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Chapter 420 - Ambush and Interception

“Yes, you’re going!” Tiandi was furious- he wouldn’t have asked Ruoming to carry out that task if he weren’t at his boiling point. He was especially pissed off after learning that Lin Yi was the very guy who threw him out the hospital room that day- he needed to show him just what he was made of today.

“Alright, I’ll go right away…” Ruoming quickly nodded, thinking that it’d be nice if he could bring Uncle Yan to take care of Lin Yi. Lin Yi would be reduced from a tyrant to a plaything once Uncle Yan dealt with him!

Naturally, Ruoming wasn’t aware that the disabled and imprisoned Heibao Bro was a golden class master as well- he’d have a different mentality if he’d known.

Ruoming’s excited tone prompted a sigh from Tiandi as he hung the phone up. His younger son was merciless, so had he carried out an incorrect strategy? Should he have had his elder son study and his younger one on the gangster streets? That’d be a good route indeed, but now that he’d made the mistake he needed to try and make the most out of it…

Uncle Yan didn’t usually use his cellphone, nor did he use a telephone inside the house. Yan Ran was a master isolated from the world- Tiandi wouldn’t have needed Ruoming to go to him personally if that weren’t the case. 

But Tiandi was fine with that. Masters, after all, had to be different to normal people in certain areas. It was only natural for a golden class master like Uncle Yan to be different from everybody else.

And Uncle Yan’s considerations were well thought out, too- he was a fugitive, so being a hermit was a good choice, lest someone interested in him managed to locate him.

Ruoming quickly ran out of school and stopped a taxi before heading to the villa in the Northern District.

Uncle Yan knew who Ruoming was- he didn’t ask many questions after hearing that it was an instruction from Zou Tiandi. He put on a low cap and rushed out with Ruoming.

Uncle Yan was a golden class master walking the lines of both society and sects. He’d always performed robbery for his sect, receiving compensation for it when he got caught one day, turning him into a fugitive. Fortunately for him, Tiandi saved him that day- he promised to do Tiandi three favors, staying in Songshan as a result.

He’d done two favors for Tiandi already, and today was the final one. He’d be able to leave afterwards and continue his life of robbery.

A beep sounded from Ruoming’s phone- it was a text from Tiandi, detailing him a licence plate and the model of a van.

Ruoming passed the information onto Uncle Yan, and the two stood by on a road cars needed to take in order to reach the police station.

After reaching the police station, Lingshan didn’t do anything to trouble Lin Yi. Perhaps she knew that Lin Yi could’ve just left, that he’d come here in the first place because of Tang Yin.

So she had him write down an evidence-by-deposition, and let Lin Yi and Tang Yin leave.

“Lingshan Sis is actually pretty nice, why do you always call her a… that…” Tang Yin didn’t quite understand why Lin Yi kept calling Lingshan Miss Braindead- wasn’t he being too brave? Calling Lingshan Miss Braindead… The weird part was how Lingshan didn’t retort against that, despite being angry about it.

“Ah. She’s too much trouble and asks me for help all the time.” LinYi shrugged, not wanting to spend too much time on the topic. The jade jumped twice, and Lin Y’s expression changed as he slowed the car down. “We’re in danger!!”

“Danger?” Tang Yin froze- she was about to ask questions when a figure appeared in front of them, standing some distance away from Lin Yi’s car.

Golden Class early phase. Lin Yi’s heart reacted and told him what level the opponent was at, but he didn’t know what this golden class master was doing here.

From what he could see, the man had come for him, but who was the one who’d sent him? Li Cihua? Evidently impossible- he’d lost two early phase golden class masters to Lin Yi, so why would he send another one to his death? Lin Yi didn’t think he’d be that stupid.

Zhong Fabai? Unlikely as well, after he’d sent Heibao into prison.

Jin Gubang? That was the only possibility Lin Yi found plausible, but the next moment Lin Yi found, much to his surprise, that his guess was off.

For the person jumping out after this golden class master wasn’t Jin Gubang- it was Zou Ruoming!

Ruoming froze upon seeing Tang Yin and Lin Yi in the car- he exploded in joy the next instant.

He knew what Lin Yi’s van looked like, but he didn’t remember the licence plate, but Uncle Yan’s sharp eyes caught Lin Yi’s approaching van- he jumped out right away, and now Ruoming understood that the person his father had asked him to stop was none other than Lin Yi!

Ruoming’s world burst as his body shivered with excitement and emotion- in that instant all his worries and troubles of how he should handle Lin Yi evaporated, his impossible dream of having Uncle Yan help him fulfilled!!

“Hahaha, Lin Yi? It’s you??” Ruoming started laughing. “You didn’t think it’d be like this, yeah? You didn’t think this would happen to you one day, did you, Lin Yi!!! I’ve been taking shit from you all day, and now I’ll have you killed! Fucking shit, take my Tang Yin, will you? Who the hell do you think you are? Tang Yin’s staying today, but you’re not!!”

Lin Yi stared at Ruoming, stunned. How naive could the guy get? Did he think he was invincible bringing a golden class early phase master? Lin Yi could battle late phase ones, let alone an early phase master!

After completing the first stage of his Art of Dragon Mastery, Lin Yi’s strength now rivaled that of a golden class late phase- he could even go as far as battle it out with an early phase mystic class!

“You’ve had too many retard pills, haven’t you?” Lin Yi looked at Ruoming as if he were retarded. “Retards aren’t this retarded, are they? You’re no normal retard, you’re ridiculous! You’re ten thousand times more retarded than Miss Braindead.”

(Direct translation of that nickname is Retard Lass. Sounds like a superhero.)

“Haha…” Tang Yin, naturally, knew which Miss Braindead Lin Yi was referring to. Him bringing that up at a moment like this made her start laughing, a sight godly and too beautiful for Ruoming’s eyes. It intensified his desire to claim her as his own- something like this was completely wasted on Lin Yi!!

“Miss Braindead?” Ruoming didn’t know who this Miss Braindead was, but what Lin Yi was saying couldn’t be good. He gritted his teeth in response. “It’s useless, Lin Yi, no matter what you say now. Since you still don’t understand your situation don’t blame me for what I’m about to do! Uncle Yan, finish him! Leave the girl for me!”

Ruoming was making an unauthorized change to the command that’d been given- Tiandi only wanted Uncle Yan to teach Lin Yi a lesson, but he now had to finish him all of a sudden.

A smack sounded as Lin Yi slapped Ruoming across the face. “I told you, didn’t I? Stop thinking about Tang Yin! Do you have amnesia or are you deaf?”

Ruoming didn’t expect this level of cockiness from Lin Yi- slapping him right in front of Uncle Yan? He started whining from the pain. “Uncle Yan, hurry! Finish him!!”

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