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Chapter 519 - Wannianchun Box

Fatty Lai was getting prouder and prouder at the decision of following Lin Yi! His stupid elder brother thought that he was very smart to get into the electronics industry. But little did he know that Fatty Lai had a better investment; the electronics industry was nothing at all!

Only when you're standing at the top can you have a clear vision of their future! So far, working for Lin Yi was greater than managing the electronics industry!

Lin Yi flipped through the pages and found that the catalog mostly contained sculptures, famous drawings, calligraphy, and some sort of weird celebrity dating vouchers. The celebrities shown on the second day were obviously more well known than on the first day.

"Oh right, are they selling the Xu Shihan dating voucher?" Lin Yi scanned through the celebrity catalog and couldn't find a name he recognized so he just asked.

"Uh…" Fatty Lai blinked and smiled wryly. "Boss, are you interested in her?"

"Nah." Lin Yi shook his head. "I've got friends who adore her very much; buy one if you can."

Lin Yi knew that Yaoyao and Yushu were diehard fans of Xu Shihan, so if he could obtain a voucher he wouldn't mind buying for them since they were nice to him!

"Is that so! I thought you liked her, Boss! Fatty Lai then shook his head and continued, "Yeah right, if you were her fan, you wouldn't not know that!"

"Know what?" Lin Yi asked.

"Xu Shihan's background! There haven't been any rumours about her, none whatsoever since she debuted, but no one's been able to find out her background! However, many of the people who tried to investigate her have gone missing…." Fatty Lai whispered.

"They're missing?" Lin Yi furrowed his brows. It seemed that Xu Shihan had a strong background. Better to leave her aside. He had enough trouble as it was and didn't want a fierce girl to have anything to do with him.

"Yeah, they all went missing! They might have ran away after being threatened or just vanished from the Earth, who knows?" Fatty Lai said. "It's no secret in high society."

"Never mind then, I've no interest in her anymore." Lin Yi continued flipping through the pages.

Fatty Lai sensed that his boss had really lost interest in her, so he stopped talking or else he would have continued persuading him. Although his boss was strong, the girl wasn't someone they ought to provoke.

Suddenly, Lin Yi focused on the name of the item mentioned by Fatty Lai, the millenium snow lotus.

However, his gaze wasn't on the herb, but the box containing it!

Fatty Lai noticed Lin Yi staring at the herb, so he thought that Lin Yi was interested. He provided, "It was found in a cave along with some medical manuals and other herbs, but the millenium snow lotus is the most precious items of them all!"

"A starting price of 5 million? How much will the final price be?" Lin Yi asked.

"Yes, starts at 5 million, but the final price is hard to predict since this is a rarity. If someone really needs it, it's going to a good price for sure, but if not, the price won't go too far from the starting price!"

"Oh?" Lin Yi nodded. "Get it for me tomorrow."

"Didn't you say that it wasn't of much use, Boss?" Fatty Lai nodded but still asked anyway.

"Haha, the snow lotus is not needed but I want the box." Lin Yi pointed at the box in the catalog.

"The box?" Fatty Lai blinkee, but he chose to shut up and nod. "Sure, sure, I'll try my best."

"Forget about it if it exceeds 100 million," Lin Yi said.

This box was made of a tree called Seseli wannianchun. When herbs were put inside a box made of that wood, it could preserve the herbs for 10,000 years. Other than that, it could also promote ripening, purifying, and refining of herbs.

However, this information was only written in one of the ancient scrolls in his old man's collection. The herbs that were mentioned in the ancient scrolls were mostly mythical herbs. They no longer existed!

Lin Yi only happened to read it as entertainment when he was young. Little did he know that he would encounter one of the items mentioned in the scroll! But Lin Yi wasn't sure that if the box was the real deal. He just found the box's name and appearance similar to the one he had read about. He wasn't sure if the two were the same thing!

Besides, the ancient scrolls only introduced the quality of the items. Not many details were written about them. The function and usage were not mentioned either, so Lin Yi's curiosity was piqued, and he asked Fatty Lai to obtain it if at all possible.

Lin Yi did not pin much hope on getting the box, because he wasn't sure if the box was useful, nor did he know how to use it, but if he could obtain it, he could study and research it.

"OK! I'll try!" Fatty Lai nodded, mentally jotting down Lin Yi's request.

He wasn't interested in the other auction items, so he flipped back to the cover and put the catalog aside. "Miracle Doctor Kang's special edition Golden Creation, is it being auctioned tomorrow?"

"Yeah, tomorrow!" Fatty Lai nodded as he giggled, "Hehe, their Golden Creation would sell out instantly in normal circumstances! Why don't we auction our special edition injury medicine as well tomorrow? Hassle them a bit?"

"It's fine, just ignore them." Lin Yi waved it off. It wasn't something that would affect House Kang, so Lin Yi didn't see the need to interfere.

"OK, ignoring them. Boss, come! Let's drink!" Fatty Lai noticed that Lin Yi had finished eating the dumplings and looking through the catalog, so he poured him a glass and raised his own glass for a toast. "Boss, this is for you, let's drink til we're drunk! In celebration of our newly founded company!"

"Haha…" Lin Yi smiled as he raised his glass. No one was ever his equal when drinking, but seeing the happy faces of Fatty Lai and Xuemin, Lin Yi chose to not mention that and started drinking with them.

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