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Chapter 10

10.) The Breakfast Is An Offering to Me.


[C’mon spirits! As we agreed, move vigorously-! All Guard!]

With so much haste, the earth rise up and becomes an earth wall before my eyes. The earth wall is thickening fast and keeps spreading, it starts from  the frenzied Vision to the area where all the wounded students were placed. It was such an amazing thing to see, when in such a short moment was wall created inside the exercise ground.

[A-ra? It seems it will end soon-. It would be alright kiddo-]

We can hear Rokomoko sensei’s voice loud and clear. He used wind magic just like a megaphone to bring out his voice spreading it to all the students in this place.

After seeing Rokomoko sensei’s true power I wordlessly admire him.

When he used his magic, a bountiful number of earth spirit crawled out from the ground and those spirit attached themselves to every student except Vision. And it’s not just any normal spirits, every single student here was protected by an intermediate level spirit, those things he did needed some really special focusing. And it looks like Rokomoko sensei could do those complicated things in just an instant.


If it was me, I would have made a really small mistake and that magic contract would have been canceled.

As expected of someone whom is guiding the protagonist, Rokomoko sensei. Such a reliable existence.

[Ah… Vision]

There is the sound of something falling, the moment I see the source of it, what I see is Vision’s body falling down.

The recoil for assembling so those many spirits came back at him, and now those spirits are starting to disperse.

In the end, the composite magic of wind and fire invocation, the wind banning was never completed.

But for Vision, the magic power he had given to those spirits, will never be returned.

His magic was cut off and for a while that was really  a dangerous situation.

Do those fellow students already feel safe? They must be recovered enough to be that noisy. Damn, they are noisy.

[Heeh, so no matter how good Vision’s magic was, to use such a thing as high class magic is impossible for him]

[Oi, look. That piggy duke is walking to Vision. What does he wants?]

Nothing at all. It’s just, I’m worried about Vision’s condition just now so I want to check on him.

And then I come closer to Vision.


His legs slip. And it’s not on purpose I believe.

Then without hesitation, I jump onto his body.

Secret skill, Noshikakari. (Ed: Body Slam!) (TL: Noshikakari sounds more cool) (Ed: It does :p)


An unexpected voice comes out from vision.

But with this, he now has his debt paid to me.

Good, it seems he lost his consciousness for real this time.

[That piggy duke, he gave Vision the finishing moves…] (Ed: Finish him! Porkality) (TL: Pork Kazama, WIN!)

[So his next target is Vision isn’t he? Somehow I feel a bit of sympathy for him, let’s just stop concerning ourselves with that Vision… I don’t want to think what would happen if we caught that piggy duke interest]

Somehow everyone is looking at me frightened.

I look back at them with a ‘Do you have any problem with me?’ stare.

Vision was playing with my feelings, I got splashed by monster call perfume, and somehow my power was borrowed by some great spirit. So how was your day Vision?

If even after this event you won’t become my friend  I will never forgive you. Did you know that? From tomorrow? Dening sama? Which Dening sama you’re talking about?

If even after all that you’re saying we don’t have a connection I will seriously cry. Well then, let’s use a threat this one last time.

For my secret move’s preparation I’m standing up at the same place, I can still hear Rokomoko sensei in here. It seems he said something about coming here.

[Okay you guys~ Now disperse. Today’s lesson is over~. Those who seems to be involved in this case remain here~. I want you to come with me to the headmaster’s room~]

[You are awesome Rokomoko sensei! As expected of a former royal knight!]

[I have a better opinion about you now sensei! I thought you were just lazy when you change your  job to be just a teacher]

While talking with the students, Rokomoko sensei walks toward my spot.

The earth walls return back to normal one by one.

Aah, when I take a peek at the intermediate spirit attached to me, it just politely bows to me and disappear. Such a cute creature. As expected of an intermediate spirit, even at this distance it could feel the spirit staying inside my cane.


I can hear Vision moaning. As if he was seeing such a terrible dream.

You should have just told me from the very beginning if all you needed was gold. I’m a man who will be nice to his friend you know? If you make a loan contract with me, that is. You’re so pitiful so I won’t ask for any interests… this time.

It seems Vision knows me well from the past. But I can’t seems to remember meeting him at all. I think he is influenced by my happy fat life from when I was a child.

