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Chapter 414 - Eerie Analysis Report

Lingshan watched as Lin Yi left, and finally couldn’t take it anymore. Gritting her teeth, she exploded and started ramming her fist against the wall. “Lin Yi!!! I’ll break your face, you bastard! How dare you nickname me… Miss Braindead, Miss Braindead!! Miss Braindead is you!!!”

What followed was a series of punches at the wall.

Lingshan sent out five punches before her fist started hurting- she stopped and walked out the room very pissed off. Her two subordinates were sitting quite properly by the door, having heard the commotion from inside the room. Lingshan was angry, and no one wanted to get on her bad side.

Fatty Lai couldn’t quite believe his eyes- his father was awake! Not only was he awake, he was speaking and even eating!

“Dad? You’re fine? You’re alright now?” Fatty Lai was so excited he almost fainted. “I’ll go get the doctor, wait for me…”

Fatty Lai charged out the room in three steps, shouting at the hallway. “Doctor!! Where’s the doctor!! Hurry!!”

“What’s wrong? What happened?” The doctor had rushed over thinking that there was something wrong when he walked in to Fatty Lai’s father, who was conscious!!

“Doctor, please look at my father, is he fine??” What Fatty Lai wanted to do most now was to run over to Lin Yi, kneel, and ram his head against the floor- what a savior the miracle doctor was!!

The doctor started frantically giving the old man a checkup after calling the nurse over- the analysis report was nothing less than shocking! The patient’s body had prominently turned a lot healthier, and while the uremia wasn’t cured yet it was turning for the better!!

“How is this possible? Just how is this possible?!” The doctor stared at the analysis report in his hand, his mouth gaping and eyes wide open. He told Changtian yesterday that there was nothing he could do, so why was Elder Lai awake right now?? This made no sense at all… 

The doctor’s eyes lit up as he remembered something from yesterday- this Changyi had gotten his hands on some PIll of Life Extension and Toxin CLeansing yesterday, a pill he wanted to feed his old man. Had that pill proven effective?

He couldn’t think of any other possibility other than that! At the thought, the doctor quickly turned to Fatty Lai. “Mister Lai, did you feed your father that Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing?”

“I did! How is it, is it effective? Heh heh, I knew it’d work!” Fatty Lai exclaimed happily as he looked at the analysis report in his hands. If just less than half the pill was enough for such miraculous results, wouldn’t his father’s sickness be completely controlled if he’d gotten his hands on a whole pill??

Fatty Lai wasn’t too wild with his hopes- he didn’t expect his father to be cured, and would be satisfied with just the sickness being within control. His old man was old, and he wanted him to live a couple years more if he could. That was Fatty Lai’s only wish.

“It is effective…” The doctor wiped off the sweat on his brow. “I’ve never seen something as miraculous as this before… Fatty Lai, I’ll be honest- you should bring your old man to that master, there’s nothing I can do for him!”

The doctor had taken a lot of red packets from these two brothers, and he wanted to be honest and point Fatty Lai to the route with hope.

Fatty Lai sighed, a bitter expression appearing on his face at the words. “He’s a master, he wouldn’t pay me any attention…”

The doctor shook his head, agreeing internally. If the person was a master, he wouldn’t really want to bother with a crybaby like Fatty Lai, crying and sobbing at the slightest of things. How old did the man think he was, had he no shame?

“Then leave him here in the hospital for recovery- I’ll try my best!” The doctor said.

“Ah, right- you need to keep this a secret, don’t tell anyone at all costs!” Fatty Lai instructed after something crossed his mind.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone!” The doctor nodded, wondering why he’d ever do something so idiotic. Not only would he piss this man off, he wouldn’t even get any benefits! If he just kept silent the world would assume that he was the one who cured Elder Lai, raising his name in the medical world!

Changtian’s face was pale and looking very ugly as he rushed to the hospital- he opened the door to see his father conscious, and seemingly very healthy, too! He never expected for his brother to just stumble on something that would actually wake the old man up!

But this also meant that the contract they’d signed earlier was no longer effective- as long as the old man was still alive and living Changyi had no right to give over his electronic industry rights to him.

Changtian could only express his blessings and congratulations to his father, but prioritized his strategies of what he should do with him in order to turn that contract with Changyi into a reality.

Donghai, House Kang’s villa.

Miracle Doctor Kang looked at the analysis report in his hands, dumbfounded. He would’ve thought that he was being pranked if this report hadn’t been brought over to the research facility by Zhaolong himself, concluded after several experiments!

“Dog shit? The primary component of the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing is dog shit? Are you sure this is correct?” Miracle Doctor Kang was full of disbelief as he stared at the report.

“Yes!” Zhaolong nodded. “Grandpa, I’ve had people analyze it many times, and the result is that the components are most similar to those of dog shit!”

“Dog shit? Is dog shit really related to life extension and toxin cleansing?” Miracle Doctor Kang couldn’t wrap his head around on how dog feces provided that sort of effect.

“But grandpa, I really am feeling really well!” Having gotten what he wanted, Zhaoming was no longer putting on an act- he was looking fresh and revived as he sat in the living room of the Kang household. “Grandpa, I feel like I’m a lot better… To tell you guys the truth, I used to have some problems down there, but now… Heh heh…”

Zhaoming stopped there, but everyone understood what he meant! He was the most useless playboy of the Kang house, always mixing with girls… No one doubted his words.

“You’re really feeling good, Zhaoming?” MIracle Doctor Kang found the whole thing quite odd. Did dog shit really cure diseases?

“That’s right, grandpa! I really am!” Zhaoming nodded before giving his own input. “Actually, grandpa, I think, the fact that the primary component is dog shit isn’t weird at all!”

“Oh? What do you mean?” Miracle Doctor Kang got interested all of a sudden. If this was in the past, he wouldn’t have valued this grandson’s opinion at all- he was just a playboy, a money-waster who used his family’s name to go around.

But after he’d offered his body to test the medicine, Miracle Doctor Kang started placing value in him, interested in what insight he now had.

“Grandpa, we’re dead convinced that dog shit is something so normal and disgusting that it just has to be something for throwing away, that it couldn’t possibly be medicine at all!” Xhaoming said. “But in some medical books don’t they talk about baby urine and tiger urine, stuff like that being medicine in their own right as well? If even urine can be medicine, then why can’t dog poop be as well?”

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