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Chapter 70 - Lin Yi's Little Secret

Mengyao and Yushu had small appetites, and they’d always finish only a quarter of the food Li Fu sent them. It seemed wasteful, but Li Fu wanted the girls to have a balanced and healthy diet, thus making sure to always have three or four different dishes coupled with one soup.

These types of dishes had to be prepared in standard portions, after all. It was impossible to manage the flame and spices on small portions of said dishes and still finish the dish while maintaining an equal quality. As such, the chefs at the hotel followed the standard menu when preparing dinner for Li Fu to pick up.

Mengyao found the food unappealing a few bites in- the image of Lin Yi saving her yesterday kept popping up in her mind! She’d always chat livelily with Yushu whenever they ate together, and a meal usually took up to half an hour until they were done, but…

She was very troubled. Did that guy really take his job that seriously, sacrificing himself for a couple hundred thousand kuai? Mengyao didn’t know where her father managed to find someone like him, but she found herself softening her attitude towards Lin Yi significantly.

Was it because Lin Yi saved her yesterday? Fine, I’ll let him stay for a while. It’s kinda nice having a bodyguard around.

“I’m full.” Mengyao’s previous attitude towards Lin Yi was indeed quite ridiculous, now that she thought about it. The guy even had to eat leftovers.

“Hm? What’s wrong, Yao Yao? You barely touched your food yet.” Yushu asked curiously- the girl had only took a handful of bites.

“I’m just a little tired, I guess.” Mengyao shook her head. “I’m going up. Go tell Lin Yi to eat with you.”

“Hah??” Yushu blinked as Mengyao walked up the stairs. What the..?

Mengyao was indeed troubled. Lin Yi was someone she absolutely hated, but he’d saved her life even so- she had wanted to treat him more kindly, but the guy refused to take her gesture! Fine, do what you want. I’m not eating either. Hmph.

Yushu was still blinking, trying to figure things out as she watched Mengyao’s languished form disappear upstairs. Was she still traumatized over what had happened yesterday? No way, right? It’s been a whole day already, why are you still thinking about that?

Yushu put her chopsticks down, running to Lin Yi’s room to give his door a knock. “Yo, Shield Guy! Dinner’s ready!”

Lin Yi opened the door and looked at Yushu. “You calling me?”

“Who else? You think I’d call Yao Yao Shield Guy? You’re the only guy here…” Yushu gave a soft slap at her forehead. “Ah, there’s still General Wei Wu, Doggy Bro…”

“......” Lin Yi was speechless- this girl was comparing him with a dog.

“Well, let’s go. I’m starving.” With that, Yushu darted off into the dining area.

Lin Yi peeked his head out the door- Mengyao wasn’t at the table. He walked out after Yushu, curious. “Where’s the Miss?”

“Yao Yao? She said she wasn’t hungry, and went upstairs.” Yushu explained, pointing at Mengyao’s empty chair. “Let’s eat! See, we even have your rice and chopsticks set up.”

“Oh.” Lin Yi turned his eyes to the table- they actually were. Lin Yi didn’t see a reason to eat leftovers anymore, now that Mengyao was gone. Yushu was weird, but that didn’t really matter.

Heh heh heh… Yushu smiled wickedly as she watched Lin Yi pick the chopsticks up, putting a piece of vegetable onto his rice. Yushu held a victory fist under the table, very delighted as Lin Yi put an entire mouthful of food into his mouth.

Yes!! There, Yao Yao- I’ve avenged you! Lin Yi’s eating all your saliva right now! Yushu couldn’t stop grinning as she watched her revenge plan play out- this should make up for Mengyao eating Lin Yi’s saliva yesterday.

“Slow down, you’re gonna choke yourself. Here, juice.” Yushu said, pushing a bottle of orange juice to Lin Yi.

“Thanks.” Lin Yi did feel a little like hiccupping upon hearing Yushu’s words. He was gulping it down when he realized something was wrong. “This… juice…”

“Oh, it’s Yao Yao’s. She didn’t finish it, and there’s too much left to throw away.” Yushu said as she looked innocently at Lin Yi. “You don’t mind right? You’re not gonna go vomit in the toilet are you?”

“Oh..” Lin Yi replied blankly- Yushu obviously did it on purpose, but this was nothing to Lin Yi. There was that time in a primitive jungle when all his metal had been used for weapons, leaving only one set of utensils for him and his group to share. His mentality had long viewed sharing saliva as a very trivial thing.

A pretty girl’s saliva, however, was a different matter- not everyone got to experience something like that; Mengyao could spit into a bowl and Zhong Pinliang would probably lick it up without hesitation, Lin Yi thought evilly.

Yushu was a little disappointed at Lin Yi’s lack of reaction, but a different concern was pressing at her- didn’t she drink from that bottle, as well..? Yushu couldn’t help but blush a bit at the thought.

Although, Mengyao did drink from it after she did, so it didn’t count, right? Wasn’t that how it worked? Her saliva shouldn’t be on there anymore. Yushu thought as she tried to calm herself down. Yes, that had to be the case.

“Hey, Shield Guy, I’m thirsty- get me some water!” Yushu ordered- the food was a bit salty.

“Do it yourself.” Lin Yi rejected without even looking up from his food.

“Tissues… TV…” Yushu coughed.

Lin Yi could only roll his eyes in response- the thing had become a code, now? Feeling helpless, Lin Yi got up from his chair and got Yushu a glass of water, thinking that Yushu did treat him rather nicely, remembering to call him out for dinner. Lin Yi was willing to endure it because of that.

Huaijun would probably burst into laughter if he learned about Lin Yi serving two rich Misses every day.

Lin Yi picked a pink glass and filled it with water- he knew it was Yushu’s.

“Thanks Shield Guyyy!” Yushu said sweetly as she took the glass of water.

Lin Yi continued his meal, not thinking much about it. Yushu had wanted to sound sweet to make Lin Yi a little happier and willing about running the errand, but the guy didn’t so much as look at her! It really seemed as if Lin Yi found the chicken pieces in his bowl more appealing to look at than Yushu’s own face.

In actuality, Lin Yi did find what Yushu tried to do very sweet- who wouldn’t? He was, however, in the middle of a mission, despite it all. His relationships with the current people around him weren’t for life- he’d part ways with them after the mission was completed. They’d most likely never see each other ever again, and Lin Yi didn’t want too many attachments to form.

He was tasked to act as Mengyao’s study companion, too- what the hell would he even be doing if he went on with the Miss’ best friend, anyway?

It was two days in, and Lin Yi still hadn’t figured out what Pengzhan’s intentions were- it seemed quite a stretch to pull him out all the way from Mount Starwest just for a study companion and bodyguard. His enemies up until this point, after all, were a low intelligence Baldy and a fucktard Zhong Pinliang!! Lin Yi didn’t know what to say- the whole thing was a bit absurd.

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