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Chapter 508 - Why Don't You Finance Me?

"Ahem, the crested ibis is the highest tier of endangered animal. Obviously there aren't any here; this restaurant is not up to that standard yet!" Wangba was browbeaten by Chengtian as Chengtian explained.

"Is that so, alright!" Xiaoxiao genuinely wouldn't expose Chengtian and Wangba. She asked Wangba, "Brother Wangba, since you've eaten crested ibis, do you mind giving me that unworthy thing to me?"

"Eh?" Wangba was drooling over his abalone one second ago, but he couldn't start eating since Chengtian hadn't budge an inch. After hearing what Xiaoxiao said, Wangba found himself in a difficult position.

"What is it, Bro Wangba, why the face? Why are you struggling?" Xiaoxiao blinked innocently, looking at Xiao Wangba adorably.

"Of course not, I'm just impressed you're treating this nothing as treasure, hahaha. Isn't that right, Wangba?" Chengtian once again eyed Wangba.


"Ya, indeed!" Wangba was bleeding inside. He hated himself for talking so much. How could such nonsense come out of his very own mouth?

"Bro Wangdao, this is not up to your standard either, right? Why not give it to me?" Xiaoxiao asked.

WangDao was celebrating inside. He was glad that he didn't boost so much, so he could at least have a taste of such luxury. But little did he know that Xiaoxiao would even charge at him when he kept his mouth shut! He was furious. He wanted to ask Xiaoxiao if she could finish all, but for Chengtian's sake… He reluctantly gave it to Xiaoxiao. "Of course, it's all yours, but are you sure you should be eating so much seafood at once? You'll get a stomachache!"


"Oh, it's fine. A stomachache would be even better; I could keep eating after taking a dump!" Xiaoxiao said with a straight face. "It'd perfectly clear out room in my stomach!"

"Pfft…" Lin Yi almost burst into laughter. Xiaoxiao was really something. She had the balls to speak anything she liked! After giving it some thought, Xiaoxiao did go into the male's bathroom once and he didn't think it strange. But after that day, he was observing everything from the observer's perspective and found that Xiaoxiao could be cute at times too!

Chengtian lost his appetite instantly. Looking at the delicacies on the table, he hadn't even touched a single one yet. All the top-tier seafood was given to Xiaoxiao. The signature dishes looked appealing, but Xiaoxiao ruined the whole atmosphere by saying those colourful vulgarities. How could he continue his feast at this point?

Chengtian was irritated by himself. He brought along two useless brothers, dragging down his plan. Such failures! But after thinking about it, thanks to the Xiao brothers, he learned how to adapt to the harsh environment and sudden change to the surroundings. In the midst of hardship, genius is born—this quote was quite relevant!

"You guys aren't eating the lobsters, right? Give them to me then!" Xiaoxiao stuffed three abalones in her mouth in no time. Seafood wasn't good at making someone full, but after eating so much, she should be full!

"OK, it's all yours, eat slowly!" Chengtian said and faced Lin Yi. "I say, Bro Lin Yi, aren't you not treating your girlfriend properly? How could you do this?"

Chengtian was a little excited as he started speaking without holding back anymore. "Fake it until you make it." Chengtian had probably gotten used to faking it and was acting pretty normal while faking it at the same time.

"I'm poor, why don't you finance me? I'll treat her every day then." Lin Yi shrugged.

Chengtian then realised that he was doing it the wrong way. How could he approach Lin Yi this way? He regretted it instantly…. Am I an idiot? Finance you? Whether you treat her or not, it's not even my business to care!

But Chengtian could only agree, " Ha, sure, sure, let's get together often!"


Xiaoxiao didn't give a damn about the atmosphere. She started eating here and there. The red wine hadn't been served yet and she had already polished off two crabs, three lobsters, and three abalones. The speed was really incredible.

The long-awaited red wine arrived, but half of the seafood on the dining table had been eaten by Xiaoxiao. Chengtian wanted to weep but had no tears. The red wine was supposed to go along with the seafood, but he couldn't do that anymore with the seafood in Xiaoxiao's stomach.

The red wine was poured and given to the people at the dining table, Chengtian started his real plan by inviting Lin Yi to a drink and raising his glass. "Lin Yi, come, I wish Xiaoxiao and you a happy and long life together!"

"Oh, OK, wait a moment, lemme finish this crab claw." Xiaoxiao quickly finished it and raised her wine glass.


Lin Yi saw the exchange made between Chengtian and Wangba as Wangba took out his phone, aiming the camera at Xiaoxiao and him. Lin Yi then realized Chengtian's true intention! He must have wanted to take photo of them and show it to Jingyi!

Lin Yi found it funny. Chengtian wasted so much effort to get evidence and try to expose it to Jingyi. Little did Chengtian know that Lin Yi and Jingyi were just a fake couple! Chengtian even wasted so much money to treat them. If Chengtian were to find out the truth, would he try to weep but had no tears?

After learning Chengtian's purpose, Lin Yi didn't mind entertaining them anyway and drank a few glasses of red wine. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket suddenly, most likely from a text.  

Lin Yi took out his phone and was shocked when he saw that the sender of the message was Xinyan. "They're trying to take photo of you and Xiaoxiao!"

After reading the message, Lin Yi looked at Xinyan, amazed. He didn't expect Xinyan would tell him about it. Whose side was she on exactly?

However, Xinyan didn't look in Lin Yi's direction. She was still sitting quietly, not eating, acting like the whole thing wasn't her concern.  

Lin Yi smiled. Xinyan, Zhaolong, and the rest must have a complicated relationship! Lin Yi texted back, "I know. By the way, why are you with them?"

After the text was sent, Xinyan did not immediately check her phone. Instead, she waited awhile, read it, replied, and put her phone away.   

Lin Yi felt his phone vibrate again. This time, he waited for a while like Xinyan did and then read the text. "My family forced Zhaolong and I to get engaged."

Lin Yi frowned after reading the text. Engaged? Honestly, Lin Yi didn't want to see Xinyan and House Kang getting too close.

After all, Xinyan and he were friends and were a little intimate too. In Lin Yi's eyes, House Kang was an enemy and the House would fall any minute, so he naturally wouldn't want Xinyan to get involved.

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