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Chapter 68 - Words of Courage

Lin Yi was recommended into the school by Chu Pengzhan. Understanding this, Wang Zhifeng had hoped to give his aid to Lin Yi wherever possible- class five wasn’t the only elite class, after all. There was still class six, right across class five. Transferring Lin Yi there would prevent further conflict between Zhong Pinliang and him.

Lin Yi barely managed to hold in a laugh- Wang Zhifeng was worried that Zhong Pinliang and his boys would cause him trouble!

His sole purpose in school was to accompany Mengyao, and transferring to another class without Mengyao would be utterly pointless.

Lin Yi also reckoned that the three delinquents would leave him alone for now- he really didn’t think of them as anything other than flies.

“Thanks, but I’m fine, Mr. Wang. Class five’s pretty good, and I’ve just settled in, so there’s really no need for that.” Lin Yi refused politely.

“Is that so? Well, don’t be afraid to report to the school if anything should happen. We’ll take care of it.” Wang Zhifeng left it at that- there wasn’t any point in insisting.

Although, he did expect Zhong Pinliang and his group to lay low for the time being.

The results from the English test came out during study hall at night. Xiaobo was complaining about how difficult the test was, but an elite class really was different- Quite a lot of the students got over 130 out of 150. Xiaobo scored 111, while Lin Yi got 109.

Naturally, Lin Yi did that on purpose- staying a little below the mid-level was optimal for keeping attention away.

What shocked Lin Yi, however, was the fact that one of the 130s included Mengyao and Yushu.

So these two princesses aren’t the dumb type, huh. Lin Yi contemplated.

“Not bad, boss! That’s quite high for your first time!” Xiaobo praised, startled as well- Lin Yi was only two points lower than him.

“Got lucky, I guess.” Lin Yi felt that he’d still scored too high, especially considering the difficulty of the questions.

“So, about that dinner? It’s my treat you know.” Xiaobo said, bringing his offer up again.

“How bout during the weekend? I live pretty far from here, and I can’t get back if I stay too late.” Lin Yi said apologetically.

“Hmm… You’re right, there’s only that few bus stops around here. See you in the weekend, then?” Xiaobo said, evidently misunderstanding Lin Yi’s words.

Lin Yi liked Xiaobo’s character, and he’d really prefer not having to lie to him, if possible, but the guy was making assumptions on his own- Lin Yi, of course, wasn’t about to make any corrections. Although, what he said wasn’t technically untrue; Mengyao did live pretty far away from school, and Li Fu couldn’t just wait all night for him……

Lin Yi walked to the school gates with Xiaobo once school ended. He eyed Mengyao and Yushu, who were opening the doors to Li Fu’s car. “I’m going, see ya.”

“Bye…” Xiaobo was feeling a bit down- he’d planned to have a nice drink and chat with Lin Yi tonight, but the guy didn’t have the time.

“Where do you think you’re going?! Stop right there!!” Xiaobo jumped as a loud voice sounded behind him. He raised his head only to see Zhong Pinliang, Zhang Naipao, and Gao Xiaofu surrounding him. The voice was Xiaofu’s.

Zhong Pinliang had made a phone call back home earlier, and he’d learned that Heibao Bro took everything on his own shoulders… Pinliang, however, got a scolding from his father regardless, and he was very pissed about it- it was all Lin Yi’s fault, but there was nothing he could do about it! This caused a spike in Pinliang’s frustration.

Since there was no way of dealing with Lin Yi yet, Gao Xiaofu had suggested to give Kang Xiaobo a beating first. The brat was pretty full of himself back on the rooftop yesterday, even kicking Heibao Bro in the groin after Lin Yi put him down. The guy had it coming.

Zhong Pinliang’s eyes lit up at Xiaofu’s words- it was true! Lin Yi was out of their league, but Xiaobo was below theirs. Blowing off some steam wouldn’t hurt.

“W-what do you guys want?” Xiaobo got manlier the last two days, but that was when Lin Yi was right next to him! There really wasn’t a whole lot he could do on his own, and the three delinquents were coming at him with explicit malice!

“What do we want? Why don’t you try remembering what you did these two days?” Pinliang said, chuckling coldly as he patted Xiaobo on the cheek. “Kang Xiaobo, I’ve really underestimated you, haven’t I? You’re quite the big shot around here!”

“What did I do..?” Xiaobo understood it clearly- pleading wasn’t going to do him any good here. He might as well go down with some pride, since he’d been targeted already. He wasn’t gonna get killed by a simple beating, after all.

“Still acting tough, huh?!!” Pinliang challenged as he stared at Xiaobo. “Hm? Too scared to admit what you did wrong? Or is it because your transfer student isn’t here to protect you?”

Zhong Pinliang was venting his anger on a manageable target now, but he didn’t like it too much- had he fallen this far?

Xiaobo strengthened his will- there was no escaping anyway. “Zhong Pinliang! You can do whatever you want to me today, but remember- I’ll pay it back ten fold one day!! Come!!”

With that, Xiaobo closed his eyes shut, his chest puffed up courageously.

“Fucking!! Tough guy, huh? Interesting! Guys, what’re you standing there for? Let’s get him!” Xiaobo’s bravery made further threatening and bullshit pointless, and PInliang decided to just get it over with.

“Liang Bro……” Xiaofu said softly as he tugged on Pinliang’s sleeve.

“What?” Pinliang frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Gao Xiaofu pointed some distance away as he spoke, his voice quivering a little. “Liang Bro, over there……”

“What the fuck is it?!” Pinliang cursed as he turned to look at where Xiaofu was pointing. His eyes widened in shock as the sight of Lin Yi walking towards them reached his eyes- the guy was smiling!! Yes, the smile of an absolute devil!!

What the fu-?! Why’s he coming over here?? Didn’t he leave already?!! Pinliang was panicking heavily at that point- Lin Yi was a complete lunatic, there’s not telling what he’d do if he got ahold of them!!

He felt ashamed at the fear, and he felt furious at it- but even so, clashing with Lin Yi would only end badly for him. Fuck, whatever, I’ll have my revenge one day. I’ll pay you back tenfold one day, fucking Lin Yi!!

Using Kang Xiaobo’s words of courage was something Zhong Pinliang never expected to have happened.

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