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Chapter 529 - Buying a Makeup Compact

"Fatty Lai, did you do that on purpose? You're doing the same thing you did yesterday!" Guifeng can no longer remain calm and shot to his feet with a bang. House Kang was out of money. They might not have enough funds to afford the price of the herb now, even after selling the Golden Creations tonight!

Besides, House Kang couldn't go bankrupt because of purchasing the herb, could they?

Zhaolong sighed. He was too late to stop his father. But since his father had started the fight, they couldn't just sit back down like cowards. House Kang was ready to go all out for this battle!

"On purpose?" Fatty Lai felt wrongfully accused and decided to fight back as he stood up. "What a CEO of the Miracle Doctor Kang medicine company! Do you not know what an auction is? Anyone can fight for the item, you know?"

Zhaolong knew that it was time for him to stand up as a Kang. He couldn't just watch from the sidelines.

"Mr. Lai, my dad didn't mean that. He was just trying to ask if you have a valid reason for bidding for it. Can you tell us why you need it? This herb is very rare, but it's not needed in most medicinal recipes," Zhaolong said solemnly unlike his dad.

"For what?" Fatty Lai laughed. "Let me tell you, I tried to buy it for fun, OK? Why don't you tell me your reason?"

Zhaolong smirked. He was very pleased with Fatty Lai's reply. He could proceed to the next part of the plan! The moment Zhaolong stood up, he had everything planned out.

"Of course I can, Mr. Lai!" Zhaolong said proudly. "Although we're running a medicine company for a living, our motto is saving lives. Do you agree with me?"

Fatty Lai furrowed his brows. He didn't know what Zhaolong was trying to point out, but he didn't disagree.

"Mr. Lai, we're buying the herb to save lives! This herb was the only remaining main ingredient left for the medicine that we're using to save one of our patients." Zhaolong continued acting. "We might have conflicts, but I hope that as a fellow friend in the medical field, you can see that saving lives is our duty! If you're just having fun, let us have the herb, as we're using it to save our patient!

The auction hall fell silent! Zhaolong laughed coldly in his mind. You dare mess with me? You're too young, boy. What child play!

In fact, the whole crowd was siding with House Kang after that! Ultimately, House Kang was buying the herb to save lives. If Fatty Lai still fought for it, he would be awful. Fatty Lai was buying it for fun, while House Kang was buying it to save lives. It was two completely different things.

In the medical profession, they say to either help or do no harm. Fatty Lai should leave the herb to them or else he'd be letting someone die.

Of course, Zhaolong wasn't afraid that Fatty Lai would change his reason, because it was too late for that. Fatty Lai claiming the same excuse as House Kang would be too coincidental. Furthermore, he believed that Fatty Lai wouldn't do so as the crowd would despise them even more.


Fatty Lai frowned. He was thinking of giving up, so he didn't even have them in mind. He just said the first thing that came to mind. He never expected the Kang brat would be so devious and make him look like a terrible person!

Fatty Lai was quick-witted, but he had miscalculated! The blame wasn't on Fatty Lai actually, Lin Yi made him give up. This made Fatty Lai lose his fighting spirit.

"Who said that we're here for the millenium snow lotus?" Xiaoxiao didn't wait for Fatty Lai to reply and stood up instantly.

"Oh? Perhaps it was my bad?" Zhaolong smiled lightly but cursed in his head. Xiaoxiao wasn't a good person. She robbed Chengtian yesterday! She was shrewd!

"What are you talking? I only want the box!" Xiaoxiao pointed to the box on the stage. "I think that the box is nice, I want to get it as my compact! What's the deal with the herb anyway?"

The atmosphere in the auction hall turned awkward. Fatty Lai was just trying to please his girl and buy her a compact?

Zhaolong sneered on the inside. Spending 100 million for a compact? Who would believe her bullshit? Zhaolong knew that Xiaoxiao was cunning, so he didn't believe her at all!

From Zhaolong's perspective, Xiaoxiao was standing up for Fatty Lai! Because Fatty Lai would have to admit defeat and accept the humiliation if Xiaoxiao didn't stand up for him.

Xiaoxiao's action effectively proved that Fatty Lai wasn't fighting for revenge, and they only wanted to get the compact. She even saved face for Fatty Lai.

"Oh? You're just buying it for the compact? Ms. Xiaoxiao, your taste is rather unique!" Zhaolong was not Chengtian. How could he fall for such an obvious lie?

"Yeah, do you want to give it to me? I've finally found something I like!" Xiaoxiao smiled sweetly at Zhaolong. The cuteness of Xiaoxiao melted everyone's heart.  

Zhaolong snorted in his head. Playing tricks with me? That's futile! You think I'm Chengtian? It's not that easy, girl. Fine, Xiaoxiao, you came to me yourself. I'll teach you a lesson for spending my fifteen million yuan yesterday. You must think that I, Kang Zhaolong, am easy to bully, don't you?

Zhaolong had a plan in mind as he turned to Fatty Lai, doing his best to ignore Xiaoxiao. "So, Mr. Lai, you two actually want to buy the box? Not the herb?" Zhaolong asked.

"Yeah, I'm bidding for her for the box!" Fatty Lai replied as he caught on to Xiaoxiao's machinations, though his reply was a bit stilted because he didn't know the exact details.

The unnaturalness and lip service made Zhaolong even happier! Fatty Lai was slapping himself swollen in an effort to look imposing.1 Zhaolong wondered how fat Fatty Lai would be if his face was beaten until it swelled.

1. This means to do something beyond's one ability to look impressive; bite off more than you can chew

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