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Chapter 520 - Head and Heir of House Kang

In Yanjing, not far from the auction hall, stood a hotel. Inside the hotel, there was a grumpy old man: Miracle Doctor Kang. He was throwing tantrums because he spent 430 million for the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing, while Tianyi and Yu Haitian only used 280 million to obtain it!

Wasn't the difference in prices a bit too enormous? But Miracle Doctor Kang himself was to blame for this. He was the one who made the wrong judgment. He thought that during the first round, Tianyi and Fatty Lai were simply raising the price so that the price during the second round would be cheaper!

It wasn't fully Miracle Doctor Kang's fault, though. Normally the price would go down after the first round! The same happened to his Golden Creation. It could sell for 500,000 at first, but the price decreased to 30 or 40,000 after that.

No one had imagined that House Yu would join the bidding and buy the second Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing, even with the price of 280 million! House Kang panicked after learning that the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing was worth that much! However, House Kang couldn't fight House Yu, could they? House Yu was the one who determined the upgrade of a normal house to a noble house, after all!

As such, Miracle Doctor Kang could only wait for the third round to get the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing. Unfortunately, Fatty Lai was also aiming for the third round. They even raised the price to 430 million! Miracle Doctor Kang almost coughed blood, but he had no choice; he needed the pill!

After giving it some thought, he knew that this was for the wealth and reputation of the family, so he endured the pain and bought the last Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing with the price of 430 million! If they could successfully extract the ingredients and mass produce the pills, it would bring the House tons of benefits!

430 million was almost all of House Kang's circulating capital! House Kang only had around 500 million circulating funds; Miracle Doctor Kang had used up eighty percent!

Miracle Doctor Kang was a little comforted as he remembered he could earn back a few million from the auction the next day!

Suddenly, he heard a knock on his door. Miracle Doctor Kang frowned. "Who is it?"

"Grandpa, it's me, Zhaolong!" Zhaolong came back and wanted to tell his grandfather about the dinner and his connection with House Wu.

"Come in! The door's unlocked." Miracle Doctor Kang let him in after learning it was his grandson.

Zhaolong walked in and locked the door behind.

"Why are you locking the door?" Miracle Doctor Kang was confused.

"Grandpa, I've got something important to tell you!" Zhaolong said in a low voice and sat next to his grandpa.

"Important? What's so important?" Miracle Doctor Kang asked.

"I met Wu Chengtian today, and I've successfully gotten close to him!" Zhaolong told his grandpa everything, including meeting Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao.

Miracle Doctor Kang fell deep into thought, then finally nodded. He praised, "You've done well! 15 million, well spent indeed! With Chengtian's vain attitude, good job at getting close to him using this issue!"

"Yes, Grandpa. With the support of House Wu, can we think about upgrading to a noble house?" Zhaolong asked cautiously.

"Noble house…" Miracle Doctor Kang took a deep breath and gave a sidelong glance at his grandson. He was surprised that his grandson was more ambitious than him. He had just networked with House Wu and was already planning to upgrade the house.

"House Wu's position is very special in the Noble Houses. Nobody would have objections if Gonggao spoke up for us; even House Yu has to think twice before crossing the mystic class master!" Zhaolong said. "My relationship with him is very fragile. All I did was preserve his honor in front of the others. He might be very grateful to me now, but the feeling will eventually fade! So we should do it now before it's too late!"

"Well said!" Miracle Doctor Kang nodded. "If I didn't get to check the catalog of tomorrow's auction items, I might've had to ponder your request! But now, we can actually give it a try!"

"Oh? The catalog? Is there anything that can benefit us in the catalog?" Zhaolong asked, taken aback.

"Yes! It's outrageously valuable to us!" Miracle Doctor Kang nodded. "Our special edition Golden Creation can heal old scars and replace them with new tissue!"

"I knew that. But don't we have a shortage of a certain herb? Don't we have to cut back on production?" Zhaolong was in charge of the whole House Kang's research laboratory. He knew everything about the Golden Creation's recipe.

"That's right! However, there's this herb in the next day's auction!" Miracle Doctor Kang pointed at the catalog.

"Oh?" Zhaolong was astonished and snatched the catalog from his grandpa's hands. His eyes went wide when he spotted the herb. "Millenium snow lotus? Is this real?"

"Of course it's real! It was definitely examined before being sent to the auction. House Yu would lose its reputation if the herb is fake!" Miracle Doctor Kang confirmed. "We must get this herb!"

"But, Grandpa, this has nothing to do with registering as a noble house…." Zhaolong gave his grandpa a perplexed look. He couldn't find the connection between the two separate events.

"Removing the scars can't compare to the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing, but Golden Creation is still considered a magical medicine!" Miracle Doctor Kang said. "As long as we use it properly, it can bring great advantages to our house!"

"Oh? Grandpa, you mean we can use this for PR?" Zhaolong finally understood what his grandpa was trying to get at, but he still couldn't understand how Golden Creation had a decisive role.

"Hehe, Zhaolong, you're still too young, unmarried, no daughter. Of course you couldn't recognize the secret within!" Miracle Doctor Kang waved his hand with a smile. "Think about it: There are girls and women in every house; they want to be pretty and they enjoy dressing up. In fact, it might not be of any use to men, but the women take it as a panacea!"

