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Chapter 413 - Change of Approach

“Ha… Tell me then, what’s up?” Lin Yi was quite pleased. He didn’t want to be on this phone call, but Lingshan had admitted to being brain-dead- what else could he say to that?

Lingshan lit up in joy after hearing those words. This Lin Yi didn’t take things the hard way, and it seemed like she needed to change her approach into one he couldn’t reject whenever she needed his help from now on. 

“That person who the psycho murderer injured the other day- do you have any way of waking him up?” Lingshan asked.

“Who? The guy in the room where Guan Xin was held hostage?” Lin Yi asked after some thought. A psycho murderer he knew would have to be the one from that day.

“That’s right. He’s still unconscious and living on life support. You have any ideas?” Lingshan asked, hopeful.

“Hm…” Lin Yi had actually checked on Bojia that day- he was in a really dire condition.

“Well, is there a way or not?” Lingshan pressed after the silence.

“Are there any benefits for me?” Lin Yi asked after thinking about it.

“Benefits…” Lingshan was about to say no when she remembered that Lin Yi wasn’t in the police force- he had no obligation to be helping her all the time. “I can apply for you to be a police officer in name, and you’d have a salary every month, except it’s not a lot…”

“Not interested.” Lin Yi rejected immediately. What did that even count as? Lingshan would probably drag him around to help her all day, all for that measly pay.

“Then what kind of benefits do you want?” Lingshan asked.

“Let’s just keep that in mind first, I can’t think of anything right now.” Lin Yi mentioned that without really think about it, and he couldn’t come up with any ideas at all. Him helping Lingshan was essentially helping Huaijun anyway. Lingshan coming to him had definitely been prompted by Huaijun as well, and he’d pay Huaijun that respect even if he didn’t want to help Lingshan. “Where’s the patient? I’ll go take a look.”

“The intensive care unit on the twelfth floor. You’ll see it once you come up, I’ve got some men at the door.” Lingshan was still wondering what Lin Yi wanted, not expecting Lin Yi to just put the benefit talk aside like that.

“Alright, wait for me then.” Lin Yi hung up and turned to Tang Yin. “You wanna come up with me?”

“It’s important business, I’ll just stay out… I’ll keep my dad company.” Tang Yin hesitated. As pretty as Lingshan was, she gave off an aura that pressured her. From how things stood, Lin Yi clearly didn’t like Lingshan at all, calling her brain-dead and retarded all the time. He wasn’t going to play, too- it was something important.

“Alright, I’ll come see you later. We’ll go back to school together.” Lin Yi nodded and pushed open the door, leaving the Tangs.

He took the elevator to the twelfth floor, and exited it to see two police officers sitting outside a hospital room. He made his way over with quick steps.

“Mister Lin, is it? Captain Song’s waiting for you inside.” The officers guarding the room had gotten instructions from Lingshan already- they gave him a nod and let Lin Yi in.

Lin Yi entered the room to see a huge breathing machine with a person laying under it- that person was Liu Bojia, very pale and skinny compared to the last time he’d seen him. Lingshan stood beside the breathing machine, turning to Lin Yi as he walked in. “Lin Yi, you have a plan?”

Lin Yi didn’t say anything- he went over and closely inspected Bojia to determine his condition. It wasn’t until awhile after that he slowly shook his head, uttering three words. “It’s very hard.”

Hard, but Lin Yi didn’t say impossible! That meant that there was a way, and Lingshan’s tense emotions relaxed. “You have a way?”

“Yes, but I feel like it’s not worth it. It’s too much effort.” Lin Yi shook his head.

Lingshan bit her lip- she didn’t think Lin Yi was trying to put on airs, since Doctor Yang had briefed her on what the situation was. As things were, the hospital wasn’t capable of doing anything; if Lin Yi had a way, it would most definitely be a difficult one.

“Miss… Miss Braindead’s begging you, okay..?” Lingshan gritted her teeth and managed to get the whole thing out. After all, she’d determined that the soft approach appealed to Lin Yi, and while the nickname ‘Miss Braindead’ gave her an urge to just drop dead in a way that involved pulling Lin Yi down with her, she decided to endure it for Lin Yi’s help. She swore to herself that if Lin Yi were to fall into her hands one day she’d let him taste hell!

“Ha… I’ll give it a try then.” Lin Yi found himself quite helpless to what Lingshan was saying- he couldn’t really reject her after that, could he? “But I’m not good enough yet. I’ll only be able to wake him up, but I’m not sure how long he’ll live, there’s no guarantee. There’s too many things wrong with his body.”

“You’re saying that there’s hope of curing him instead of just waking him up for a short period?” Lingshan could hear the implications in Lin Yi’s words.

“I can’t do it, but my old man at home probably could.” Lin Yi said. “But, my old man won’t be coming here, so if you want him to die I’ll wake him up for you right now. If you want to save his life, then leave him alone for now, let him lay there.”

“Um…” Lingshan was in a difficult position. She wanted to get new clues as soon as possible, but if Lin Yi had a way of healing Bojia’s injuries she’d rather not have those clues just yet.

It was different when they didn’t have a way- she’d thought that just having Bojia speak out a couple sentences was ideal enough, but now that Lin Yi could cure him she didn’t want to sacrifice an innocent.

“Call me after you make up your mind. I’m going back.” Lin Yi smiled, aware of what Lingshan was considering. “I’m on limited lunch break time.”

“No need to think about it. Heal him when you’re able to.” Lingshan shook her head.

“Oh?” Lin Yi was a bit surprised- he wasn’t expecting such decisiveness from Lingshan. It seemed that he’d underestimated her, she actually had quite strong principles of justice and responsibility. “Alright, I’ll try my best. I’ll give you an answer as soon as I can.”

It was Lingshan’s turn to be surprised- she never thought that those words would be coming out of Lin Yi’s mouth! After all, the guy kept using excuses every time she went to him for help, but he was saying things like ‘try my best’ and ‘as soon as I can’!!

Lingshan couldn’t adapt to that in time- wasn’t this too drastic a change? Could it be because of her change in attitude, was this the result? It had to be, the guy only responded well to a soft approach!

“Alright… Miss Braindead will be waiting for your phone call then…” Lingshan felt uncomfortable and awkward to be doing this, but her subordinates weren’t here, it was only the two of them. Since no one would learn of this she’d treat it as a secret between Lin Yi and her. If this kid really was willing to help then it was fine for her to be a little retarded, that's what she got for being weaker than him.

Lin Yi didn’t know if he knew this girl anymore- she’d been calling herself Miss Braindead, and this was the third time! Was she willing to even insult herself just for help?

But killing some of her pride was fine- Lin Yi decided not to go out of his way to correct her. “Alright, I’m going.”

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