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Chapter 542 - Son-in-Law

Uncle Fu didn't believe his lie in the slightest. He knew that Pinliang was lying, but he couldn't contact the young misses. Pinliang was his only clue, so he had to pretend he believed him.

So, Uncle Fu started the car and said to Pinliang, "Uncle Chu might still be at the company but let me make sure."

"Sure, call him!" Pinliang thought that Uncle Fu was in the palm of his hand, so he didn't care about the call. Calling now or later didn't matter. He was going to meet him anyway.

Uncle Fu nodded and called Pengzhan.

Pengzhan had a lot of free time recently. Gubang and Guangbo were kicked out of the company, and Lin Yi being the second largest shareholder made Pengzhan the only decision maker in all the meetings, from the board of directors to the shareholders meeting. Pengzhan was the only one deciding the fate of the company!

There was no small shareholders to object to Pengzhan! They knew what would happen if they objected to Pengzhan. They would be kicked out of the company like Gubang and Guangbo. None of them wanted to become the next target.

Pengzhan was in a shareholders meeting. No one was brave enough to turn on their phones or voice their disagreement during the meeting.

Glancing at the caller ID, he answered the call. "Li Fu, what is it? I'm in a meeting."

"Mr. Chu, Pinliang wants to meet you." Uncle Fu cut to the chase. " I think that the young miss is in his hands."

"What? Yaoyao is in Pinliang's hands?" Pengzhan was alarmed. How dare Pinliang kidnap his precious daughter! Everything went his way recently, but out of the blue, his daughter was kidnapped. He became furious.

Uncle Fu wanted to explain, but his phone was snatched away by Pinliang. "Just give me the phone, I'll talk to Uncle Chu!"

Uncle Fu did not resist and allowed him to take the phone away from him because he didn't know where was Yaoyao kidnapped to.

"Uncle Chu, it's Zhong Pinliang!" Pinliang spoke politely after taking the phone, because he thought that Uncle Chu was going to be his father-in-law soon.

"Pinliang, where is Yaoyao?" Pengzhan asked coldly, skipping any small talk.

"Uncle Chu, Yaoyao has just agreed to become my girlfriend, and she's at my house!" Pinliang said. "I'm coming over to discuss our engagement!"

"Yaoyao has just agreed?" Pengzhan was startled and frowned. "Come to my company now."

Pengzhan did not express his doubt because there was something he couldn't decide on the phone. It had to be face to face. He still wasn't sure what trick was this boy playing.

"OK, I'm coming now!" Pinliang heard Pengzhan did not suspect him and even invited him to his company. He thought that Pengzhan trusted his words. He got very excited and ordered Li Fu, "Did you hear that? Uncle Chu said to bring me to the company."

"Ok." Uncle Fu chose not to talk and took back his phone and put it away. He started driving to Pengzhan Industries.

Pinliang felt better than ever when he saw the Pengzhan Towers towering over him. he thought that he had became Pengzhan's official son-in-law, and since Uncle Chu didn't have a son, all his properties would be his soon. By this point, he determined that no matter what happened, he'd do anything to make Pengzhan accept him as his son-in-law!

Pengzhan was in the middle of his meeting, but he learned the news that his daughter was in trouble, so he lost all interest in the meeting and quickly ended it and returned to his office.

In truth, Pengzhan did not believe Pinliang in the slightest. If his daughter agreed now, she would have done so three years ago, so Pengzhan knew that the "agreed to become his girlfriend thing" was total bullshit.

Pengzhan wondered why Li Fu wasn't resisting. The only reason was that his daughter was gone! Uncle Fu must have waited, but his daughter wasn't at school and Pinliang came to him.

Pengzhan called both his daughter's and Yushu's phones, but he went straight to voicemail, so he concluded that his assumption was correct.

After much chaos and many obstacles, Pengzhan had become a steady man. Although he was frustrated, he didn't show it on his face, sitting down quietly and waiting for the arrival of Pinliang.

After approximately thirty minutes, Li Fu brought Pinliang into his office.

"Uncle Chu, how are you!" Pinliang said politely and bowed like he was his son-in-law.

"Zhong Pinliang, sit," Pengzhan said evenly, gesturing to the chair, and said to Li Fu, "Pour us some tea."

"How can I disturb Uncle Fu, I can do it myself!" Pinliang rejoiced. Could it be that Uncle Chu had accepted him? What was Uncle Fu to Uncle Chu? How could he allow Uncle Fu to pour him tea? He knew Uncle Fu through his uncle, Gubang, and learned that Uncle Fu was a powerful man in the company, even though he was just a chauffeur. He was Pengzhan's right hand man. Nobody would dare ask Uncle Fu to serve them tea, since he was the man who served Chu Pengzhan and Mengyao!

Now that Pengzhan was asking Uncle Fu to serve him tea, could it be that Pengzhan had accepted him as his son-in-law? Pinliang was getting excited. He didn't even say a word and Uncle Chu trusted him.

While he was still fantasizing, Pengzhan asked him coldly, "Did you kidnap my daughter?"

"Eh?" Pinliang was about to take the teacup from Li Fu but dropped it in shock. The cup crashed to the ground and shattered. "Uncle Chu… don't accuse people randomly, h-how could I commit such a crime?"

"That so? Then where's my daughter?" Pengzhan stared daggers at Pinliang. Pinliang was petrified as the death glare bored into his soul. He lowered his head, too afraid to look into Pengzhan's eyes.

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