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Chapter 507 - Practice

"I've never paid attention to idiots." Lin Yi would never be on good terms with Zhaolong, much less Zhaoming! Zhaoming made Fen's life miserable, and he was lucky Lin Yi couldn't set their house on fire.

Lin Yi had always been a vengeful person. If not for being on a mission, Zhaolong might not even be able to stand here talking to him.

Zhaolong's face turned ugly, while Xinyan smirked and felt good, glancing at Lin Yi.

Lin Yi had been wondering about Xinyan and Zhaolong's relationship. He thought they were close, but it seemed that wasn't the case. Xinyan had been laughing at Wangba and Zhaolong unconsciously, which made him feel uncertain.

"Ahem!" Chengtian coughed. He'd wasted a lot of effort to get Lin Yi to the dining table and expose Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao's relationship to Jingyi, so he wouldn't allow Zhaolong to ruin this golden opportunity.

Zhaolong took a deep breath. He knew he had no choice but to obey Chengtian and sat down in gloom. He was annoyed with Lin Yi.

"Ha, today is a happy day, let's not let the atmosphere ruin it!" Chengtian changed the topic. "Lin Yi, you and Xiaoxiao make for a dashing couple!"

Lin Yi remained silent, but Xiaoxiao replied, "You think so too?"

"Yeah, Xiaoxiao. When did you guys get together?" Chengtian asked placidly.

"It's been a few days!" Xiaoxiao lied after thinking for a bit.

"Is that so…." Chengtian was shaken. Did Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao get together after Lin Yi broke up with Jingyi? It'd save him a lot of trouble if that were the case, but he'd still like to get the evidence and present it to Jingyi just in case.

Lin Yi still remained silent, observing the exchange quietly. Lin Yi found it suspicious. Why was Xiaoxiao acting like this? The Xiaoxiao he knew always sought revenge and wouldn't care about getting on Chengtian's good side!

Xiaoxiao and Chengtian argued at the auction. How could she just pretend nothing had happened? Judging from her behavior when she was ordering, she must be murdering Chengtian's wallet.

Chengtian's attitude made Lin Yi wonder as well. He was saying sorry and wanted to buy him a late night meal, but Lin Yi didn't believe it. Unless he turned into a slobbering idiot, he would never volunteer to treat Lin Yi to a meal as well as apologize.

Everything happens for a reason. Although Lin Yi hadn't a clue what was going on, he came so he might as well wait and see.

The service on the top floor was exceptional. Quite soon, the waitress gracefully placed all the seafood delicacies on the dining table with the exception of the signature dishes.

"Wow, I've never eaten such fine food!" Xiaoxiao was mesmerized.

"Heh, eat up then!" This gratified Chengtian's vanity immensely. He thought, Look at how much of a difference there is between Lin Yi and me. He couldn't understand why Jingyi would even choose Lin Yi over him! Judging from Xiaoxiao's expression, Chengtian believed that Lin Yi must have not treated her a proper meal before. He thought Jingyi was born in a wealthy family and lacked for nothing and had seen it all, but that wasn't the case. He supposed that as long as he kept swaggering, Jingyi would fall for him!

"Then I won't hold back!" Xiaoxiao went for the abalone and ate it with a fork while ignoring everyone else. Then she sighed with pleasure. "This abalone is delicious. This is my first time eating such big abalone!" Xiaoxiao said after giving two bites.


"This is nothing!" Chengtian waved his hand and said proudly, "I eat this all the time at home. The abalone we eat every lunar new year is much bigger than this. This is just a serving of abalone; we eat half a pound of abalone!"


"Ha? Half a pound? Bro Chengtian, you're so cool; you've eaten everything!" Xiaoxiao marveled. "Since you eat abalone all the time, why not offer yours to me? This is the very first time I've eaten them in my life!"

"Not a problem!" Chengtian cursed his big mouth in his head. Abalone was a delicacy. He'd be lucky to nibble at some during the holidays and the new year. How could he eat it all the time? But since he'd spoken so, how could he go back on his word? He grit his teeth and passed the abalone to Xiaoxiao. He was comforted by the thought that it was good practice faking it. He would look natural when talking to Jingyi!


"Really? Awesome, but the portion isn't very large. I couldn't bear to finish it!" Although that's what Xiaoxiao said, her fork didn't stop moving as she shoveled tasty food into her mouth.  

Xiaoxiao had wanted to make Chengtian's wallet bleed from the beginning. Chengtian and his grandpa were the ones who argued with her in the auction hall. Besides, Xiaoxiao really had not eaten such delicacies before and wanted to eat all she could before death. She couldn't care less about her image, focusing only on satisfying her appetite!

"This trash is nothing to us nobility!" Chengtian continued practicing. He felt he had improved,  bullshitting without even blinking now! He was very excited on the inside, but he kept a straight face. "Wangba, what do you think?"

"That's right! This seafood is common fare for us elite and too plain! If we had to choose, we would usually get crested ibis." As House Xiao a class lower than House Wu, how could it possible for him to often eat such delicacies? Even when the old man of House Xiao was around, they barely ever ate it! Wangba was trying to please Chengtian, so of course he add to the bullshit.

"Oh? What's crested ibis? Do they have it here? I wanna eat it too!" Xiaoxiao asked in surprise.

"Erm…" Wangba panicked. He was just bullshitting. There weren't many crested ibises left in the world. He hadn't even seen one, much less eat one! How could he get Xiaoxiao a crested ibis? Even if he managed it, he'd be executed! Because the crested ibis was a protected species!

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