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Chapter 551 - You Have To Compensate Me

House Yu was very unhappy with House Kang's actions. They were basically threatening House Yu to accept them as a noble house with their few achievements, but now they were no longer a threat! The last resort that House Kang was so proud of was nothing to the Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company. What made them think that they were qualified to be upgraded?

On the other hand, if Xuemin wanted to join the nobility, House Yu would no doubt take the initiative in helping him, and he might even make it as the fifth major noble house! Clearly, the importance of the Miracle Doctor was very crucial in society.

"We have thirty ready products and fifty presale items. The price of the ready products is 2,999,000 yuan; as for the presale items, it's 2 million each! And it's on a first come, first serve basis!" The auctioneer introduced the rules of the bidding.

Everyone was very familiar with this type of auction. All of them had a table in front of them with a red button on it. When the auctioneer declared the start of bidding, they could press the button to bid for the item. Those who were fast with their hands got their item first.

Of course, under these conditions, no one would offend others by pressing the button many times in a row! Normally they'd follow societal standards giving priority to the rich businessmen and people with high status in the social standing, then the remaining ones would bid fairly following the rules.

This unbelievably shocking price made the two rich businessmen look like idiots for buying the presale items for over 10 million yesterday! They had wasted so much money for the presale items, and here people were, selling it at only 2,999,000 for ready products! Of course, the price was also increased by Fatty Lai at the last minute.

The ones who failed to get the items yesterday felt relieved and fortunate at the same time. They were glad that they didn't act impulsively and fight until the end, or else they'd the ones crying!

House Kang was so stunned their jaws dropped! None of them expected the Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company to bring out thirty ready products with fifty presale items. They were very ashamed of themselves after hearing the news!

They were still acting mysterious yesterday, taking out only two presale items to auction. But now they were mass producing the product? Was this the difference in tiers between the two houses? It was no doubt a total disgrace!

"F*cker, why are these people still selling presale items when they didn't get the Millenium Snow Lotus yesterday? Where are they getting it from?" Guifeng couldn't contain himself anymore as he cursed. He wanted to throw colourful profinities at them. Wasn't this too much of a humiliation? He felt like his face was on fire!

Miracle Doctor Kang remained silent but his face said all they needed to know: he was in a very bad mood, almost reaching to the pits of despair.

But Zhaolong only frowned for a while before suddenly smiling and saying, "Grandpa, Dad, did you guys forget what I said just now? If they're so eager to lose their money, let the. We'll just watch quitely! All we have to do is continue doing a good job and let them do whatever they want. If they can hold on until the next year, then let's make them hemorrhage money until the next auction!"

After listening to Zhaolong, Miracle Doctor Kang and Guifeng slapped their thighs at the same time! Realization dawned upon them! Zhaolong was right. If they were so eager to lose their money, let them be. They couldn't do anything to interfere anyway. They could only wait for the end and be the one with the last laugh!

After giving it some thought, the Kangs settled down and looked around with heavy hearts. The people around them were fighting for the item in a frenzy. They thought to themselves, Go ahead, buy more. It will no longer be that price next year!

The auction ended. The Kangs felt miserable and uncomfortable, because the nobility had lost their passion for them. They were greeting them passionately yesterday, but after today's auction ended, no one cared to even greet them anymore. This made them gloomy.

Although they had predicted this, they were still sad at their reactions. This was a normal feeling for anyone to have when they were being treated in this manner.

"So you guys actually have something akin to Skin Beautifying Golden Creation, huh?!" This was the first thing Xiaoxiao said after waking up and blinking her big, bright eyes. She was very hyper and exhilarated with the last part of the auction and seemed to have forgotten about the feeling up from earlier.

Lin Yi was relieved naturally when Xiaoxiao wasn't mentioning it, but he wasn't sure how to answer her, so he replied ambiguously, "It's nothing like that."

"Oh, I know. It's Special Edition Injury Medicine." Xiaoxiao nodded.

"Do you want one?" Lin Yi asked after hesitated.

"I don't want it. Being pretty is useless; it can't even extend my life." Xiaoxiao was uninterested with what normal girls were interested in. "Don't you think of getting on my good side by giving me a box of stupid Injury Medicine. That can't cancel out what you did to me!"

"Ahem…" Lin Yi was shocked. It sounded like Xiaoxiao hadn't forgotten about that!

"What? I'm talking about you peeing all over me!" Xiaoxiao looked at Lin Yi and asked curiously, "What did you think I was talking about? Was it when you peeked on while I was showering, or perhaps when you groped my breasts?"

"Eh?" Lin Yi's eyes went wide like his tail was stepped on, almost jumping to his feet! Xiaoxiao's word choice was always so bad! What if Tang Yin heard her? he wouldn't be convinced that easily even if Lin Yi tried to explain!

"Huh? You touched my boobs and won't even admit?" Xiaoxiao glared at Lin Yi.

"Not at all. I was just trying to save you when I entered the bathroom." Lin Yi said calmly, "If you want to threaten me with this, you can."

"How about just now? You touched me accidentally, huh?" Xiaoxiao asked.

"That was on purpose." Lin Yi nodded, not trying to hide the truth.

"Now you admit? Hmph!" Xiaoxiao felt cocky. She finally had something to threaten Lin Yi.

"So what?" Lin Yi shrugged, but he knew that what he did wasn't morally right.

"Nothing, I'll just go back and tell Tang Yin that you touched me!" Xiaoxiao threatened.

"She isn't going to believe you, you have no evidence," Lin Yi said.

"I do, I took a picture of it." Xiaoxiao took her phone out cockily.

Lin Yi was getting a headache but still stared at Xiaoxiao coldly. "I don't like when people threaten me."

"Serious mode, how boring!" Xiaoxiao saw that Lin Yi was getting serious, so she put away her phone. "Fine then, I won't threaten you. You have to at least compensate me, right? I was a virgin, you know. I'm no longer pure now that you've touched me!"

"You are still a virgin!" Lin Yi was annoyed. How was this counted as impure?

"I don't care, I'm impure now, you have to compensate me!" Xiaoxiao threw a tantrum and made herself sound as soft and as sweet as possible.

"Compensate…" Lin Yi couldn't refuse this time and said, "What do you want for compensation?"

"Let me think!" Xiaoxiao was acting nothing was wrong, but she felt exuberant on the inside. Xiaobo was right; Lin Yi was weak to the soft approach. She failed to threaten him, but acting pitibalefor a little was all she needed to make Lin Yi fall for it.

Then Lin Yi's phone rang and he gestured to Xiaoxiao, signaling her to wait as he answered the call. "Uncle Chu?"

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