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Chapter 544 - Pinliang's Support

"I did it, there's nothing to be afraid of," Pinliang lied. "Uncle Chu, since you know, I'll tell you everything, just accept me as your son-in-law, as you have no choice! I did it without a condom, so even if you as the grandfather don't accept the baby, my dad would love to have a grandchild!"

"If you had the balls to do it and come to my office, aren't you afraid that I'll send you to the police station?" Pengzhan couldn't tell if Pinliang was telling the truth or lying, but he was deeply offended. He wasn't even this offended when Gubang tried to take over his company! He was rather regretful and sorrowful at the time, but right now he wanted to choke Pinliang to death!

"Hehe, I knew that you wouldn't do that!" Pinliang shook his head. "Uncle Chu, you're famous throughout Songshan, and Pengzhan Industries is one of the Fortune 500 companies, so many people have their eyes set on you. I believe that you, Uncle Chu, won't embarrass yourself! Besides, feeding a girl aphrodisiac or the so-called love drug, my crime will only make me sit in the jail for few years at most…. But the point is that you can't find any evidence. Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that my dad is working with Cihua and Master Bing now. I think Master Bing won't ignore my imprisonment, right?"

Uncle Chu had, of course, heard of "Master Bing" before. The deal made by Gubang and Cihua was all because of this "Master Bing!" "Master Bing" was the bastard son of the head of one of the noble houses. The noble house had enormous influence in society. "Master Bing" alone was very strong, which was why Pengzhan did not take action against him after knowing that he was the ringleader of the whole scheme!

Even fighting against Cihua, Pengzhan would lose very badly, let alone when the person was Master Bing. Pengzhan was in legitimate business. He held no power or authority over the underworld people like Cihua and and did not intend to join them.

Pengzhan started to wonder. When did Pinliang's father get connections with Master Bing? Which part of Fabai did Master Bing value?

Pinliang noticed the change in expression on Pengzhan's face. He felt full of himself and continued mocking, "Uncle Chu, consider well before answering me! Let me tell you, if you sue me, I'll be going to the jail, which is full of Cihua's people, and I'll enjoy my life there! But for you, you will have offended Cihua and delayed Master Bing's plan. Not much needs to be said. You know the consequences!"

"I don't care who you are! If you hurt my daughter, I'll gladly sacrifice everything to make you pay!" Pengzhan glared at Pinliang. He wasn't keen to do things this way, but for his daughter, he was ready to surrender everything.

"What's the point? I'm not even an embarrassment as your son-in-law. Since the deeds been done, why don't you just accept me and agree to our engagement!" Pinliang calmly advised, "My dad is no longer the normal showbiz CEO he was before. My family has a strong patron backing us up and it's not even inferior to House Chu! What do you think? Aren't I speaking reasonably?"

"Not at all!" Chu PengZhan said coldly, "If you really did it with Yaoyao, even with your patron, I'll make you pay. I don't joke!"

"I-Is that necessary?" Pinliang was afraid to look into Uncle Chu's eyes and gave our a hollow laugh. "You should know that your daughter is no longer a virgin. If you still insist, you'll only ruin your reputation as well as Yaoyao's! She's taken a liking to me, and if you'd open your eyes and look at your situation, I'd still respect you as my father-in-law! Otherwise, we can continue this fight!"

"Sure, I would like to see who's coming to cover for you! Is it Cihua or Master Bing?" Pengzhan said slowly.

Pinliang started to panic. Why was Pengzhan so stubborn? He thought that businessmen would prioritize their profits and not make enemies! It was best for him to follow Pinliang in order to achieve a win-win scenario, so why was he trying to sabotage things and sink both ships?

But he acted normal and asked, "Uncle Chu, you've decided to sue me?"

"Let me think about it, you can go home." Pengzhan stopped threatening him and dismissed him with a wave of his hand.

Pengzhan's attitude confused Pinliang. What did he mean? Did he accept or reject me? Why was he suddenly asking me to leave?

"Um…" Pinliang knew that with Pengzhan ordering him to leave, he insisted on staying, it would only raise Pengzhan's suspicion. He guessed that Pengzhan was indecisive with the problem and win-win scenario that was suddenly brought up to him. He was probably balancing the losses and profits of sinking both ships or accepting him as the son-in-law!

Pinliang let out a sigh of relief thinking that he still had a chance and said, "OK, think carefully, Uncle Chu. If you must send me to the jail, then think of your consequences!"

Pengzhan remained silent, so Pinliang had no choice but to get out of his seat. He couldn't proceed with his plan with Pengzhan's attitude. He had thought that if Chu PengZhan accepted him, he would immediately go to the cave and have sex with Mengyao. But if Pengzhan refused, he would release Mengyao straight away and trust Pengzhan. He wouldn't do anything against him if Yaoyao returned to him safe and sound!

If Mengyao was returned safe and sound and Pengzhan still held a grudge, his actions would be intolerable and unacceptable. Master Bing and Cihua wouldn't be happy about it! This was one of the reasons he was brave enough to kidnap Yaoyao. After meeting Cihua and Master Bing, he had gotten bolder.

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