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Chapter 344 - Thanks, Brother-In-Law

“Ah, right, Yi, I’ve forgotten- what did you call me for?” Xuemin remembered that it was Lin Yi who made the call.

“Ah. Grandpa Guan, I’m sending you an account number- can you help me transfer two hundred thousand over?” Lin Yi said.

“Alright. I’ll have Xin Xin do that on the internet in just a minute.” Xuemin said without asking any questions.

“Thanks, Grandpa Guan. About the medicine company… I have time these couple of days, so I’ll come visit to talk about it sometime soon. I don’t know anything about stuff like that, so I’ll have to trouble you again.” Lin Yi felt bad- he was leaving all the work for Xuemin while he only produced the recipe.

“If you’re not showing up for the meetings and everything then it’s best to get a representative- I’m an old man, and while I can help you in terms of credibility and everything, it’s better for you young people to take care of the business side of things.” Xuemin said with a bitter smile. “To tell the truth, I myself am just an elderly scholar… I’m no better a businessman than you are!”

“Ah, I see……” Lin Yi hadn’t thought about anything other than just using Xuemin’s name and his recipe, but there was more to starting a company than just that, it seemed. The execution was critical as well.

“That’s right. My younger son’s a good candidate- Xin Xin’s father, but I don’t want him to be involved.” Xuemin said. “If you don’t plan on taking care of the management yourself than you’ll have to get someone you trust to help watch over things.”

“Grandpa Guan, isn’t Guan Xin a shareholder of the company? She could help look after things.” Lin Yi suggested.

“Haha, Xin Xin’s a shareholder, but she’s also a representative of mine. You’ll have to find a different one.” Xuemin said. “Oh- come over if you have time, there are some tests we need to run the medicine through before it can go on the market. There’s paperwork we need to deal with, too.”

“No problem- let’s do that this weekend.” Lin Yi was thinking that the birthday feast wouldn’t take up too much of his time- he could visit Xuemin after that.

He still had some healing medicine on him, and there was the painkiller medicine he’d given to Huaijun from last time, the recipe of which Xuemin had. He should be testing them in the meantime.

Just two products should be enough for the early stage- too many might dampen the impact. He’d release more products after they’d gained some fame.

Guan Xin looked at the account holder and saw Tang Yin’s name- she was a bit disappointed and even a little jealous, but sent the two hundred thousand over anyway.

Mrs. Tang’s bank card was opened using Tang Yin’s name- it had been for Tang Yin’s red packet money and allowance savings, but Tang Yin offered all of that for her father when he got injured. Mrs. Tang didn’t bother opening another account, and decided to just use Tang Yin’s card as the family bank card.

A beep sounded from Kang Ju’s phone that the card was bound to.

“Two hundred thousand?” Kang Ju said with surprise.

“Two hundred?” Mrs. Tang’s surprise was followed by delight- she pulled the phone out of her husband’s hand and looked at the number, repeatedly counting the zeros to make sure it really was two hundred thousand instead of twenty. “What did I tell you, Yin! Little Lin’s a good man! See, he’s sent you two hundred thousand when you asked for fifteen! Looks like he heard what I said!”

“......” Tang Yin didn’t know if she should be happy with her mother or feel helpless- she was now even further in debt.

“We have your medical fees now, Old Tang! Let’s go to the hospital tomorrow!” Mrs. Tang said happily- now that her husband’s disability problem could be handled she wouldn’t have to work by herself anymore!

“Sis, is brother-in-law really a young master?” Wei was shocked as well- it was as if he were dreaming, there was no way he actually expected this much money to just come into their hands! It turned out that his sister meant much more to Lin Yi than he’d thought, now that an extra fifty thousand had come through!

“What young master??” Tang Yin glared. “He’s not your brother-in-law, either! I have to return this money, alright?”

“Heh, don’t be shy, sis!” Wei nodded with a smile. “I’ll make sure to save up with Dan, we’ll return the money for sure!”

“What do you know, you’re just a kid!” Tang Yin hmphed aggressively before remembering that Wei was only half a year younger than her, much more experienced in the love department with his relationship with Dan!

“Make sure to thank brother-in-law for me, sis! Dan and I will thank him in person if he visits, so remember to tell us!” Wei laughed.

“Yeah, Tang Yin sis… We really need to thank him……” Dan was in disbelief as well- it wasn’t that long ago when Wei was talking about selling his kidney.

Tang Yin felt a little uncomfortable as she looked at everyone’s happy faces- had she made the right decision? Was this what was known as sacrificing herself for the good of the entire family?

She held her phone in her hands tightly and walked out the house and back into the yard, hesitating- Lin Yi wasn’t calling back at all! Couldn’t he treat the money with more value, at least calling to confirm if she’d received it! What if the two hundred thousand was lost in the transfer!

She dialed Lin Yi’s number into the phone.

“Hello? Lin Yi?” Tang Yin tested after hearing Lin Yi’s silence.

“Mm……” Lin Yi responded.

“What’re you doing? Why aren’t you talking?” Tang Yin asked curiously.

“Was drinking water, I’m done.” Lin Yi said as he put the glass of water down.

“Oh……” Tang Yin was really speechless- the guy sure was calm and everything, as if the money didn’t mean anything to him… But he didn’t seem like that kind of guy, nor did he seem that rich- he drove a run-down old van, after all!

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