Well then, I need to escape from here now since I’m not involved in this case-.

Then I run to the stairs in the exercise ground. Even thought it was only one meter in height, for me it’s still impossible to jump off there. I’m so fat after all.

[Buhibuhibuhi, buhi]

But if it was Rokomoko sensei it would be different.

Even after using magic of that scale, never once he looked short on breath. As expected of the number two strongest person.

[Ok then you guys, you have to memorize this, 30 times-. So what this number I’m talking about represents?~. Those who can answer that, I will give them the highest score I can give and won’t need to attend my class anymore~. Even if you are at the third year or later, I will still give you permission to not attend my class and also I will give you the highest score I can give~]

[Eeh, what that number represents? It’s the number of times Rokomoko sensei got rejected?]

[It’s the number of times sensei swung his cane in high speed!]

[It’s not that! He just swung his cane once! …Haa, You guys really don’t have any tension at all…]

I don’t speak a single word while I walk.

30 times? What that number represents? Rokomoko sensei, please stop saying such profound things!

[Buhi, buhi]

[Uwaa! There is a strong pressure coming from behind us!]

Get out of the way-!  This Lord Piggy Duke’s coming through!

[Buhi, buhhi, buhihi. Buhhi, buhhi, buhihi]

At night while I’m running my usual course, I think about Rokomoko sensei and also about Vision.

Rokomoko sensei is a trump card that Kurushu Magic Academy has.

Not just him alone, there are far more powerful teachers in this school, they will act as a trump card to protect the students when it’s needed. That shows how much trust the headmaster placed in them.

In the anime itself it seems like those are playing quite an active role, but according to the dark piggy duke’s back setting, those kind of practices never seemed to be happened at all. No, they do happen but probably we can’t see them on the surface.

Now on to Vision’s matter.

Honestly I already think of him as a friend.

After all this lonely years I have already forgotten how to make friends, but I believe he is my friend! In my mind I already nominated him as ‘friend number one’!

I guess Vision was already under a lot of pressure, so if I lend him some gold now we will become true friend.

But I’m not such a filthy rich man now.

Piggy duke should have some saved up gold in the anime, but I can’t even see those anywhere now! He must have use it for some sweets! Or use it to eat some deluxe breakfast! It seems I have to lower the Engel’s law even further.



From deep in the dark Charlote show up.

I asked an attendant I found nearby this place I’m using to run, to call Charlote here.

[Buu~ …Fuuto. I’m sorry calling you at such a time Charlote. Umm, I have a request for you. Please send this to Vision Greytroad, he is living in the boy’s dorm at the third floor. If he ask from whom it is, don’t say it comes from me]

I pick out a small package from my own pocket and give it to Charlote.

There are several precious gems inside the package. It is one of my hidden assets. I can somehow live with the money I have left, even after I have paid my school expenses and my everyday needs.

[He can’t know this package is from Slow-sama is it… But those stones inside it, don’t tell me, are those real gems?]

Charlote confirms with me after she felt the package with her hand.

Yup, that’s right. Actually I don’t want to be known to Charlote as the man who bought a friend with gold.

[Well then, I will send this package without letting him realized it was from Slow-sama]

And once again after saying those words, she disappears.

[Ah, wait a second. As I thought not letting him know who send it at all is bad. If possible make it looked like it was possibly from me. Make it like there’s a forty percent chance it was from the piggy duke, but don’t let any clue that shows it was sent by me. Do it like that]

[Eeto… Un-understood… I will try my best]

I knew it was a hard task, but if it was Charlote I believe she can make it.

Fufufu, will there any meaningful glance from Vision to me? Is it possible it comes from piggy duke sama? It seems there will be.

It seems I will enjoy my life from tomorrow on.


The next morning.

While I’m eating my food on my special seat, there is someone in front of me.

Who is it?  Is there someone brave enough to do such a thing?

Up until now there was only Vision around me, but with him gone it has just become an empty place.



As I lift my head, there stands Vision with a weeping face.

In his right hand he holds a massive breakfast, while in his left hand he holds the package I entrusted to Charlote.

Eh, isn’t there something weird?

[…As a token of my gratitude, I present you with this breakfast]

Eh, eh eh…? What happened Charlote?

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