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Chapter 553 - Solving It Calmly

"From the way the spoke in the recording, I don't think that Pinliang has done anything to Yaoyao yet." Lin Yi knew Pinliang's personality better than Pengzhan. "He was probably just testing your reaction! Besides, the moment he was about to take his leave, he even reminded you to think thoroughly a few times."

"Indeed!" Pengzhan wasn't dumb. He realized the key point of this whole conversation after Lin Yi pointed it out. "You're right, Pinliang is rather cunning. He was just testing my reaction! Yaoyao is probably fine, but if I had recognized him as my son-in-law, he'd have taken action already. On the other hand, if I disagreed and wanted everyone to lose, he would surely abandon his plan…. But he did say that he'll be OK in jail, why?"

"He was just taking big." Lin Yi snarled, "Even though if he knows that stupid Li Cihua and Master Bing, I highly doubt that Li Cihua would stand up for him."

Ever since Lin Yi finished off Cihua's two golden class masters, Cihua had clearly quieted down by  huge margin. Lin Yi could imagine Cihua's feelings for him. They'd be a mixture of hatred and fear, yet he couldn't do anything to Lin Yi.

So when Lin Yi was around, Cihua wouldn't be stupid enough to find trouble for himself. Pinliang was just using Cihua's name to act tough.

Pengzhan nodded. "The spectator sees the chess game better! I see, so Zhong Pinliang is actually waiting for my answer because there's no point for him to meet Yaoyao when I was still hesitating!"

"Probably." Lin Yi nodded.

"Does that mean that whatever decision I take, he'll still go for Yaoyao? In that case, we can just tail him to find out where Yaoyao is," Pengzhan said.

"Yeah, but this kid is still a nuisance when he's around, why not take this opportunity to…" Lin Yi stopped.

"If he hasn't done anything to Yaoyao yet, we can't prosecute him." Pengzhan shook his head while smiling wryly.  

"How about an accident?" Lin Yi asked lightly.

"An accident…" Pengzhan understood what Lin Yi meant. There was only three people in the car, and they were his trusted allies, so Pengzhan said truthfully, "It might be an accident, but Fabai will surely consider me the cause of that accident. The present Pengzhan Industries isn't ready to make enemies yet."

Pengzhan was afraid of Cihua. If Pinliang died, Fabai would go insane and ask for help from Cihua. They were business partners so it was hard to say if Cihua would just ignore them after getting enough benefits from Fabai. Although Pengzhan's status wasn't low, Li Cihua was Songshan's head underworld boss. If they faced off, the result wouldn't be pretty.

"OK." Lin Yi smiled coldly and thought of a plan. "I'll make this accident unrelated to us."

If this were a typical assassination, Lin Yi wouldn't care about that much, but now that Lin Yi had decided to retire to this place, he couldn't just act impulsively, could he? Killing Pinliang was easy. He wasn't scared of it in the slightest, but if he brought about unnecessary problems for Pengzhan, then he would have failed.

"Great." Pengzhan had confidence in Lin Yi, knowing that he'd do his best to accomplish his mission. "Let's talk about Yaoyao and Shu then. Shall we contact Pinliang now so that we can follow him to where he's holding them?"

"No need, I think I have a rough idea of where the misses are." Lin Yi smiled.

"Oh? Where are they?" Pengzhan was startled. He didn't know that Lin Yi could determine the location of Mengyao and Yushu.

"Mt. Shuangyan." Lin Yi said, "Shu sent me a message yesterday, saying that they were heading to Mt. Shuangyan. At the time, I thought they were fine but now that you mention it, I think they're being held there."

"Shall we go there now?" Afte learning where his daughter was, he jumped to his feet and crashed his head against the ceiling before he realized they were still in the car. He said to Uncle Fu, "Go to Mt. Shuangyan immediately!"

Mengyao and Yushu woke up one after the other. Yaoyao's piercing scream jolted Yushu awake.

Yushu was still confused when she woke up and rubbed her eyes and said foggily, "Yaoyao sis, why are you screaming? Did you have a nightmare? It's still the middle of the night, it's dark out; let me sleep for a little more!"

"Shu, wake up, we aren't at home!" Mengyao shook Yushu, worried and trying to get her to come to he senses.

"Huh?" Yushu finally broke out of the haze after being shaken and said in shock, "What… is this place? Why is it so dark? Why can't I see you?"

"I don't know either. The moment I woke up, we were already here." Mengyao wasn't that scared with Yushu right next to her. "Initially, I had also thought that we were at home, but then I touched the rocky ground! And our phones disappeared; we're totally cut off from the outside world."

Yushu touched the floor and patted her pockets. It was exactly as Mengyao said. The ground was rocky and her phone was gone. But she was a little braver than Mengyao in the dark and said, "Yaoyao sis, didn't we come to this cave with Pinliang? Could it be that we're still in the cave?"

Realization dawned on Mengyao as she remembered the events leading up to this point. Right, they came to this cave with Pinliang, but she couldn't remember what happened next. Could it be that they had encountered something in the cave?

"Are Pinliang and his friend here?" Mengyao asked.

"I don't know, I don't see them around. Why don't we get to our feet and look around?" Yushu was born bold and wasn't scared.

"Umm…." Mengyao wanted to agree to Yushu's suggestion, but she was a little afraid. Mengyao most feared the unknown in the dark. Although she knew there was nothing there, the unknown still frightened her.

"Then, Yaoyao sis, wait me here, I'll get up and look around." Yushu spoke with a laidback attitude, but she was still a girl. She wasn't completely fearless, just a little braver.

"Let's go together then…." Mengyao was even more scared of Yushu leaving her alone.

Mengyao clutched Yushu's hand as the two of them explored the cave in the dark. Soon they found that they were trapped in a tiny space! There was only rock walls and a door, a metal security door, but it was shut tight. Yushu tried to push the door and turn the knob, but the door didn't budge. It was locked.

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