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Chapter 506 - Xiaoxiao Orders Food

"Going Dutch?! Are you mocking me? This is nothing. When I was here with grandpa, we ordered the signature dishes and didn't even spend that much money!" Chengtian said as he adjusted himself.

"Is that so!" Xiaoxiao said adoringly, "I'll shall start ordering then?"

"Go ahead!" Chengtian had a thought. Girls seemed to take an interest in braggarts! He realized the tactic he used to hit on Jingyi was wrong. He shouldn't have acted like a nice guy.

After witnessing Xiaoxiao's reaction, Chengtian thought it'd be a great idea to start putting on airs! Just by doing that, he got Xiaoxiao to sit up and take notice even though she had a boyfriend!

Chengtian felt enlightened. The meal really was worth every penny. Not only did he accomplish his mission, he even received a priceless lesson on how to flirt with girls!

"Oh, I'll take one each of the signature dishes then!" Xiaoxiao pointed at the first page of the menu as she spoke to the waitress.

"OK… but are you sure all of them?" the waitress repeated carefully. The price of dishes on the menu's first page wasn't cheap at all. Each of them were at least 500,000, and the ingredients were all imported from other countries.

"Umm, Bro Chengtian, which signature dishes taste good? Didn't you say you've eaten here before? Why don't you pick the best dishes on the menu? Xiaoxiao looked up at Chengtian and asked carefully. "It'd be a waste… if we can't finish them all."

"The signature dishes here are all pretty good. It's hard to pick the best out, just order all of them!" Chengtian had never eaten the signature dishes but he couldn't say that out loud, could he? He'd lose face, so he had to continue acting like he had eaten everything and let Xiaoxiao order all of them.

The waitress heard their conversation and didn't ask again because she could see the boss was Chengtian, who had brought some rich kids with him, so she wasn't afraid Chengtian couldn't pay up.

"Noted, please keep ordering." The waitress wrote down the orders and smiled to Xiaoxiao politely.

"Actually… I have no idea what to order, do you have any suggestions? I like seafood, by the way!" Xiaoxiao said.

Chengtian gave a sigh of relief. Seafood was expensive but it wasn't too pricey! It might be high-class for ordinary folk, but it was very common food for nobility like them!

What was the most expensive? Whatever was rarest, of course. He was afraid for a second that Xiaoxiao would demand an endangered animal. Now that'd be incredibly expensive!

"Our restaurant's signature seafood are Hokkaido abalone, Australian lobsters, and Devonshire crabs. Ma'am, which tier of the seafood do you prefer? Hokkaido abalone is categorized—"

"Bro Chengtian, let's go for some cheaper food, the same tier as street food!" Xiaoxiao interrupted the waitress as she was introducing the food and spoke in embarrassment. "I've ordered so many signature dishes, why don't we order the cheaper seafood?"

"The cheaper seafood? Go for the best!" Chengtian waved his hand as he thought, How much can the seafood possibly cost me? He had been to other five-star hotels. Seafood was at most 200,000 RMB, still affordable!

The waitress nodded and began to say, "OK then, Hokkaido abalone is best with—"

"I said I want the best! What's wrong with you? You think that I can't afford it?!" Chengtian was annoyed at the waitress who was trying to talk about the tiers again. Wasn't she looking down on him? Chengtian felt he lost face and lost his patience and snapped at the waitress.

"Sorry, sir," the waitress apologized. She was trying to explain the tiers of the seafood. For instance, Hokkaido abalone was the highest quality of abalone. She wanted to brag about the restaurant but was shut down by the Chengtian.  

"I'll take the sampler of the seafood, just to taste them. Mmm, I've never had the chance to savor such delicacies in my life. If I die, I'll know that living was worth every breath!" Xiaoxiao looked at Chengtian with grateful eyes.

"A sampler? Order one for everyone! Good things need to be shared!" Chengtian said to the waitress, "Other than the signature dishes and the seafood, you can add some side dishes for us. Make sure they aren't too low-class and go well with the other food!"

Chengtian thought to himself, Normal side dishes aren't that expensive, right? Even high-class salads only cost a few hundred to a thousand!

"Alright." The waitress didn't dare speak another word and nodded to indicate it was in her memory. The waitress could see that these customers were blunt and filthy rich and didn't like her interruptions. "Will that be all?"

"Bro Chengtian, do we want drinks?" Wangba reminded Chengtian.

"Hmm, let's get some red wine." Chengtian told the waitress, "'82 Lafite."

"Sure." The waitress was curious. The red wine Chengtian ordered was considered expensive, but it was nothing compared to the delicacies he ordered, and the combination just didn't seem fit.

The waitress knew Chengtian had a bad temper, so kept her mouth shut, thinking that maybe he preferred an '82 Lafite.

Chengtian only spoke after the waitress walked out. "Fate has brought us together today. Let me introduce everyone: this is Lin Yi. We had a bit of a row earlier, but since he's here, we know how he feels! And the girl next to him is his girlfriend Feng Xiaoxiao."

"Kang Zhaolong!" Zhaolong stood up and reached his hand out to Lin Yi. "Lin Yi, ol' pal, we've met before!"

"Huh." Lin Yi smiled but didn't shake. "Do you think we need to shake hands?"

Zhaolong was annoyed at Lin Yi's response, but he knew how and when to keep his emotions in check. First, he didn't know enough about Lin Yi. Second, he was helping Chengtian, so he couldn't suddenly turn hostile towards Lin Yi, could he? "There must be a misunderstanding between us, so I apologize in Zhaoming's stead! Please forgive him, he's been spoiled all his life!"  

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