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Chapter 12

12.) A Trip With My Friend! A Trip With My F.R.I.E.N.D!

The sun has just showed his face a little.

The Kurushu academy is still engulfed in silence and serenity, and there in a quiet detached research facility, a lonely pig is running by himself.

[Buoon, buooon]

I ran while tears and snot keep running through my face. To get rid of all this excessive fat from my body it’s not an easy task to do. But for that I need to undergo all this torture. I want to see that beautiful future filled with love drama as fast as possible, but this pig body is already shaken up with only this much.

Hyaaah, here I come future!

[Bububububu, bubububu]


It was just a really short distance, but I use everything I have on this sprint! I run slowly, because I’m afraid to burden my knees with this body! But I’m already different now!

[Bububububu, bubububu]

One last spurt!

All the muscles in my body are already screaming! If even after all this that fat is still there, I will seriously cry!

That’s not the case, you won’t be there anymore! Yeaaaah, One last burst!

[Guee, guee]

Haah, haaah, while I’m trying to control my breathing, I can hear someone’s footsteps coming closer.

Judging from his orderly footsteps he must be someone with a certain strength.

[Dening-sama! I have made the arrangements! You will be at the top most floor of the inn together with sensei!]

With the sun on his back he walks towards me while raising his voice.

He is a short boy with an innocent face and some disheveled brown hair

He is my second friend ever, Deppa.

[Thank you so much! I really feel sorry for asking you so much in such a short notice!]

[Please, it was only a small thing to do! You’ve been helping me when I train my magic, my whole family feels truly grateful for what you did for us! Ahh, Let me accompany you when you come running next time!]

[Oii. Why did I end riding on top of a horse while a student and an attendant are using the carriage. Even this teacher will get mad with this kind of treatment you know]

We were taking it easy on top of the carriage.

Our carriage is a type that was pulled by two horses.

When I looked outside the window, there I saw Vision and Rokomoko sensei riding horses. At first, seeing that Afro sensei’s horse really surprised me, but now I can really admire his horse. As expected of a former royal knight, taking care of his own horse is one of his specialty.

[Have you stopped to think of what would happen if I rode on a horse with this kind of body? On top of that your lodging fee is actually free, please don’t be complaining so much sensei]

[Lately you are doing quite well you know-? Even among us teachers you are being evaluated as improving, you know? And also you kinda look slimmer-]

[Nonono, it’s still a long way to call myself slim]

It took quite a lot sum of money to rent this carriage.

But I think it will be alright, after all I used all the gems Vision gave me back to bet on ‘The piggy duke will overcome himself’. There are quite a lot of people joining in the betting, but most of the people bet on ‘The piggy duke will demean himself’, so if after all this those people keep betting on my ‘worst’ side, the money will keep rolling on its own.

Such an entertainment I gave to this academy.

No, rather than Kurushu academy I would call myself the entertainment centre on Daris.

[You guys, are you seriously joining the eating competition? Aren’t you already fat enough Dening?]

[The price for the second place in that competition is a

drug to reduce body weight. Sensei, you should have known I was dieting right?]

[I’m also supporting you on your diet, you know? Then we will be going first, you guys should follow after and go to the inn first okay?]

Vision and sensei rode their horses along the highway and left us.

Before I knew it they have already created such a good relationship between them.

…Forgive my Mr. protagonist.

It doesn’t mean I especially hate you… But it has somehow turned out like this.

Well, I believe if it’s you, you won’t mind it.

Or rather, you made me rethink about your existence in the magic academy.

You exude such as strong atmosphere that makes people feel attracted to that short, blazing red hair.

I believe that one day we will clash with each other, then let’s do it faster than scheduled! But I want at least to become slimmer before we do that!

For now, I will follow having such a good life.

From today on let’s aim to keep such a good life!

So please don’t come for me Mr. protagonist! I didn’t even throw that monster caller perfume at you, so please stay away from me!

Well thanks to Vision it was only half of it left, but it’s okay!


Ugh, whenever I remember that taste it makes me want to puke.

Vision, I know you knew about that perfume!

Kurushu Magic Academy was surrounded by a forest that stretches from the entrance of the academy to the forest highway.

If we follow that road it will make us go southeast. On that road we will find the city of Yolem, one of the cities in the Knight State of Daris.

It will take us around two to three hours of horse riding to go there. And if we are talking about the scale, it was the second biggest city in the country.

