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Chapter 518 - Regaining His Power

"Have fun by yourself. Give me a call when you dad returns." Lin Yi looked at the time. It was 1 AM. Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao had been unconscious for a few hours. In all this time, Tianlong hadn't returned, so he probably wasn't coming back tonight.

Lin Yi knew Tianlong's working hours well. It was almost the same as his, with no freedom at all, so if he was not coming back at this hour, he probably wouldn't come back anytime soon. Lin Yi didn't see the need to wait for Tianlong's return.

"You're… leaving?" Xiaoxiao was upset and frustrated at the same time. This guy was leaving? After seeing her naked, he was just going to leave like that? What was this?!

Lin Yi nodded as he pushed open the door and left the room.

"Hmph!" Xiaoxiao stomped her foot in anger. "Damned Lin Yi, I'll claw your eyes out and step on them!"

After venting her anger, she felt good about herself as she remembered Lin Yi was praising her body. In fact, Xiaoxiao was pretty happy with her curves! Lin Yi was actually interested! Xiaoxiao thought she might actually succeed in obtaining Lin Yi's heart someday.

She got even more excited at the selfie she took. She could use it as a lethal weapon! If Tang Yin sees it, hehehe, you're so done for Lin Yi!

Lin Yi didn't give much thought to what Xiaoxiao was thinking, so when he left the Songjiang International Hotel, he started testing his power.

"Early phase golden class?" Lin Yi gave a smile at the thought. He trained for five years to reach early phase golden class when he was just a normal person, but he got to it in just a few hours of training!

It seemed Elder Jiao was telling the truth. He didn't lose his power or ability, just his energy. When he regained his energy, he could get back to his full glory as a late phase golden class.

Early phase golden class might not be powerful, but it was more than enough to protect himself. Lin Yi hailed a taxi and headed back to his hotel.

Fatty Lai and Xuemin were still awake, drinking happily. Although the two of them didn't talk much, they had the common topic of the medicine company.

"Boss, you're back? Care to join us for a drink?" Faty Lai asked as he saw Lin Yi coming in.

"I'll have two glasses." Lin Yi didn't reject them. There was one elder and Lin Yi's lackey, both of whom he needed for the medicine company to grow.

Fatty Lai was surprised. He was just asking out of courtesy. He didn't expect Lin Yi to agree.

Lin Yi sat down. He didn't eat much during second dinner. He just watched Xiaoxiao polish off the whole table of food. He didn't eat anything, so was a little hungry.

"I'll have something to eat first, you guys keep drinking." Lin Yi saw the dumplings on the table and brought them closer to himself and gobbled them down.

"Boss, I thought you went out for dinner?" Fatty Lai was shocked at Lin Yi wolfing down food.

"Ah…" Lin Yi smiled. "I did, but there was this girl who ate everything by herself."

"Uh…" Fatty Lai's eyes went wide. "Was it Xiaoxiao?"

"Yeah, it was her." Lin Yi didn't try to hide who it was.

"Oh… her family must be powerful to have Gonggao step aside!" Fatty Lai remembered Xiaoxiao because he was a businessman; he had to know who was powerful.

"Heh, her father and I are on good terms. It's better for you to not know her background." Lin Yi waved his hand. "It's top secret."

Lin Yi and Fatty Lai hadn't known each other very long, so Lin Yi couldn't fully trust him. There were some things that could be revealed and some that couldn't.

On the other hand, Xuemin linked everything together. He knew the relationship between Huaijian and Lin Yi, so after hearing what Gonggao said, he figured out Tianlong's background and identity!

Tianlong's identity was probably in spec ops, but which department he still didn't know.

Fatty Lai didn't ask further and started talking about the next day's auction. "Boss, see if there's anything you'd like to buy!"

Fatty Lai's invitation card was red, so the catalog of auction items was given to him the day of. Meanwhile, Xuemin's invitation card was gold, so the catalog was sent to him ahead of time.

Xuemin didn't actually care about the catalog, but he thought that Lin Yi might want something from the auction, so he took out the catalog to show to Lin Yi.

"I've checked everything on the catalog. There was only this millenium snow lotus that's related to medicine. Would you like to have it?" Xuemin asked.

"Millenium snow lotus?" Lin Yi blinked. This was such a rarity. "The millenium snow lotus is used in many traditional medicines. Besides, it's very good for healing scars; it has a special and unexpected effect…."

"Oh? So it's useful to us then?" Fatty Lai got a little excited as he asked. "I'll bid for it tomorrow?"

"No need." Lin Yi waved his hand. "It costs too much; we can't possibly mass produce it!"

"You're right, just one snow lotus can't do much!" Fatty Lai said, a little disappointed.

"Haha, actually, the special edition of our injury medicine is supposed to have the snow lotus as one of the ingredients, but I've found something else to replace it," Lin Yi said. "In fact, there's a lot of medicinal herbs that are too rare to get, but we can use other herbs to replace them!"

"Damn! Boss, you're amazing!" Fatty Lai respected Lin Yi even more. "How about the effect, is it the same?"

"Who knows? I haven't found any differences yet." Lin Yi smiled. "It should be negligible."

"You're such a miracle doctor, Boss!" Fatty Lai didn't know much about medicine, but he knew that a doctor who could change the recipe and remake it with such accuracy and precision was unusual and remarkable!

Xuemin was astonished as well. Lin Yi gave him too many surprises at times. He couldn't absorb it all! The saying "as long as you live and learn, there are no limits" really was true. He had been called a miracle doctor by others, but he was just a frog in the well in the face of Lin Yi.

"It's nothing, it's very easy." Lin Yi waved a hand. "Let's look at the catalog first."

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