for eating the second breakfast.

[Are you alright Dening-sama!? More importantly, were you also invited to kill the wyvern? You will become a great strength for us if you come too, Dening-sama!]

With such excitement Vision looks at me.

[I didn’t get invited but, that event…]

Isn’t that an important event where the protagonist will create a good relationship with Rokomoko sensei?!

If you are the one who will go there, the protagonist will become weak isn’t he!?

And aren’t we talking about killing a wyvern just now?!

Why instead of the protagonist it is you who got to be in a good relationship with Rokomoko sensei, Vision?!

Why!? Are you perhaps holding an aptitude to become the protagonist?! And then you will be involved in various kind of events?!

[Oh yeah Dening-sama! Next time I will go to town together with Rokomoko sensei! He said he will find me a sword that will display all my power because he said I was more suited to become magic swordsman!]

Magic swordsman?


Isn’t that the protagonist position?

What the heck did you do Vision?!

By the way, will the real protagonist be alright?

His role is being completely taken away by Vision just now…

It seems it makes me want to say sorry to him…

[Let’s go together Dening-sama! There seems to be an interesting experiment happening in town now! From the student that I live with now, whom I already told about your past self, he told me there will be a festival there in the town! Let’s also bring Charlote-san along with us there!]

Town? Did you really want to be the main protagonist that much?

Besides Rokomoko sensei will come too, right?

[Let me hear it first. What kind of festival is it?]

…This is just a hunch, but I think I think Rokomoko sensei noticed it.

Memorize this, 30 times. That is the number of times which I stealthily escaped from magic practice class. (Ed: ninja pig)

But for the sake the festival Vision had told me I will bravely take some more action.

[I’m in!!!! I will absolutely go to the festival!!! BUhhi!!!]

Hearing such an excited yell, Charlote hurriedly came to my room.

When she opened the door, our excitement was flowing out from the room. And from my shoulder I could hear a timid voice saying something.

[…With this …We have become friends, aren’t we?]

Guwaaaa!! Why did you say something so embarrassing! But I want to confirm it too! I’m also worried about it! I have to report to Charlote that I finally made a friend! Ah, she left.

There are no difference for someone who have ten friends and eleven friends! But for someone who doesn’t have any friend finally and got one it’s totally different!

Oi Vision! Don’t think anything weird okay?!

[I learnt something yesterday from the head master]

Nn? What did he told you?

Vision is looking outside from the open window.

It’s the usual scenery for me, but for Vision the scenery from the fourth floor is something new.

[Even when I became a commoner, as long as I never forget about the pride in my heart, —–]

And then he turns his head.

As I thought he was an actor acting in the royal palace, he showed me a bright smile.

[——-I will always be a noble]

A gust of wind suddenly blows from the window.

And then it respectfully returns to me.

[And I did one terrible mistake… I almost soiled my friendship with my friend]

With a beautiful smile, the young noble now commoner laughs.


[The piggy duke is coming down with a huge force! If you don’t want to be hurt open up a way for him! The first years scram for now!]

I run down the stairs while searching for Charlote.

While feeling the coiling wind around my body I thought to myself.

Vision has changed.

Even if he doesn’t go back to being a noble, He is fine.


I think about his cool appearance in my mind.

There is no hesitation on his face.

Me to, I have prepared for it.

[The piggy duke has flew down the stairs! Open up the road!]

Ohh, quiet you! I can do more awesome things! Look! The result of my training!

While I challenge myself to jump from the second floor stair, I stumble.


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