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Chapter 412 - Just Go To Lin Yi

“Who’s that?” Huaijun asked.

“Professor Guan Xuemin, the professor who’s always been treating you, big bro Yang…” Lingshan would always refer to Huaijun as big bro Yang when they were alone- it sounded more intimate.

“Oh? Elder Guan?” Huaijun blinked. “If you’re looking for him you’re going out of your way. Just go to Lin Yi for this.”

“Lin Yi?” Lingshan blinked. “What for?”

“If you want Elder Guan’s help, he’ll still recommend you to Lin Yi.” Huaijun smiled.

Lingshan was very much confused after ending the phone call- why did Huaijun always direct her to Lin Yi? Was Lin Yi so good that he could do every single thing in every field? She’d asked him to help locate the culprit earlier, but he said he didn’t know- how come he’d be able to help when it involved Liu Bojia?

But if Huaijun was the one saying this then it had to be a logical route. Lingshan didn’t really trust Lin Yi, but the trust she had towards Huaijun was utter.

At that thought, she made a phone call to Lin Yi…

Lin Yi opened Tangju’s door and stepped in to see the father and daughter discussing something- Tang Yin blushed and shut her lip instantly as Lin Yi walked in. “Uh... Why didn’t you knock?”

Tangju, on the other hand, had a wide smile on his face. “Yi, you’ve come! Here, have a seat. Yin, why don’t you slice some apples for your friend here?”

“No need, thanks.” Lin Yi said with a wave of his hand. “Lunch break is short- I’ll just take a look at your injuries and go back with Tang Yin.”

“Alright, how can I cooperate?” Tangju said happily. He heard from his daughter about the miraculous scene she’d seen yesterday, so even he himself was both satisfied with and terrified of Lin Yi, unsure if he’d still want to be with his daughter anymore.

“It’s alright, just lie down on your side there, Uncle Tang.” Lin Yi walked over with a smile and pulled a box of needles out of his pocket. It was the needles he’d used for acupuncture on Zhenhu, needles that he now had on him all the time after that day.

“Alright.” Tangju complied and laid on his side.

Lin Yi stabbed a needle into Tanghu’s waist very casually, giving Tang Yin a fright- she calmed down and relaxed after seeing her father seemingly unaffected.

“Do you feel anything?” Lin Yi asked.

“No…” Tangju shook his head slightly.

Lin Yi frowned. He started turning the needle in his hand and asked again. “What about now?”

“No…” Tangju shook his head again.

Lin Yi’s expression stiffened. Tangju couldn’t see it, but Tang Yin did- she couldn’t help but feel anxious, keeping her mouth shut so she wouldn’t ruin her father’s hopeful and happy mood.

“What about here?” Lin Yi chose a different location for the needle.

“A little… A little bit, feels numb…” Tangju started feeling something at that point. “It’s like my waist is itching…”

“Ah… Not bad, it’s still good.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Really? That’s great, that’s wonderful news!” Tangju exclaimed happily after hearing the words. Her daughter had told him a lot of amazing stories about Lin Yi before he came over- he was utterly impressed now that he’d seen Lin Yi’s miraculous acupuncture firsthand.

“Uncle Tang, I’ll be honest- your left leg’s fine, but there’s a bit of a problem with you right one.” Lin Yi said candidly. This wasn’t something he’d need to hide, and Tangju would realize it himself when walking a couple days later.

“Ah? One leg… Does that mean he’ll limp?” Tang Yin didn’t manage to hold herself back from the shock, but realized afterward that it was an inappropriate thing to say. Saying that in front of her father’s face would definitely sadden him…

“Oh? I get one leg? That’s not bad, it’s so much better than just lying in bed like this! I’d be able to do things and help my wife!” Tangju was being quite optimistic, reclaiming his previous joy after a moment’s pause. As far as he was concerned, he’d be grateful as long as he got stronger as he was now. Why would he ask for so much and aim so high, after all.

“I’m glad you think that way, Uncle Tang.” Lin Yi had thought that he’d have to give Uncle Tang consolation, but his unexpected optimism saved him that effort. “But don’t give up yet, Uncle Tang- I’ll perform acupuncture on you after you’ve fully recovered, and I’ll bring the medicine from my old home, too. You’ll get to throw your crutches away in no time after that.”

“Really??” Tangju’s eyes were wide open as he looked at Lin Yi. He had helplessly accepted his fate, but Lin Yi was telling him there was still hope! “There’s still a way?”

“Your situation’s similar with Fen’s, Uncle Tang- of course there’s a way.” Lin Yi smiled. “So please, don’t feel burdened or anything, it’s just a little problem with the nerves, that’s all.”

“Great, great!” Tangju was bursting with joy at the unexpected surprise- Lin Yi had given him hope for a cure just when he was feeling helpless.

“Thanks……” Tang Yin curled her lips- she had so much gratitude she had wanted to put into words, but ‘thanks’ was all that came out…

“Ah, I’m just helping out.” Lin Yi smiled as his phone rang. He apologized with a gesture and took his phone out- all of a sudden he didn’t want to answer it anymore.

It was Song Lingshan! What did that miss want again, did she have another favor to ask?

“Who’s calling? Why aren’t you picking up?” Tang Yin asked a little suspiciously.

“A braindead miss.” Lin Yi said before declining the call.

“Braindead miss?” Tang Yin blinked, not knowing who Lin Yi was talking about.

“Song Lingshan. You’ve met her- I helped her rescue a hostage last time.” Lin Yi said.

“Oh, officer Song. She should have something important if she’s calling you, right? Why won’t you pick up?” Tang Yin said, remembering the girl. “What if you need her help in the future?”

Tang Yin had struggled for far too long at the bottom of the social pyramid- to her, having more friends was always beneficial, especially when said friend was a high-ranking cop. There’d be so many things she could get help with!

“Her help? I’d be lucky if she would stop needing my help…” Lin Yi’s phone interrupted him- it was Lingshan calling again. Helpless, he answered the call. “Hello? Miss braindead? Will you give it a rest, what do you want?”

Lin Yi was trying to have a conversation with Tang Yin but this person just kept on interrupting! It annoyed him, and Lin Yi wondered why she couldn’t learn to call at more appropriate times.

“Who’re you…” Lingshan wanted to say ‘who’re you calling Miss braindead’, but managed to hold it in. She needed Lin Yi’s help, and had naturally prepared for a scolding. “Fine, Miss braindead has a favor to ask!”

Lingshan was itching with frustration at Lin Yi- she wanted to eat him up!

But she understood that Lin Yi was a person who didn’t like things the hard way- if she’d insisted on being tough all the time Lin Yi might even hang up on her.


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