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Chapter 550 - Xuemin Goes Overboard

"Either way, buying it at high price or from an alternate source, they will fail to cover their costs!" Zhaolong smiled. "Since House Kang has already secured all the channels and they are still able to get the ingredients, what does this mean? It means they are buying high to obtain the materials. They were forced to squeeze resources out from other places! So their profit will never cover their cost. Our Golden Creation's cost is around 150, and they're selling it at 199. After excluding the cost, channel fee, and the retailer's profit, what's left for them? Nothing, they can just barely cover the cost! And this was calculated with our expenses. If it's according to their high cost calculation, they will never earn from this!"

"Yeah! Their price is way too low!" Guifeng also figured out the problem.

"So all of us should just sit down and enjoy the show!" Zhaolong smirked. "I think our opponent is from a very rich organization and has gotten Xuemin's support, so he wanted to become popular, but since we have already occupied the market, their only choice to beat us in the market is by selling their medicine at a lower price. On the other hand, for us to get back control, we just need to lower our price, which will cause them lower their price and force us to follow. So the cycle will be repeated! Their involvement will only make the ingredients more expensive and our cost will increase unavoidably. Once House Kang is out of money to continue this cycle, we will be done for! This is one of the tactics used by the businessman, I wouldn't say that this tactic is ineffective… in fact, many have fallen for this tactic!"  

"Well said, Zhaolong. We shouldn't impulsively try to beat them and reduce the price of our medicine. Our opponents are just luring us into their trap so they can kill us! Since our opponents have decided to beat us by losing money, let's see how long can they last if we stay away from their trap!" Miracle Doctor Kang said.

"Son, your analysis is on point. I can't say that I'm not impressed! They're destined to be unlucky for eight years for choosing you as their opponent!" Guifeng was astounded by his own son.

"Dad, you're complimenting me too much…" Although Zhaolong said this, he was feeling very cocky. He was able to see through his opponent's cunning scheme like he was the guy behind the scenes. He was able to see things that others couldn't.

Of course, under normal circumstances, Zhaolong's analysis wasn't wrong. It was absolutely right instead but this case wasn't normal.

"This time, the Special Edition Injury Medicine we are selling are obviously different from the ones you found in the market." Fatty Lai said, "This special edition has the effect of the Injury Medicine and as well as a skin beautifying effect! Our Injury Medicine is good at healing injuries without leaving any scars while our Special Edition Injury Medicine can heal old scars with new skin and remove the scars completely! Of course, this is just one of the main effects, there's still a lot of supporting effects like improving the texture of your skin, improving your skin color, removing black spots, shrinking pores and more…"

The auction hall became awkward. The crowd fell silent for a while before springing back to life!

This Special Edition Injury Medicine had the same effect as the Skin Beautifying Golden Creation from yesterday! What on earth was happening? Such a coincidence happening in the auction two days in a row? Two days, two houses, two different medicine companies were bringing out the same item as the finale for the auction. The similarity was impressively shocking!

The faces House Kang's people turned angry! Miracle Doctor Kang's expression turned unsightly. He was sure his brother must have seen the recipe and told Xuemin! Otherwise, there was no way this would be happening. It was just that they didn't know the name of the medicine and called it Special Edition Injury Medicine instead!

"They are obviously fighting with House Kang now!" Guifeng turned scary. "No wonder they were also fighting for the Millenium Snow Lotus yesterday. So they actually knew the effect of the herb as well! But why didn't they continue to fight? And they still have the balls to auction their medicine? Aren't they afraid of not having any stock?"

"If I'm not mistaken, they might have gotten a Millenium Snow Lotus before!" Miracle Doctor Kang said. "This herb is rather rare, but it was not hard to get! Didn't we just obtain one yesterday? And with Xuemin's reputation, getting this herb wouldn't have even been hard!"

"Grandpa, what about our promotion?" Zhaolong started to panic. He cared about the promotion the most.

"Things have changed!" Miracle Doctor Kang was a little worried, but he didn't have a choice. No one asked for this tragedy and he didn't expect that it'd happen to them.

"No wonder House Yu was looking at us weirdly yesterday. They were already informed about this event beforehand! And, they didn't reveal it to us. They are obviously shaming us in public!" Zhaolong's eyes filled with hatred. If House Kang was unable to upgrade, then their future would not be guaranteed.

"Xuemin has gone overboard this time!" Guifeng sneered. "Let's see who's the ultimate champion in the near future!"

After the introduction, Fatty Lai left the stage for the auctioneer! In fact, the auction wasn't needed anymore because Fatty Lai had suggested Lin Yi increase the quantity of the medicine after the yesterday's incident. Fatty Lai even offered his ten bottles to be added to the auction. He even recommended Lin Yi to add another fifty preorders like House Kang. This action was mainly just to attack House Kang! Since they were enemies!

Fatty Lai had thought that he would have to waste a lot of time to persuade Lin Yi with reasons, but the moment Lin Yi heard the word "revenge," he accepted the recommendation! Helping his bro Xiaobo get revenge was something that Lin Yi wouldn't reject! Lin Yi was very pleased with Fatty Lai, who offered his ten bottles voluntarily! Lin Yi slowly started to accept Fatty Lai and include him as part of his group.

Fatty Lai was able to look at the bigger picture-. There was nothing he couldn't get if the person he was following was Lin Yi. So he generously offered his belongings and started to make connections with House Yu. House Yu couldn't contain their joy when they heard that Fatty Lai was adding more Special Edition Injury Medicine to the auction. Other than earning more profit from the auction, they could even get away from House Kang's threat!

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