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Chapter 528 - I Have an Idea

After some time, the crowd realized that Fatty Lai was just getting revenge against House Kang. He never intended to buy that herb!

No one would raise the price the way Fatty Lai did. Even though they might be rich, they wouldn't do this for fun.

Guifeng's blood was starting to boil. When he was about to raise his paddle and bid 85 million, he was stopped by Zhaolong! Zhaolong was supposed to accompany Xinyan, but since his dream was about to come true, he decided to abandon Xinyan and join the auction!

"Zhaolong, what are you doing?" Guifeng frowned. "Did you not hear what your grandpa said? We must get that herb at all costs!"

"Of course, we must get it, Dad, but we need a strategy too!" Zhaolong said quickly. "You can't just keep blindly bidding! The price will approach an unreachable degree for us!"

"Oh?" Guifeng was getting impatient. "Just spill the beans, we aren't getting anywhere at this pace."

"Guifeng! Listen to Zhaolong! Let him do the job!" Miracle Doctor Kang had put all his confidence and trust in Zhaolong after yesterday's talk and the excellent performance he displayed this morning. He found out that Zhaolong was superior to his eldest son, Guifeng.

Guifeng shut his mouth after hearing that from his dad.

"86 million!" Zhaolong raised his paddle and explained, "We've been increasing the bid by only 5 million each time. This shows that we still have plenty of money. If they're just trolling us and we continue to increase by 5 million each time, they'll surely increase the price! So now that I only add another million, they might think that we're at our limit, unable to offer a higher price! Just like yesterday, when we weren't able to continue, they gave up instantly! So if they also want to have it at all costs, no matter if I increase my bid by 5 million or just 1 million, it's the same for them. Let's just sit and see their reaction!"

Guifeng knew this strategy, but he was hot-headed and forgot to apply it. After listening to his son's explanation, he learned he was indeed a little impulsive!

On the other hand, Miracle Doctor Kang was very pleased at how calm and effective his grandson was at resolving the problem and handling business. His ability had surpassed every member in House Kang.

"100 million!" Fatty Lai said, revealing his limit.

"This…" Zhaolong never thought that Fatty Lai wanted it that much. He had shown Fatty Lai that they were in dire straits. By rights, Fatty Lai would stop bidding after knowing that they were at their limit. Did Fatty Lai actually want the herb?

But it was still hard to say! Fatty Lai was representing Miracle Doctor Guan's medicine company, and the millenium snow lotus was an rarity. Nothing was wrong if the others were fighting for it too.

Zhaolong wanted to bid a higher price, but House Kang was truly out of money! Zhaolong wasn't an easily excited or rash man. He spent 15 million yesterday, so only around 80 million was left in the budget. House Kang had reached their limits!

"Grandpa, we're out of money!" Zhaolong admitted after taking a deep breath.

"We can't turn back anymore, just get that herb!" Miracle Doctor Kang grit his teeth. The future of House Kang lay on the millenium snow lotus!

Whether they could present the two presale Skin Beautifying Golden Creation was also becoming an issue!

Miracle Doctor Kang felt a lot better at the thought. They could at least earn back part of it from selling the Golden Creation and Skin Beautifying Golden Creation.

"101 million!" Zhaolong didn't dare act tough, since both of them were going all out to get the herb. This was a battle of patience.

He sensed that House Kang had reached their limit. He was reluctant to give up at this point, but the price was over 100 million. Fatty Lai had no choice but to turn to Lin Yi.

"Boss, shall we continue?" Fatty Lai suggested quietly. "If that box is worth it, we can still fight for it!"

"Sure, just control yourself." Lin Yi nodded. Lin Yi was fine with it since he had earned so much from the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing yesterday.

"You want that box?" Xiaoxiao asked curiously after hearing what Fatty Lai said. "You don't want the millenium snow lotus?"

Lin Yi didn't want to explain but was afraid that Xiaoxiao would make a commotion, so he said, "I only want the box, not the herb!"

"Ah? What do you want the box for?" Xiaoxiao asked, puzzled.

"Stop asking so much, I'll tell you later," Lin Yi said.

"Hmph, what is this attitude!" Xiaoxiao was quite unhappy. "Hey, if I can get the box, you be my boyfriend, deal?

"You have an idea?" Lin Yi asked, ignoring Xiaoxiao's request.

"Of course!" Xiaoxiao nodded. "So is it deal or no deal?"

"What are you trying to do?" Lin Yi naturally wouldn't accept Xiaoxiao's ridiculous request.

"Why do you care, just say yes or no." Xiaoxiao blinked her lashes at Lin Yi.

"Never mind then." Lin Yi shrugged his shoulders. He couldn't accept the request.

"Hmph!" Xiaoxiao was offended and glared at Lin Yi. "Then stop ignoring me, how about that?"

"Let's talk after you get the box." Lin Yi did not reject her this time. He knew that Tianlong was involved, so he couldn't just shut his eyes to Xiaoxiao, could he?

"OK, follow my lead in a bit. Don't argue with me!" Xiaoxiao said.

"Sure." Lin Yi nodded. It didn't matter as long as she could get the box.

By this point, the price of the herb had risen to 110 million! Both of them were only adding 1 million with each bid.

Zhaolong raised his paddle for 111 million. Fatty Lai followed with another million.

"That's enough!" Lin Yi shook his head at Fatty Lai. Lin Yi wasn't sure that if this box was the box written in the ancient scroll, so he decided to let it go.

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