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Chapter 422 - He's Mute

Ruoming’s hair stood up as he watched Lin Yi walk over, completely terrified. “Wh-What’re you doing! Don’t… Get away…”

A slap was sent across Ruoming’s face again, this time with more power behind it- it sent Ruoming’s teeth flying out, splitting his lips as well.

(I can’t tell if this is literal or figurative… That time Cihua sent his men on Jianwen, too, the original text said Jianwen got all his teeth knocked out and couldn’t speak anymore, but as I translated the next chapter I knew that it was obviously not that serious…)

“You… You killed Uncle Yan?” Ruoming was in complete disbelief- this was a golden class they were talking about, a god! How come he was dead after Lin Yi stepped on him a couple of times? How was that possible at all??

“No, I’m not like you, okay, I don’t shout ‘kill him!’, ‘kill him!” if I’m pissed. I’m actually not that bold at all.” LIn Yi said and sent another slap across Ruoming’s cheek, turning his face into a pig-face.

“Misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding… Boss Lin Yi, I’m actually here with Uncle Yan to cause you trouble because my dad asked me to, it’s not my fault, I’m just a messenger… Don’t do anything to me…” Ruoming knew that he wouldn’t be able to get away from Lin Yi- running meant digging his own grave! Without much of a choice left, he arched his body into a kneeling position. “Boss Lin Yi, it really isn’t me!!”

“I’m not talking about that.” Lin Yi shook his head. “I’m talking about you going after Tang Yin!”

Lin Yi stepped on Ruoming’s face- he cried out tragically in response.

“I told you she’s my woman, why do you keep going after her? You wanna die?” Lin Yi felt that he needed to give this Ruoming a lesson he’d remember for good- he wouldn’t know about this scary thing called death otherwise.

“Ow… Oww……” Ruoming cried out as he held his head in his hands. “Boss Lin Yi, I won’t do it anymore… It won’t happen again… I got caught up in my lust, it won’t happen again… Please let me go…”

“Lin Yi… don’t hit him anymore… What if he dies…” Tang Yin was shocked at Lin Yi’s insanity from earlier, but still managed to find it sweet that he’d go so far for her. It didn’t matter what kind of danger she was in, as long as Lin Yi was here, he’d protect her…

But, as much as Tang Yin hated Ruoming, killing him wasn’t an option. She didn’t want Lin Yi to go to prison because of something like this- she needed to stop him.

“Ha, he won’t die. It’ll be far from that, at most he’ll just become retarded. But that’ll be nice, he wouldn’t have to spend so much money buying retard pills all the time, the bastard. I’ll just step on him until he becomes retarded.” Lin Yi smiled.

“No… Don’t… I don’t wanna be a retard… Boss Lin Yi, please let me go…” Ruoming was on the verge of tearing up- he’d rather die than become a retard!

“Scram.” Lin Yi said faintly.

(In Chinese ‘scram’ translates into roll, as in roll away.)

“Yes, I’ll scram, I’ll scram right now…” Ruoming didn’t dare get up and run- who knew if Lin Yi would use that to dish out more punishment at him. To make that scenario as unlikely as possible, Ruoming literally started rolling on the ground to move himself away…

“Haha…” Tang Yin couldn’t help but laugh at what Ruoming looked like. She didn’t want Lin Yi to use violence, but she had to admit that what was happening relieved and eased her.

If it weren’t for Lin Yi, she’d still be suffering from Ruoming’s teasing and messing with her every day- who knew how that’d end?

Lin Yi took one look at Uncle Yan and pulled his phone out to give Lingshan a call.

Lingshan was about to get Tiandi and Ruoguang to the traffic police department on the other side- on the surface, the two hadn’t committed any crimes or anything, they’d just broken some traffic laws. Lingshan wasn’t responsible for that area, and she couldn’t really do anything anyway.

She’d just returned to her office when her phone rang- it was Lin Yi calling. Lingshan frowned, wondering if Lin Yi had messed up again. After all, she didn’t think that he’d thought up a solution to cure Liu Bojia that quickly- he was calling for something else!

She massaged her temple and picked the phone up helplessly. “Lin Yi. What’s wrong?”

“Got out of the police station and drove into an ambush. I subdued the guy, so come pick him up.” Lin Yi said.

“Wha?! You got ambushed? Who is it?” Lingshan blinked.

“A guy Zou Tiandi sent, I guess.” Lin Yi said faintly. “Hurry up, it’s just straight ahead if you start from the police station. You’ll see me if you go straight.”

With that, he hung the phone up, much to Lingshan’s frustration. Was that a command?? Was the guy actually giving her a command??? She was pissed off, but she was required to go- she got up and walked downstairs before driving to where Lin Yi was.

“Isn’t that just an old man? Zou Tiandi sent him? You didn’t hit him with your car, did you?” Lingshan suspected that Lin Yi drove right into someone and decided to pin it on Tiandi, even calling an innocent old man Tiandi’s lackey. “He’s supposed to be the ambusher?”

“Early phase golden class.” Lin Yi shrugged. “Could you get any more braindead?”

“Early phase golden class?” Lingshan opened her mouth in shock. She took a closer look at the man, and her expression changed- this was a fugitive! This was a fugitive lying in front of her!

Lingshan was the captain of the criminal police, and would always look over the pictures of listed fugitives- as a result, she recognized this old man immediately from the countless images in her head.

Yan Qiyuan, a wanted murderer and robber on the run for more than two years, with no trails leading to him. She never expected to see him here!

“He should be a fugitive, right?” Lin Yi made a guess judging from Lingshan’s reaction.

“He is!” Lingshan nodded, a trace of joy in her eyes. Lin Yi actually stumbled on and managed to capture a fugitive! This Yan Qiyuan was an early phase golden class, that was true, but he’d been disabled by Lin Yi from the looks of it, not much different from Heibao’s situation.

Lin Yi patted Qiyuan on his body twice to wake him up- his face was overflowing with sadness and pain. He was an early phase golden class! How could he have been disabled so easily? Why was there someone this powerful in the mortal world in the first place? From what he could see, Lin Yi must be only around twenty years old!

Lingshan took out her handcuffs and cuffed Qiyuan. She couldn’t feel any danger from him, but the guy was still a golden class threat. She didn’t want to let her guard down when dealing with someone like this.

“Alright, I’m going then.” Lin Yi said, preparing to leave now that things had come to an end.

“Wait, I need you to come to the station with me…” Lingshan stopped Lin Yi.

“Just say you were the one who captured him- it’s not the first time anyway!” Lin Yi couldn’t bother going back with Lin Yi- it was so much trouble.

“But… the criminal’s testimony…” Lingshan was thinking that there might be trouble if she claimed to have captured the man when she didn’t.

Lin Yi casually tapped Qiyuan on the neck a couple of times. “Alright, he’s mute now, can’t talk anymore.”

so you guys know that girl from Lin Yi's suicide squad days, Yi? Well, this is embarrassing but apparently it's Ning... Realized after a reader pointed it out. The 'Xiao' thing still applies though, until I learn her full name I don't know whether if the 'xiao' is actually in her name. Think I talked about the 'xiao' thing in a TL note before.

also another reader asked if I could use Retard Lass instead of Miss Braindead, so sure. If anyone has a different variation please tell. Also sorry I don't remember your names haha I only read the comments

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