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Chapter 522 - Probably Fine

"Lin Yi, have you finished with your business affairs?" Pengzhan asked in an anxious tone.

"I just finished up. What is it, Uncle Chu, is there something wrong?" Lin Yi asked.

"I think Pinliang has kidnapped Yaoyao; can you hurry back?" After experiencing his company's incident, Pengzhan was used to relying on Lin Yi.. Whenever he couldn't solve a problem, he'd look for Lin Yi's help. He had asked Uncle Fu to investigate and followed him, but no clues were found. Pinliang didn't interact with Mengyao at all. Uncle Fu didn't know where Pinliang was holding Mengyao.

Pengzhan did not report this to the police because of his daughter's reputation. He wanted to protect it, and there wasn't enough evidence to press charges against Pinliang. Besides, Pinliang had Cihua behind him,, which made Pengzhan refrain from acting.

This battle was supposed to be determined in the shadows. Reporting to the police was futile. It wouldn't solve the problem. Pengzhan had no confidence and couldn't guarantee that he'd beat Cihua, because he was representing an overpowered family! Even if the battle only involved Cihua and Gubang like last time, Pengzhan couldn't do anything to Cihua.

"Kidnapped?" Lin Yi was startled. He was shocked that Pinliang was this bold! He didn't know that the kid was so daring, even resorting to kidnapping. "Did you file a police report?" Lin Yi asked.

"No, Fabai joined Cihua recently and got to know a more powerful person who's backing him. As I am now, being their opponent is impossible." Pengzhan did not try to hide anything and honestly revealed everything to him.

"Cihua again? Lin Yi frowned. This guy was troubling him again. After losing two golden class masters, he still didn't learn his lesson. Lin Yi would have killed him in a second if he hadn't been looking for a couple of peaceful days.

"Are you sending me out?" Lin Yi asked.

"Yes, you know Pinliang and Yaoyao better. It'd be best if you can find Yaoyao without alerting them!" Pengzhan said, "Things are complicated. I'll brief you when you get here."

"OK, I'll be back tonight," Lin Yi replied.

After Lin Yi hung up, Xiaoxiao asked, "Are you going back already? I heard you said kidnap, who was kidnapped?"

"Let's return home first. I don't know the details either." Lin Yi waved his hand.: "I'll be leaving now."

"Aren't you waiting for my dad to return? He really wanted to meet his son-in-law." Xiaoxiao didn't want Lin Yi to leave so soon. This was her only opportunity, even though they were closer now. But things would surely change when they get back to school.

"Not now." Lin Yi didn't have time to worry about Xiaoxiao.

Although Lin Yi had no reason to protect Mengyao, he couldn't just ignore her, could he? However, he wasn't sure why was he sent to guard Mengyao! He had no clue what he was supposed to be doing.

He had asked Pengzhan a few times, but Pengzhan only gave him ambiguous answers with no real meaning. And Mengyao's answer would surely be that he was her shield! Of course, Lin Yi didn't believe that his mission was that easy but he had no choice.

So, Lin Yi was like a butler to them, helping Pengzhan with his  company, assisting the young miss's daily life, to taking care of the young miss's best friend, Yushu. He stretched his helping hand out to all of them! He was even taking on the role of the young women's nanny, sometimes their bodyguard, and even a fighter at school!

But as time passed, Lin Yi got used to it. This mission sure was complicated. He felt that he had done nothing at all but was busy all the time! If his old man didn't say that this mission would earn him enough that he would never have to work again in his lifetime, he would have quit this job long ago.

The girl really needed to be taken care of. Lin Yi couldn't just leave her while something bad was happening to her! Because this was no longer about who was his employer anymore now that he was friends with the girls and had feelings for them. They were all living under the same roof, and if they were in danger, Lin Yi would lend a helping hand toward them.

The auction had ended, but business still needed to be settled, especially the buyers and the sellers. Both had to stay behind.

After Lin Yi bade farewell to Xuemin and Fatty Lai, he flew back to Songshan. The plane tickets for economy class were fully booked. Only business class was left, but the ticket was booked by Uncle Fu himself.

After touching down, Lin Yi saw Uncle Fu waiting him at the entrance of the airport.

"Uncle Fu!" Lin Yi walked faster.

"Mr. Lin, it must have been a long journey!" Uncle Fu said apologetically. "Sorry you had to hurry back."

"No worries, Yaoyao is in trouble. I have to come back." Lin Yi didn't think that Uncle Fu would react this way. In fact, Lin Yi was feeling guilty for leaving Yaoyao. If he didn't leave, Yaoyao wouldn't be in a trouble. It was all his fault! Although Pengzhan didn't say that he had to be Yaoyao's bodyguard, being a follower was enough, and being a follower was the reason his job was so complicated.

"Mr. Chu has been waiting for you. This way, please." Uncle Fu didn't say much. He knew it wasn't his place.

Uncle Fu's Bentley was parked in the airport's parking lot. To Lin Yi's surprise, Pengzhan was waiting him in the car. It seemed like he was rather anxious and impatient to meet Lin Yi.

"Lin Yi, listen to this recording." Pengzhan opened the door and handed him an audio recording pen.

Lin Yi nodded, pressed the button, and heard Pinliang instantly. "Hello, Uncle Chu…."

This was recorded when Pinliang paid a visit to his office. This was the only evidence Pengzhan had. He didn't needed to explain the whole situation as the recording pen was doing a good job of it.

After listening to the recording, he furrowed his brows! Pinliang had the balls to touch Mengyao?

"Uncle Chu, what are you saying?" Lin Yi had to learn of Pengzhan's plan first.

"Uncle Fu investigated into this. Yaoyao wasn't in Pinliang's house, and his movements are totally normal, going to school and back home," Pengzhan said. "I thought that he'd at least meet Yaoyao, but he didn't."

"Ha… then Yaoyao is probably fine." Lin Yi remained silent for a while before a smile blossomed across his face.

"Oh? Why do you say that?" Pengzhan was taken aback. He didn't expect Lin Yi to be so certain.

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