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Chapter 530 - Who's Robbing Whom?

Zhaolong concluded that even though Fatty Lai was fat, he had to make him even fatter today! Messing with me? I'll make you pay!

"My apologies, it was my bad, Mr. Lai. I thought you were trying to fight us, but you were actually trying to get the box, not the herb! I'd mistaken you, Mr. Lai, for not abiding by the Hippocratic Oath! I'm deeply sorry!"

"Yeah, why would I need that? It's not even tasty or fun," Xiaoxiao huffed. "Now that you know what we want, do you want to give it to us?"

Hehe, Zhaolong smirked on the inside and thought, Even if you don't ask me, I'll still give it to you, don't worry! But I'm giving you the box, not the herb, since you want a compact so much. I'll help you for sure! I'm Kang Zhaolong, you think I'm afraid of using tricks? I'll make sure you guys have fun!

"Hehe, of course!" Zhaolong smiled. "Since it was just a misunderstanding, then it's settled! Ms. Xiaoxiao, you like the box, right? But first, let me get the herb, then I'll sell you the box for 50 million! I won't make you guys spend too much. Let's split the cost in half and we can get the items we want, what do you think?

Zhaolong side-eyed Fatty Lai and Xiaoxiao. Let's see how you guys continue acting! Zhaolong didn't believe that Xiaoxiao only wanted the box for makeup. Who would do that?

So Zhaolong used Xiaoxiao's excuse and attacked Fatty Lai again. In order to save face, Fatty Lai had to literally slap his own face until it was swollen. He had no choice but to buy the box for 50 million! However, if Fatty Lai was shameless, he could very well turn down the offer. Zhaolong was confident that as a CEO of a newly founded medicine company, Fatty Lai wouldn't reject the offer, since rejection meant losing face, and the reputation of the company would be harmed!

Miracle Doctor Kang and Guifeng lost themselves in amusement. They didn't know that Zhaolong was such an excellent young man. Just by twisting some words, he got the crowd to side with them and forced Fatty Lai to buy the box for 50 million!

This was a forcing move! House Kang thought that they were out of money, but in the blink of an eye, Zhaolong was able to earn back 50 million!


Although many might not believe the excuse given by Xiaoxiao, Zhaolong's action was quite justifiable. There was nothing wrong when you sold a box to a box seeker.

"You—!" Xiaoxiao acted angry as she widened her eyes, making an exasperated face and pointing at Zhaolong, speechless.

Zhaolong felt good when he saw Xiaoxiao's expression. Li'l girl, you can only handle idiots like Chengtian with that intelligence of yours, you're still far from me! How is it? How do you feel stepping on your own foot? You have no choice but to buy it now!

"OK! 50 million it is then. Thank you, Li'l Kang!" Fatty Lai said angrily, gritting his teeth.

Fatty Lai sat down slowly with a gloomy face but felt delighted. He didn't know that his boss had such a tricky girl around him. She had cut the total price in half with just a few words. Marvelous!

Fatty Lai furtively gave Xiaoxiao a big thumbs up. She gave a bright smile and said to Lin Yi, "Hey, I told you I could do it!"

"Huh…" Lin Yi was fascinated by Xiaoxiao's tricks. She robbed people two days in a row! Better still, the guy being robbed thought that he had the upper hand!

"Do you have anything to tell me?" Xiaoxiao a little unhappy. She was trying to celebrate with Lin Yi but he was not doing anything.

"I didn't ignore you, right?" Lin Yi asked back.

"Hmph!" Xiaoxiao turned away from him. What is this! Helping him and I don't get any gratitude!

Meanwhile, Miracle Doctor Kang and Guifeng were pleased with Zhaolong. Miracle Doctor Kang even complimented him. "Guifeng, your son  is really something! I think House Kang will become world famous when your son takes over! The price of the millenium snow lotus was cut in half!"

"Hehe, I was just going with the flow!" Zhaolong said humbly. "100 million for herb, that cost is way too high. Even if we produced thirty Skin Beautifying Golden Creations from this herb and sold them for 5 million each, we would just barely cover the cost. Even though we can sacrifice anything to enter the nobility, isn't it better if we can save some money too?"

"That Xiaoxiao must be very angry at you now," Miracle Doctor Kang said happily.


"Even without today, working in the same field makes us natural enemies." Zhaolong didn't really mind and said proudly, "It was that Xiaoxiao who robbed us yesterday. If I didn't get the money back from her, who should I get it from?"

"But what if they find some excuses to deny the claim?" Guifeng worried. It was 50 million, after all! They were in desperate need of money. The sum was a fortune for them.

"Of course, the possibility exists. Xiaoxiao is very good at compromising. There's no guarantee that she won't say she doesn't like the box anymore and push it back to us." Zhaolong had thought of this possibility and explained, "That's why we have to be fast. After writing the documents, we'll sell it to them right in front of the crowd. I don't believe that Fatty Lai will shamelessly contradict it!"

Miracle Doctor Kang and Guifeng nodded and thought that it was a really good idea!

When Zhaolong gave the box to Fatty Lai, Fatty Lai showed a very unwilling face. He looked at the box in Zhaolong's hands and slowly took out money.  

"Mr. Lai, this is your box. Please examine it!" Zhaolong proudly held the box and wore a victorious expression. "This box is indeed nice as a compact, not bad!"

"Don't you think it's slightly overpriced?" Xiaoxiao pursed her lips. "Hey, Zhaolong bro, we're friends, right? Why don't you gift it to me?"

"Hehe, Ms. Xiaoxiao, I bought the box with my own cash, you know. I've already given you discount," Zhaolong said lightly. He knew that Xiaoxiao would surely play her tricks! But he wouldn't let her get away that easy.

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