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Chapter 343 - Blissful Troubles

As conflicted as she was feeling, Tang Yin couldn’t help but feel loved and in bliss… After all, Fen’s boyfriend didn’t even agree to lend her twenty thousand the last time her family needed it, let alone a hundred and fifty thousand…

As much of a flirter the guy had been, Fen was now in a horrible state all thanks to him.

Thinking back on it, she felt that Lin Yi never actually said anything sweet to please her, other than being a bit aggressive with her sometimes, and yet… He’d always been there reliably right when she was desperate and helpless.

On the other hand, Tang Yin felt that she was now even further indebted to Lin Yi, to the point where she couldn’t pay him back anymore… There was no way she could give him one hundred fifty thousand in the next couple of years, nor was she expecting Wei or Dan to be able to……

Was her cousin right after all? Would she be his woman in the future, so that she wouldn’t need to return it anymore? It sounded simple, but……

“That fast?” Mrs. Tang thought that her daughter had to go talk to Lin Yi in person about it, that she might have to offer something in return… After all, Mrs. Tang was a woman who’d seen some of the cruelest and coldest things this society had to offer. The thought that she was pushing her daughter into a pit came to mind, but it didn’t seem reasonable from her experience with Lin Yi… The guy was different from Kang Zhaoming, he wouldn’t just get bored of a girl and leave her, would he..?

Wei was the only boy from her mother’s side- she couldn’t just let him go sell his kidney, her father would never forgive her! The village she was from put heavy emphasis on boys over girls, after all.

What Mrs. Tang wasn’t expecting, however, was how her daughter was able to borrow the money with one simple phone call! She was shocked, delighted, and also regretful. “Should’ve asked for fifty thousand more if I knew it’d be that easy, we could’ve let your father go through a surgery……”

“Mom!!!” Tang Yin frowned unhappily. Did her mother think Lin Yi was a gold mine they could just dig from??

“Why couldn’t you have thought about that! You’re just borrowing money once, couldn’t you have borrowed more??” Mrs. Tang was thinking that she could’ve asked for more since she’d be paying some sort of price for the loan in the first place!

“Mom, what’re you talking about!!” Tang Yin was panicking at this point. “If that’s the case then I won’t borrow anything at all, not a single cent!!”

“Fine, fine! I’ll stop talking!” Mrs. Tang eyed her daughter, wondering why she wasn’t quicker in her head. She should get as much money as possible when he still liked her! She’d at least still have money even if Lin Yi abandoned her one day……

Yet Mrs. Tang’s mindset couldn’t really be blamed on her- anyone who’d went through the things she had would more or less think the same way. 

She had long gotten tired of being poor.

Love was important, but it was something that needed money as a foundation. After all, what was love without money? She would’ve left Old Tang long ago if it weren’t for her love towards him, the same love giving her all this stress and bitterness!

But so what if she loved him? Old Tang wasn’t the only one who’d gotten hurt in the factory… Exactly how many of the families in her situation had gotten a divorce already?

Money had taken priority in Mrs. Tang’s mind- she felt that money was the only solid thing when owned… It was why she wanted Tang Yin to get money from Lin Yi.

Tang Yin, on the other hand, sighed as she looked at her mother’s disappointed look. Of course she knew what was going through her mind, she simply couldn’t bring herself to understand it- the hardships of life hadn’t blunted her independent outlook on life yet.

“Tang Yin, what’s wrong? Is one hundred fifty thousand not enough?” Lin Yi heard what Mrs. Tang had said himself- he had a smile on his face.

“No, it’s nothing…… Don’t listen to my mom……” Tang Yin realized that she was still in the call- Lin Yi had heard everything… She felt embarrassed and furious, finding her mother’s greed quite humiliating……

Mrs. Tang took out a credit card from under her mattress- there was twenty thousand kuai in there.

“Yin, give me the phone…..” Mrs. Tang said as she reached for the phone.

She didn’t dare hand the phone over- who knew what she was planning to say? “I’ll read the number to him!”

Mrs. Tang gave her the card, and Tang Yin was about to read the number to Lin Yi when he stopped her. “Send it to me by text- don’t wanna lose the money to a wrong account…..”

“Ah, I’ll send it to you then!” Tang Yin didn’t know that Lin Yi was teasing her with that- the transfer wouldn’t be successful if the cardholder name didn’t correspond with the card number.

Lin Yi dialed Guan Xuemin up after the numbers had been sent to him.

“Yi? Where have you been these two days, I’ve been trying to reach you!” Xuemin’s voice sounded from the other end.

“Oh? What’s wrong, Grandpa Guan?” Lin Yi wasn’t expecting that.

“Liu Tianyi came over with Elder Liu yesterday- he wanted to thank you in person! He said that his body felt a lot lighter, that he had a larger appetite along with stronger steps, as if he were ten years younger!” Xuemin said. “Yi, I myself envy your medical prowess!”

“They’ve come to thank me?” Lin Yi chuckled to himself- they were probably just there to get closer to him now that they’d seen his value. They didn’t start off with very good terms, but the Liu’s weren’t idiots at all.

“That’s right, they’re going back to Yanjing soon, and the villa wouldn’t be of much use to them anymore… They’re thinking of giving it to you as thanks!” Xuemin said. “Just give me your ID number and I’ll handle the procedure for you.”

“Haha, they sure are generous.” Lin Yi shrugged. “Although, money would probably be more useful now that I lack it.”

“He did give you money- Tianyi packed a ten million kuai red packet to you!” Xuemin said with a chuckle. “Everything sure has been a surprise- I was still worrying over the company’s starting funds, but you managed to gather a hundred million right away! Just this one patient’s enough to start us off!”

(red packets are packets with money Chinese people give to each other during New Years or over some other thing worth celebrating)

“Can’t help it there- I didn’t want to charge them like that, but there are some unlikeable people in that family.” Lin Yi said. “Well, Elder Liu’s pretty nice, he wasn’t putting on airs or anything...“

“It’s not about that- he simply felt that associating with a miracle doctor like you was an extreme value to their family!” Xuemin said. “They wouldn’t have given you a red packet this packed otherwise.”

“Yeah. Help me tell them this, Grandpa Guan- I’ll accept the villa and red packet, but I’m still charging them if they come to me for service next time- I’ll consider letting them cut in line!” Lin Yi said confidently. The Lius should be quite delighted to hear that.

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