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Chapter 69 - Healing Plan

With that, Zhong Pinliang spun on his heel and made a run for it. Zhang Naipao and Gao Xiaofu followed as well- Lin Yi was coming right at them!

Xiaobo’s neck was still stretched, his chest still puffed as he readied himself for the imminent blows. Nothing happened, and he opened one of his eyes in curiosity, only to see Zhong Pinliang running away with his group.

“Huh?” Xiaobo stared at the scene in shock- what was going on? Did his unexpected courage scare them off? Perhaps his threat of paying them back tenfold made them think twice about crossing him?

Seriously? Wouldn’t that make him the main character of a novel?

Xiaobo was still trying to process what happened when a huge hand landed on his shoulder, giving him a jump. He turned his head only to see Lin Yi smiling at him. “What’re you doing, standing here like that?”

“Ah!” Xiaobo understood immediately after seeing Lin Yi- they were running from Lin Yi, not hm!!

“Well, I’m going!” Lin Yi gave Xiaobo’s shoulder another pat before quickly making his way to Li Fu’s car.

Lin Yi had caught Xiaobo’s situation in the corner of his eye after parting with him. He didn’t want his friend getting beat up by Zhong Pinliang, and decide to help him out.

Xiaobo exhaled a long breath of relief. Lin Yi was long gone before he could even say thanks. He made a fist with his hand as he stared into the sky, thinking about what it would take for someone like him to become like Lin Yi.

The guy had just transferred in for two days, and he’d taken out Zhong Pinliang of the Big Four already, to the point where Pinliang would just run after seeing him!!

Lin Yi seated himself in the front seat, shutting the door as Mengyao frowned, silent. Yushu, on the other hand, was grinning at Lin Yi. “Wow, Shield Guy. Scaring them off by just showing them your face?”

Lin Yi only laughed a little in response- Yushu obviously saw what happened.

“See, Yao Yao? What did I say, Lin Yi’s strong! Zhong Pinliang won’t so much as talk to you with Lin Yi by your side!” Yushu said, tugging at Mengyao’s arm.

“He’s not a lot better than Zhong Pinliang, alright!” Mengyao said with a hmph, still not willing to accept Lin Yi, despite acknowledging how Lin Yi had Zhong Pinliang dealt with in only two days. Hmph, he’s just good at fighting, that’s all.

Lin Yi didn’t mind Mengyao’s attitude, at this point- he’d gotten used to it. That was how girls from rich families were like, after all. It was fine as long as Mengyao didn’t especially hate him; he was here for the mission anyway.

Lin Yi noticed the box of tissues on the coffee table upon walking in the villa, recalling the awkward episode with Yushu the other morning. He glanced at Yushu, who was darting her eyes about mischievously. Oh no. Lin Yi didn’t waste any time in slipping into his room- he didn’t want Yushu threatening him and giving him orders again.

Lin Yi started forming a plan for Huaijun’s recovery, writing down the information from the bookstore earlier today, the details still fresh in his mind.

Huaijun’s entire body was in discord, and there were both Eastern and Western medicine effects mixed into the mess. Huaijun looked healthy and fine now, but it took only one little change to turn everything into a destructive fatality.

Healing every damaged organ at once was impossible- even Old Lin probably couldn’t manage a feat on that level.

Lin Yi’s thorough analysis of Huaijun’s pulse revealed that his meridians were completely cut off, along with the links that were spread throughout his organs. It wasn’t a surprise that the organs were deteriorating at all.

Circumstances like this called for immediate attention to the meridians- all Lin Yi had to do was revive all of Huaijun’s meridians, and the organs would start recovering again. Huaijun was only a little more than twenty years old, and his body was nowhere near the deteriorative stage yet- his body would heal naturally on its own.

Lin Yi let out a breath of relief after finishing a satisfactory plan. He was confident that he’d be able to turn Huaijun back to normal, but there was always that tinge of worry and doubt at the back of his head when he lacked a proper, solid plan to rely on.

Old Lin might have been teaching Lin Yi a lot, but the man was really more family than teacher. Old Lin’s kung fu was strong, but Lin Yi’s killer techniques were actually taught by a teacher other than his old man…

It was said that Lin Yi’s master had history with Old Lin- the two had been through tough times together, and they had absolute trust in each other. Lin Yi, naturally, didn’t know much other than that.

A light snap sounded outside of Lin Yi’s room, and his sensitive ears picked it up immediately. He tidied his desk up before dashing to the door, calming down when he realized it was Li Fu.

Lin Yi opened the door and stepped out. “Uncle Fu.”

“Mister Lin, dinner’s ready.” Li Fu nodded at Lin Yi, a smile on his face.

Li Fu left right after leaving dinner on the table, and Mengyao locked the doors behind him. She glanced at Lin Yi, who was setting the food up with Yushu, clearly not intending to eat with them this time around, as well. He was walking past Mengyao when she opened her mouth, wanting to ask him to join them. The words got stuck in her throat, and Lin Yi had already closed his bedroom door by the time Mengyao finished hesitating.

Hmph, whatever. Mengyao was irritated- didn’t she hint at him that she didn’t mind him eating with them anymore? What’s with him, locking himself in his room like that.

It was completely beyond Lin Yi’s imagination that Mengyao would be thinking these thoughts; her attitude towards him was still very fresh on his mind, after all. He decided to help Yushu set things up quickly before going back into his room, not wanting to be in Mengyao’s sights any longer than necessary, since he displeased her so much.

He didn’t mind eating their leftovers, anyway- Xiaobo was practically saying that the boys would line up for a taste of Yushu and Mengyao’s leftovers, back when they chatted at lunch.

“Shield Guy’s not joining us?” Yushu was about to call Lin Yi over when she remembered Mengyao. She didn’t know if her friend would agree to that.

“Ignore him. We’ll eat by ourselves.” Mengyao replied curtly, annoyed.

“Oh…” Yushu picked her chopsticks up, and was about to start eating when a thought crossed her mind. She pushed an open bottle of orange juice in front of Mengyao. “This one’s mine, Yao Yao, you can drink it if you want!”

Mengyao’s face paled with one look at the juice, evidently recalling the whole first kiss incident two days ago. She shot a deadly glare at Yushu. “Shu, are you doing this on purpose?”

“What? I’m just being nice, okay.” Yushu said innocently as she blinked into Mengyao’s eyes.

“Don’t seduce me with your eyes like that- go do that to your precious Shield Guy.” Mengyao snapped, displeased.

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