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Chapter 421 - Easily

Uncle Yan nodded slightly before sending a fist at Lin Yi. He could see that Lin Yi had speed, but he was still just a regular human- one fist from him could end him.

A smack sounded, and both Uncle Yan and Ruoming stared in silence- Lin Yi had sent a palm across Ruoming’s cheek again, not even trying to dodge Uncle Yan’s fist, as if he couldn’t care less!

“Have you become retarded? Getting a sickly old man to deal with me? I know retard pills are good but you can’t eat them too much! I’ve never seen someone as retarded as you!”

That statement pissed Uncle Yan so much it almost amused him- after recovering from the shock he understood what it meant for the ignorant to be fearless. He was an early phase golden class, and this guy was calling him a sickly old man!

He was quite sickly, though- that’d been true ever since he was small. He never had the healthiest body, and that meant that the early phase of the golden class was as far as he could get. There hadn’t been any progress after that, so he’d put himself on the line, positioning himself as the vanguard for his sect, filling the shoes of robbing and stealing to fund the sect.

But that was comparing himself to other members of the sect! What did this breast milk drinking kid think he was saying, calling him an old man?

Blood rushed up Uncle Yan’s head, prompting him to fire an even harder punch- he was planning on killing Lin Yi with one go!!

But the fist hadn’t reached Lin Yi yet when another crisp smack sounded, sending Uncle Yan tumbling onto the floor. Five fresh lines of red appeared on his cheek after the slap.

“You think you’re hot stuff, aren’t you? You think it’s such a big deal you’re a golden class early phase? How old are you, old man, don’t you feel shame bullying two young people like this?” With that, Lin Yi stepped on Uncle Yan’s head and deformed the left side of his cheek, popping even his teeth out.

Ruoming and Tang Yin sweated at Lin Yi’s words- people usually said that about young people bullying the elderly, but it was a first to hear that turned around…

Although, Uncle Yan didn’t find the statement out of place at all. Ruoming and Tang Yin’s understanding only applied to the mortal world- things were different in the Wulin one! People in that world usually got tougher and stronger as they aged, so the elderly picking on the young was something that people would call bullying if word got out.

But was this really the elderly picking on the young anymore? Uncle Yan felt like crying! He’d completely failed to assess his opponent- not only did the guy see what level he was at with just one look, it didn’t even look like he needed to tire himself to beat him up!

He was an early phase golden class!! He was golden class, and Lin Yi was stepping on him relentlessly like he was stepping on a defenseless dog! He had to be at least golden class mid phase or end phase from what the situation provided.

“Uncle Yan… Wh-What are you doing? There’s no need to worry, there’s no one here… It’s alright if you just kill him…” Ruoming still hadn’t caught on yet- he assumed that Uncle Yan was making himself look weak on purpose, pretending that Lin Yi was forcing him into a corner, so that he’d be able to unleash his violence on the kid all of a sudden!

That’d achieve the purpose, but it just didn’t feel right- it wasn’t pleasing to him if Ruoming couldn’t see Lin Yi get annihilated with one shot. Ruoming decided to remind Uncle Yan as he panicked.

One couldn’t blame Ruoming’s mindset here- to him, a golden class master at the early phase was a godly existence, a symbol of invincibility. He’d heard from his father Tiandi that it took several heavily armed cops to barely be able to pressure down Uncle Yan! That was simply insane- it meant that Uncle Yan would have an overwhelming victory one on one!

Ruoming didn’t understand how powerful a golden class early phase was, but he felt that it had to be stronger than Lin Yi! As much of a fighter Lin Yi was, he was still a regular person, and that meant he wouldn’t be able to compare with a master from the Wulin world!

Even if Lin Yi did destroy Heibao, the guy was still just a street gangster! He could be a good fighter all he wanted, that still wasn't enough to put him on the golden class early phase level! It was only natural that Ruoming would utter something so ignorant and idiotic.

Uncle Yan’s heart was feeling rather bitter as Ruoming spoke- had the guy still not understood the situation yet? Did Ruoming think he was getting stepped on voluntarily? He was getting stepped on because he couldn’t handle the opponent! The gap between the enemy and him was so prominent that it wasn’t a fair fight in the slightest!

“Zou Ruoming, how come you knew where I was?” Lin Yi didn’t forget to ask Ruoming questions as he stepped on Uncle Yan.

“Don’t get so cocky yet, Lin Yi- just wait until Uncle Yan gets serious, he’ll fuck you up!” The idiot still hadn’t caught on, convinced that Uncle Yan was able to finish Lin Yi off. “You hit my dad’s car and broke my brother’s arm- I’ve come with Uncle Yan to personally have my revenge on you!!”

“Oh? That idiot from earlier, that’s your old man?” Lin Yi said, enlightened. So that was why Ruoming knew where he was, it was because Tiandi was his father, and Ruoguang his brother!

It proved the saying true- you wouldn’t be in the same family if you weren’t family. This here was a family of idiots.

“Uncle Yan, what’re you doing!! Hurry up, off this kid!!” Ruoming was getting confused- why wasn’t Uncle Yan unleashing his strength on Lin Yi yet?

“Elder Jiao, there’s a lot of people here, can’t really kill this old man. Is there any way I can disable his strength?” Lin Yi asked Elder Jiao in the jade silently.

“Of course!” Elder Jiao spoke up. “These people in the martial world who used incomplete training methods to reach golden class- there’s plenty of flaws in them, nowhere as perfect as your Art of Dragon Mastery. As long as they’re not at the earth class yet they’ll have an achilles heel on them, so if you hit that, the person basically becomes useless. Unless they retrain their body from the start, using physical training to get to the golden stage again.”

“So where’s his achilles heel?” Lin said, pleasantly surprised at the answer.

“That… I do not know.” Elder Jiao replied.

“......” Lin Yi wasn’t expecting that at all- even Elder Jiao didn’t know?

“But usually golden class people’s achilles heel is at the pubic region, except for some special case physical practitioners.” Elder Jiao’s follow up gave Lin Yi hope again.

With a slam, Lin Yi slammed his foot into Uncle Yan’s pubic region. He cried out like a ghost before fainting, falling onto the ground like a deflated balloon.

Lin Yi knew that he’d hit Uncle Yan square in his achilles heel, disabling him completely- the instant he connected the attack he sensed Uncle Yan’s pure qi rapidly escaping his body and dissipating.

Just like what Elder Jiao said- Lin Yi couldn’t feel Uncle Yan’s power level anymore. To him, the guy was just a very normal old man.

Ruoming stared in shock at the scene- never would he have imagined that Uncle Yan would faint like that! Was it real or was he pretending?

He saw Lin Yi walking towards him the next instant.

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