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Chapter 342 - Backed Against A Wall

“He’s your boyfriend, so what’s wrong with borrowing some money from him! You can test if his feelings for you are true at the same time, too!” Mrs. Tang said. “See how Wei wants to sell his kidney for Dan’s sake- what’s wrong with Lin Yi lending you some money!”

“I……” Tang Yin bit her lip and turned to her father for support, but Tang Ju only lowered his head.

He felt like crap- would things be like this if he were successful in life?

“Sis, does brother-in-law really have that much money?” Wei couldn’t hold the question in- no one would sell their kidney unless it was the only possible option. 

“Don’t listen to her, Wei! He’s not your brother-in-law, he’s just a classmate I’m a bit close with.” Tang Yin looked at Wei’s hopeful eyes, unsure of what she should do.

She knew that her relationship with Lin Yi would only get foggier if she asked him to lend her this money… But if she didn’t, Wei was going to sell his kidney to save Dan…..

“Sis, could you try asking him?” Wei was sure that this guy was Tang Yin’s boyfriend after hearing her response- it was almost a certainty.

“I… Wei, it’s not that I don’t wanna help you, but how am I supposed to return that money if I do borrow it? We’re nowhere near capable of giving it back!” Tang Yin sighed.

“He’s gonna be my brother-in-law sooner or later, sis- your his girl already, he’s not going to force you to return the money or anything, is he?” Wei asked. “Dan and I aren’t disabled or anything, you know, we’ll still be working… We’ll be able to return the money one day……”

“That’s right, Yin- your cousin brother never asked you for anything before! It’s but a simple gesture, why’re you so bad at thinking things through!!” Mrs. Tang was getting angry- why was her daughter dodging this solution, did she want to force her cousin into selling his kidney?! “I’ll make the call if you don’t want to!!”

(these people are ridiculous)

“You… You guys just wanna force me……” Tang Yin’s eyes were getting red and tearing up. “You guys don’t understand at all, you don’t know what’s going on……”

Tang Yin wanted to say that Lin Yi might not even be with her in the future, but the words stayed in her mouth.

“Yin, how is this forcing you? Do you think mom will ever let anything bad happen to you?” Mrs. Tang was a bit displeased- it wasn’t like she was telling her to commit a crime or anything! Why was she so against borrowing money from Lin Yi when it was such a feasible option?!

“I’ll make the call, alright! I’ll make the call!!!” Tang Yin stood up and ran out the house with her phone, tears streaming down her face as she sobbed in the yard.

Her mother and cousin didn’t understand at all! What sort of position did they think she was in, did they really think that she could just ask Lin Yi for one hundred fifty thousand???

Lin Yi liked her now, that was true, but it wasn’t anything official- their relationship was as blurry as it got! Where did she come off asking him for that much money? She’d have borrowed money like that from him for her father a long time ago if she could’ve!

She dialed Lin Yi up after the sobbing finished. She still couldn’t just let Wei sell his kidney.

Lin Yi hadn’t gotten a text back from Tang Yin ever since he’d replied, and just assumed that she hadn’t seen it when his phone rang.

“Hello? Tang Yin?” Lin Yi was pleasantly surprised from Tang Yin’s call- it was a good start that she’d be the first to call like that. “What’s wrong, you miss me or something?”

“......” She couldn’t stop a slight smile to form on her lips- Lin Yi had cheered her up a bit. “Of course not, who do you think you are!”

“Haha…” Lin Yi laughed. “What’s up? It’s pretty late.”

Lin Yi actually understood Tang Yin pretty well- she was the introvert type, a girl who acted tough but couldn’t express her feelings very well. She wouldn’t just call him just to say hi, at least not at the stage they were at.

“Lin Yi…… There’s something… I need to beg you for……” Tang Yin’s heart grew solemn once more at the topic.

“What’s that?” Lin Yi was surprised- this wasn’t how Tang Yin usually acted?

“Um…. Could you… lend me one hundred fifty thousand..? Don’t worry, I’ll return it to you, I guarantee it!” Tang Yin said after some hesitation.

“One hundred fifty thousand?” Lin Yi paused at what Tang Yin was saying- it didn’t sound like her at all! Was this the same girl who tried to reject his offer of buying her a cellphone?

The fact that she’d even ask this meant that Tang Yin had come across some unavoidable trouble, trouble so serious that she simply had no other choice. Tang Yin wasn’t someone who was greedy for money- she’d have been contaminated by society long ago if she were.

“I really need this money… My cousin brother got into some trouble, he’ll have to sell his kidney without the money…” Tang Yin didn’t want Lin Yi to think she was that kind of girl.

“His kidney??” Lin Yi was speechless. “Tell him to calm down- money’s not a problem. Give me an account and I’ll get someone to transfer the money!”

Lin Yi wouldn’t have been able to say something like that if the request had come in a couple of days earlier, but he now had Guangbo’s one hundred million to back that up. 

“Ah??” It was Tang Yin’s turn to be surprised- never would she have expected for Lin Yi to just say yes without asking for any details!! Did he really trust her that much? Didn’t it occur to him that she might be lying for the money?

“What? It’s just one hundred fifty thousand……” Lin Yi, naturally, wasn’t so unfamiliar with Tang Yin that he’d think she was lying.

“Then… Wait a second……” Tang Yin’s heart was thumping and her face was red- she’d gathered all of her courage to ask Lin Yi worried that he might reject her right away, or that he might have trouble getting the funds… After all, not every rich kid could just pull out a sum like that.

But Lin Yi made it sound so easy- he didn’t even hesitate at all… It made Tang Yin very grateful and relieved.

“Mom… Lin Yi needs an account number……” Tang Yin couldn’t stop a soft smile from forming on her lips as she said the words…

She’d been forced to ask the question, but now that Lin YI had said yes she kinda felt like letting people know how much Lin Yi cared for her… Even a girl like Tang Yin liked to show off once in a while.

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