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Chapter 543 - Two Possibilities

"Sh-She's at my house! I told you, Yaoyao and I are in a relationship," Pinliang clamped down and said calmly. He knew that he should stop lowering his head, or else it'd all be over.

"Relationship? What relationship?" Pengzhan asked.

"Boyfriend and girlfriend!" Pinliang made himself appear comfortable. "What do you think a guy-girl  relationship can be?"

"Why is she at your house? Why didn't she come with you?" Pengzhan still didn't believe Pinliang.

"She… she was tired and fell asleep! You know, girls can't move all that well after their first time!" Pinliang said shyly. "First, she's shy, and second, I was afraid that she couldn't move very well, so I let her sleep over at my house."

"Oh, really?" Pengzhan's frown grew deeper. He didn't believe that his daughter would sleep with any random guy! Although she was an adult, she wouldn't just do it. Even if her daughter did it with Lin Yi, Pengzhan would still suspect things, not to mention that this was Pinliang! Unless his daughter was drugged! Wait a minute… drugs? Did Pinliang use this dirty trick? Pengzhan was furious and swore to use all his assets to kill this kid if he really did that!

Pinliang felt guilty after seeing Pengzhan's angry face and said, "Uncle Chu, don't worry. She's fine, just a little tired and went to sleep…"

"Then tell me, when did you guys get together? How did my daughter agree?" Pengzhan found it ridiculous! He was a veteran businessman and an expert at reading facial expressions.

Pengzhan could notice if something was wrong when facing an old fox in the industry, much les Pinliang, who was just a pretty boy high school student. He could easily tell that Pinliang was lying from the start!

Of course, this lie had only two possibilities, and Pengzhan wasn't sure which one! The better one was that his daughter was totally fine and Pinliang was bluffing. The worse one was that Pinliang was telling a half-truth. He really did it with Yaoyao, but with disreputable methods.

"Uncle Chu, you know that I've been chasing Yaoyao for some time! And we're about to graduate soon. So I thought it was a good opportunity to confess before it was too late!" Pinliang knew that Pengzhan might ask this question, so he had prepared ahead of time and said, "Just a few days back, on Arbor Day, I threw a night festival to confess my love! I used fireworks to form 'Yaoyao, I love you.' Everyone there that night can be my witnesses to prove it! Yaoyao was touched by my confession, accepted my love, and became my girlfriend that day!"

"Is that so?" Pengzhan saw that Pinliang was fluidily explaining and couldn't help but believe him a little. He believed that Pinliang really made a confession, but he was sure that his daughter didn't accept.

"Of course, Yaoyao was sobbing when she accepted me!" Pinliang said cockily, "I've been chasing her for three years, after all! Any girl would fall for me with a confession like that!"

"Oh, and you guys went to a hotel today?" Pengzhan nodded and asked.

"Hehe… not a hotel, but my house." Pinliang nodded shyly. "Uncle Chu, I believe you were the same as me, right? Since Yaoyao and I are officially a couple, let's just go with the flow. Don't worry, I wont run away from this responsibility!"

"Oh." Chu PengZhan nodded.

Just when Pinliang thought that he had Pengzhan's complete trust, Pengzhan asked, "Yaoyao and you went to have xxx and Shu went with you?"

"Ah? Uh...  Shu…" Pinliang began sweating! If Mengyao and him went to a hotel, where would Shu go? Pengzhan was starting to link Yushu into questioning as well.

Pinliang didn't include Yushu in his plan. He only wanted to bring Mengyao into the cave and lock her up! To his surprise, Mengyao did not ask Yushu to give them some privacy and let the curious Yushu follow them. Pinliang had no choice but to lock her up as well!

If not, Yushu might have reported this to Pengzhan already.

At first, Pinliang thought that locking Yushu up wasn't a big deal and wouldn't affect his plan much. But now that Pengzhan was asking, he knew that he was wrong. It wasn't that simple! Pengzhan would have looked for Yushu the moment Mengyao went missing!

Now that Yushu was also missing, his lie was starting to fall apart. He didn't need to bring Yushu along to have xxx with Mengyao. It was impossible to bring a third party along when doing such a thing! Could it be threesome? But after giving it some thoughts, he realized it was impossible.

Besides, he had no feelings for Yushu, how could he have a threesome with her. Was he trying to dig his own grave?

"What's wrong? Speechless? You didn't plan properly, did you? Nothing to say now?" Pengzhan snorted. Were you seriously presenting me your child's play? This was too easy!

"OK, since I'm exposed, that's great, I can stop lying now!" Pinliang showed his true colors without a care and went for broke. "I've kidnapped both of them! But rest easy, I won't hurt Shu and I love Mengyao.…"

"What did you do to Mengyao?" Pengzhan leapt to his feet. He didn't expect Pinliang to be this audacious, kidnapping both of them. He wasn't sure what Pinliang had done to his daughter.

"What? What can I do?" Pinliang said cockily since he had revealed his intentions. There was no point in playing nice now. "When a guy and a girl are together, what do you think they do? Uncle Chu?"

Pengzhan's face darkened. He really didn't see this coming from Pinliang and shouted, "You dare?"

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