We dispatched from the school early in the morning, I think we will arrive there in the afternoon even if we go at our own pace.

You can go to sleep if you want to, this is such a pleasing short trip.

[Are you really okay bringing me with you in this trip, Slow-sama? Even though you finally could go with your friend…]

Seated opposite of me, Charlote talked to me about her anxiousness in this trip.

She rarely goes out to a place with lots of people. She always shut herself inside her room whenever she has some free time… Are you a NEET Charlote!? No, I should apologize to you Charlote, for often asking you to do such stupid things.

[Charlote, you shut yourself in your own room too much]

She is afraid that her lineage will be leaked somewhere.

Well it is something I expected, even now the empire is still searching for the lost princess of the downfallen kingdom.

[…I love to read books in my room]

It’s not a bad hobby.

It’s not bad, but she is actually an active child.

I know that because she was always with me since we were children.

The empire still can’t find Charlote’s whereabouts.

There is a chance that a spy from the empire slips inside Yolem, but if there is anyone that wants to do bad things to her, the great wind spirit-san will notice it immediately.

Well if it comes in the form of petty harassment, it can’t feel it anyway.

That great spirit-san went to Yolem a few days ago to check whether the city was safe or not.

[Eh? Charlote-sama, you like reading that much?]

Deppa who sits beside me finally makes a sound.

He is the first year commoner that I meet when I was running and then taught him about earth magic.

Since then, sometimes I saw him practicing magic alone, so I called out to him and we started practicing our magic together. I think it’s because of that, that we became such close friends now.

His name is Deppa. What an easy name to say.

[Certainly, I like reading quite a lot. But I was very surprised seeing Slow-sama making friends this fast. And it’s not just one person, he made two friends in such a short time]

She laughs a little while saying that.

Oh yeah, actually Deppa is the student that’s staying in the same room as Vision who just moved to the first floor.

What a coincidence. And Deppa is the one whom told Vision about the eating competition.

[You can do it, me!]

I watch Charlote with a smug face.

When we arrive at Yolem there might be lots of men that will try to woo her. I swear on myself I won’t get separated from Charlote even for just a second.

[S-such a thing! To become Slow-sama’s friend is an honor for me!]

[Didn’t I told you to just call me Slow? We are friends after all.

[I-I-I-I, I can’t do that! Please forgive me!]

Such an honest man, no wonder the earth spirit gladly lend him its strength.

The wind spirit loves a refined bloodline and an elegant heart, that kind of requirement is really hard to find among the commoner. So it will be hard for him to use wind magic now.

[Oh yeah, what is your name?]

[Y-yes! Charlote-sama! My name is Deppa! Slow-sama was teaching me earth magic! Umm, actually I was learning the wind magic at first but it seems I have no talent for that! Ahahaha!]

Well, in exchange he has a lot of talent in martial arts. When entering Kurushu academy there is also a test for martial arts and since he have such a natural talent for it, It seems he fascinated an interviewer when he enrolled in the school, It’s such an achievement to enter the Kurushu academy just solely using martial arts.

He was always practicing his martial arts before practicing his magic, his movement are really awesome.

It seems he has a dream about combining martial arts and wind magic to make a brand new mixed martial arts.

[I am just an attendant so you don’t need to put honorifics when talking to me, Deppa-sama]

[N-no! It’s impossible! I am just a poor son from an inn owner who is indebted to Dening-sama! You are the attendant of Dening-sama, so please don’t humble yourself! On top of that by staying in my family inn, its status will raise surely!]

Yes, he was the only son of an inn owner in Yolem. It was such a perfect time for us because he is also coming back home to Yolem, so we decided to go together. It’s so fun having a trip with your friend. And we don’t need to pay for our lodging, this time Vision was really pleased.

He was just becoming a poor man after all.

[Rokomoko sensei is a former royal knight! It’s my honor to let him stay in my inn!]

While talking with so much affection, we arrived at Yolem.

What a casual trip with carriage.

Because there is no such danger detected, I will just grab that weight reducing drug and my job will be done.

I don’t think there will be a man brave enough to face me.

With such a calm atmosphere we are entering the city.


Well, the stage has been set now Rokomoko sensei. The one who is loved by the light spirit, the royal knight whom protected the royal family.

For you the one who has thrown away your alma mater only to come back again, I want to say the truth.

For the ‘30 times’ we must remember, I will say my answer to you.

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