Chapter 521 - Zhaolong's Wickedness

"Panacea?" Zhaolong was taken aback, then understood his grandpa's meaning. "That's right, no girl hates being pretty! Accidental scars are unavoidable, less so on the body, but they're bad on the face! This is where our Golden Creation will shine when the young misses find out there's such miraculous medicine. They'll surely try to obtain it to the best of their ability! Becoming a noble house isn't far for us anymore!"

"That's right! This is a golden opportunity. I was wondering how to put this to good use!" Miracle Doctor Kang smiled. "Relying on just Golden Creation isn't enough, but you've gotten support from House Wu, so everything will be easier now! They have no choice but to accept us as a noble house!"

"Great!" Zhaolong was fired up. "OK, I can stop being on Xinyan's good side now. Although she's very attractive, House Xiao is just way too hopeless. To be precise, Xinyan isn't part of House Xiao! If we successfully advance to noble house status, I could find a better candidate for us!"

"Not bad! You know what's best for our family!" Miracle Doctor Kang complimented. "That's my boy!"

"Grandpa, I'm the heir of House Kang. Needless to say, I have the responsibility to make the best decisions for the family!" Zhaolong said. "It's just sad to let go of Xinyan. She's stunning and fun to mess around with! Even though House Xiao is destitute, it's still an old House. I can't just have fun with her and run away; best to stay away from her!"

"Absolutely!" Miracle Doctor Kang nodded. "Speaking of, your little brother is really good at this.  Although he's messed with a lot of girls, none of them have important backgrounds and aren't powerful enough to go against him, so things can be easily settled! It's just that he's spoiled!"

"Hehe, Grandpa, I personally think that his attitude isn't a big issue at all!" Zhaolong said. "Some of the things we can't do Zhaoming can!"

"Oh?" Miracle Doctor Kang blinked as he gave a doubting look at his eldest grandson. He didn't understand what his grandson was getting at. "Zhaolong, are you afraid that Zhaoming will fight for the seat of the Head of House Kang?"

"Of course not!" Zhaolong smiled lightly. "If Zhaoming has the qualities of a leader and is the best candidate for the job, I would naturally let him do it without question! I will do anything for the best of House Kang, cross my heart, hope to die!"

Miracle Doctor Kang was fascinated by Zhaolong. This was the first time Zhaolong had opened up to him and talked about his ambition and future plans for House Kang.

"I'm very touched that you're this open-minded. By the way, why is it not an issue?" Miracle Doctor Kang asked, interested.

"That Lin Yi isn't an average guy! Although I haven't found out his background yet, he's on great terms with Miracle Doctor Guan and Lai Changyi!" Zhaolong replied. "Besides, Xuemin started a company and created the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing out of nowhere! We don't even know if he has more miraculous medicines up his sleeves. We're under threat!"  

"We are! Motherf*cker, just bringing it up makes me angry!" Miracle Doctor Kang was furious. "He's learning from me and stealing our market!"

"Indeed, but I heard that Xuemin has a granddaughter, who looks pretty as well. She's working in a hospital as a nurse, and she's close in age to Zhaoming," Zhaolong said softly.

"What you're saying is…" Miracle Doctor Kang blinked. "You're trying to make them a couple?"

"A couple? House Guan is not worthy. Others might think that Xuemin's more reputable than House Kang, even more than you, Grandpa. But in my eyes, that old man is about to kick the bucket!" Zhaolong said disdainfully. "When that happens, House Guan will fall! Their prospering is just a dream!"

"You are seeing so far ahead. I hadn't even thought of that!" Miracle Doctor Guan roared with laughter, "Haha, I was still worrying about that, but now I understand!"

"Yeah, so getting engaged to House Guan is out of the question, but before Xuemin bites the dust, let's get Zhaoming to mess around with her granddaughter so that we can gain some insider info. Better still, we might get the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing recipe from her!" Zhaolong explained.

"Oh? Does that work?" Miracle Doctor Kang's eyes widened. He always thought that he was a wily and cunning man, but he just found out that his eldest grandson was the same!

"Why not? Zhaoming has always been an expert flirter. He's never failed to get any of the girls he pursued. Let's just leave this to him!" Zhaolong said. "If I really become the Head of House Kang and he completes his mission, I'll gladly share half of the fortune to him!"

Miracle Doctor Kang nodded. After hearing his grandson's opinion and thoughts, he was put at ease! Although House Kang was growing stronger day by day, Miracle Doctor Kang was afraid that Zhaolong and Zhaoming would fight over the position and sabotage the whole house!

After the conversation, Miracle Doctor Kang felt reassured about leaving the whole business to Zhaolong! "OK, we need to take a lot of precautions and deliberate; no mistakes can be made!"

"Yes, I've only mentioned the use of Zhaoming! In fact, almost every big family has one womanizer. Are they all ladykillers? Some might've been born that way, but some were raised to be womanizers!" Zhaolong explained. "And these Casanovas can do things normal people can't do in the public!"

"Boy, you're smart!" Miracle Doctor Kang nodded. "If a normal person acted like a philanderer, it would be extremely shameful to the family's reputation. On the other hand, if it's Zhaoming, people might not even care since he was born a rake! He's done this countless times; doing it with Xuemin's daughter would just show a little disrespect, that's all!

"Hehe, Grandpa, that's what I mean!" Zhaolong nodded.

"Mhm. Tomorrow, I'll talk to House Yu's people while you contact Chengtian. We'll meet and discuss the upgrade with them!" Miracle Doctor Kang said excitedly.

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