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Chapter 310 - Bodyguard Making His Appearance

Lin Yi pointed at the window casually without answering the question. “Wanna ask you something- why are you supporting Jin Gubang at the board?”

Guangbo paused, understanding where Lin Yi was coming from. His face grew solemn. “Chu Pengzhan sent you? Hmph. You can leave now- tell him this isn’t negotiable!”

“You’ve taken too many retard pills- you think he’s able to just send me? I’m helping him on my own accord!” Lin Yi’s lips twitched- did this guy think he was some small-fry messenger? Was he out of his mind? Pengzhan treated him nicely, but he came to Songshan because his old man told him too- there wasn’t anyone else who could ‘send’ him on errands other than Old Lin and his assassin shifu.

“Then what are you here for……” Guangbo asked, surprised. This man didn’t look like Pegnzhan’s underling, but why was he here?

Lin Yi frowned. “I’m Chu Mengyao’s bodyguard!”

“Ah?” Guangbo didn’t know what to say. Why was Chu Mengyao’s bodyguard butting into this business? “You’re Chu Mengyao’s bodyguard, so why are you here instead of protecting her?”

“You really are retarded.” Lin Yi glared. “Chu Pengzhan’s her father, who’s gonna pay me if he loses his job?”

Lin Yi was saying that so as to draw a line between Pengzhan and him- Pengzhan would be able to shrug all responsibility off should this get exposed to the other shareholders. Threatening a shareholder would not look good for Pengzhan at the board, after all.

Guangbo was speechless- just who was the retard here? Why was a bodyguard meddling with company affairs? A sudden thought came to his mind. “You’re here for money, right? Say it, how much do you want?”

One couldn’t blame Guangbo’s mentality here- Lin Yi was only a mere bodyguard officially, after all.

“I say, will you stop with your bullshit? Do you wanna die?” Lin Yi put his foot on the safe to the side, sending the few hundred kilo safe flying and landing with a thump right in front of Guangbo, one single centimeter away from his feet.

Guangbo’s forehead started getting wet with sweat- was this even a human? Why was a man this powerful a bodyguard? He just sent a safe a couple hundred kilos heavy flying! 

He looked at the safe, and froze upon seeing the large crater Lin Yi had created with his kick- a safe like this was reinforced with heavy iron, and damage like this shouldn’t be possible at all! Even burglars would have a hard time with electric saws, let alone this dude just kicking it with his leg!

Of course, all that was secondary to the fact that Guangbo would no longer be breathing if the safe had flown a bit father.

“I hope you’ll stay away from Jin Gubang, understand?? Lin Yi didn’t bother asking why he was helping Gubang. If he wanted to live then he would have to stop supporting Gubang.

“......” Guangbo’s face was pale white, but he didn’t say anything, unable to answer him. What would happen to his son if he stayed away from Gubang? He lowered his head, scared but optionless. “Tell me, how much money for you to let me go?”

“Money? You have a lot of money?” Lin Yi walked over disdainfully, and Guangbo shrunk away subconsciously.

Lin Yi wasn’t about to do anything to him- he stopped at the broken safe, and pulled the safe door open entirely.

“Is there money in here?” Lin Yi rummaged around the contents of the safe, and found a bank book. Much to his disappointment, the forty million written on it had been withdrawn a couple days ago. “What money are you gonna give me when you only have a few kuai in your bank?”

“I……” Guangbo remembered that he’d sent all his money to his son a couple days ago- he no longer had anything to give Lin Yi.

“Hm, looks like you were quite rushed when you withdrew all that. Is this why you’re helping Jin Gubang?” Lin Yi tossed aside the bankbook and continued rummaging. He pulled out stack of documents, a smile on his face. “Pengzhan Industries shares? Nice, you can transfer all that to me now!”

“No!” Guangbo stood up straight, a decisive look on his face. “Absolutely not!”

“Hoh? Is that so.” Lin Yi tossed the documents aside. “You want your life or do you want your shares?”

The door was kicked down all of a sudden. A man barged in. “Mister Xie, are you alright?”

He noticed Lin Yi right after finishing his words, and tensed up instantly- he’d heard a large noise in Guangbo’s room, and recognized that something was wrong.

The man was thirty years old, with a common face that would get lost in a crowd. A perfect face for a bodyguard.

Guangbo let out a breath of relief, a relaxed look forming on his face. The bodyguard was strong, He understood that well- even Lin Yi’s strength wouldn’t be able to stand up to his.

“Huang, kill him!” Guangbo ordered. A direct threat to his life couldn’t be allowed to exist.

His bodyguard was here for him this time around, but he couldn’t be by his side all the time, especially when Lin Yi was capable of sneaking into his room without a sound. He’d most likely come again if he could, and Guangbo found that very terrifying.

“Who are you?!” The man asked as he sent a fist in Lin Yi’s direction.

“Ah……” Lin Yi smiled faintly and made a fist of his own, putting it in front of him as if welcoming to attack.

The man wasn’t expecting Lin Yi to take his punch head on- he added more power to the punch in his disbelief, intent on removing Lin Yi with one go!

Intruding on private property and even threatening his boss- this was justifiable enough for his death on the scene. He wouldn’t be held responsible, anyway, since it was Xie Guangbo’s orders as his boss.

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