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Chapter 545 - Uncle Fu's True Strength

"Mr. Zhong, this way." Uncle Fu gestured.

Pinliang nodded, remaining silent as he walked out of the office. He doubted Uncle Fu would send him back, and he didn't want to make a fool of himself by asking.

"Follow him! Find out about Yaoyao," Pengzhan ordered as soon as Pinliang left.

"Yes, Mr. Chu!" Uncle Fu nodded and left. He called out to the nearby Pinliang, " Mr. Zhong Pinliang, let me send you back."

Pinliang was overjoyed. What did this mean? Did this mean that Pengzhan was reconciling? Pinliang was delighted. He thought that the possibility of Pengzhan agreeing was greater now and was full of confidence!  

"Then I'll be troubling Uncle Fu." Pinliang was acting like Pengzhan's son-in-law already.

Uncle Fu wouldn't comment on it and went downstairs with him and got into the car. "Mr. Zhong, where are we heading?"

"Home!" Pinliang thought, I can't let him see that something's wrong. "Yaoyao's still waiting me at home, so I have to return soon. If she's hungry, I need to cook some instant noodles for her!"

"Oh, since Ms. Chu is at your house and hasn't eaten, follow me to the hotel for takeout," Uncle Fu said. "I've been getting it every day for her."

"Sure then, I'll take it." Pinliang nodded and was happy that his dinner was ready.

After obtaining the dinner from the Pengzhan Hotel, Uncle Fu sent Pinliang to his villa. As Uncle Fu was about to follow Pinliang into the villa, he was blocked by Pinliang.

"Mr. Zhong, I have to see Ms. Chu and ask her if she has any needs. It's dark now, and I'm afraid that going back home is impossible. I need to buy her some toiletries," Uncle Fu explained.

"Oh, that's not needed!" Pinliang wouldn't let Uncle Fu in. What if he went up and couldn't find Mengyao? Then the cat would be out of the bag. He waved his hand and said, "Uncle Fu, Yaoyao must be naked now, it's not very appropriate for you to go up!"

"Oh, I'll let you go first. Ask her to get dressed?" Uncle Fu suggested.

"This… Her body wasn't ready. You know how a girl's first time goes, it's inconvenient for them!" Pinliang explained, "Besides, I've got soap and shampoo for her, she can use mine!"

"Is that so. Never mind then, you may go up." Uncle Fu handed the takeout to Pinliang and got back in the car.

Pinliang took the food, dashed to his room, and went to his window. He was relieved after seeing that Uncle Fu's car was not there anymore and thought, Finally, he's gone. I was so close to failing, luckily I'm smart! Otherwise, all my efforts would've been wasted!

All he had to do was stall for two days, wait for Pengzhan's final decision, and then everything would be over. Pinliang opened the takeout box and found out that the food was rather sumptuous and started gulping it down.

In actuality, Uncle Fu leaving was ruse. He did not actually leave, but drove and parked around the corner. He got out of the car and hid behind a transformer box.

He looked at the second floor windows and saw that Pinliang was still there. He gave a sigh of relief. He was afraid that Pinliang would have already left, but Pinliang didn't seem to want to leave immediately.

He wasn't sure if this was because of caution or some other reason.

He reported the current situation to Pengzhan and stayed hidden behind the transformer box, waiting for Pinliang's next move. The point of him being sent here by Pengzhan was so that he could discover what happened to Mengyao and Yushu.

Pengzhan didn't believe that Pinliang was stupid enough to leave Mengyao and Yushu at his own house. He would be digging his own grave doing so. It was all a lie created by Pinliang.

Pengzhan and Uncle Fu were just unsure if Pinliang had done anything to Mengyao! So he sent Uncle Fu to tail Pinliang and find out where they were being held so that they could be rescued.

On the other hand, Pinliang wasn't stupid enough to alert his enemy. Although, he saw that Uncle Fu's Bentley was no longer there, he wouldn't just go to the cave. It was useless to go to the cave before Pengzhan made up his mind. Besides, there was enough water and food in the cave for the girls to survive, so Pinliang wasn't going to risk it.

After finishing dinner, Pinliang watched some horror movies and went to sleep. Fabai was busy discussing their coming project with Master Bing and Cihua, so he didn't have the chance to return home. A golden opportunity to establish a relationship with them was hard to obtain, so how would he let it slip by?

Uncle Fu noticed that the lights in Pinliang's villa go dark, but he didn't take rash action. Instead, he waited for an hour, making sure that he had really fallen asleep before sneaking into his villa. He climbed up to Pinliang's window and spied inside. He only saw Pinliang sleeping alone on a single bed. There was no one else inside the house.

Uncle Fu concluded that his assumption was correct. Mengyao wasn't confined in his house, but he wasn't a 100 percent sure either, so he was prepared to sneak into the villa and search, just in case he was wrong.

Uncle Fu being a golden class external master was not known by others except Pengzhan. In fact, even Pengzhan himself didn't know how much strength Uncle Fu had recovered. He wasn't told about the concept of class division!   

Uncle Fu held the power of a late phase golden class master, but if an external master wanted to break through to the mystic class, it required a suitable moment. So a mystic class martial arts master like Gonggao was few and far between.

Since Uncle Fu only focused on his body, the energy inside his body was no different from normal people, so even Lin Yi didn't notice his true strength! Only when Uncle Fu used his strength could Lin Yi sense his true strength.

However, Uncle Fu had never showed his strength in front of Lin Yi, which was why Lin Yi was still ignorant of Uncle Fu's true strength

It wasn't a hard task for a late phase golden class master to search for movement in the villa. Uncle Fu completed his search and discovered that there was a hidden chamber behind the closet in Baifa's room.

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