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Chapter 309 - How Did You Get In

Lin Yi thought that it was a very feasible possibility- Li Fu might very well be a physical master if he really were Pengzhan’s bodyguard. Like Chentian, there wasn’t any pure qi inside him because he trained in the physical arts, and the non-existence of that pure qi meant that Lin Yi wouldn’t be able to ascertain his power level with sensing alone.

As a result, Li Fu became a bit of an enigma in Lin Yi’s eyes. He’d been Pengzhan’s companion for so many years now- the man had to certainly be on a level far superior to Wu Chentian’s. Just how strong was he?

He was in charge of getting Yushu and Mengyao to school and drove them home as well- he was responsible for their safeties in addition to Pengzhan’s. It was logical to think that he’d be good! He had wondered why no one had plotted anything against Mengyao before Lin Yi came, but it seemed that Li Fu was precisely the reason for their maintained well-being.

As if feeling Lin Yi’s gaze on his back, Li Fu spoke up after some silence. “You’re right- I’m Mister Chu’s bodyguard! Mister Xie himself has a master guarding him as well, and he’s not weaker than I am. Although, I’m currently a physical master, and he’s a spiritual one.”

“Currently?” Lin Yi asked, intrigued. What did that mean? Had Li Fu trained in the spiritual arts before? Why couldn’t he sense anything from him, then?

“I’ll be careful.” Lin Yi didn’t really mind. He was a master himself, after all……

With that, he got out the car, preparing to get in his van and get to the root of the problem- Xie Guangbo.

“Wait, Yi- your car, they won’t be able to trace anything, would they?” Pengzhan eyed Lin Yi’s old van and its licence plate.

“Ah…… Uncle Chu, what do you think I’m planning?” Lin Yi asked as he opened the car. “I’m just going to him to talk with him, it’s fine.”

“I see……” Pengzhan nodded. “Why don’t you use Yao Yao’s car? His area’s filled with rich people, so the van might be stopped at the security gates.”

“Okay, I’ll use Shu’s Beetle then. I have the keys here.” Lin YI nodded before making his way to the garage.

Chinalead Shore was one of the most luxurious of districts within Songshan- it was the symbol of wealth itself!

All of them were stand-alone villas in the Duplex pattern, with each unit worth at least ten million, going as far as even thirty million! One had to be extraordinarily rich to be living in a place like this.

While not all rich person would choose to live here, everyone inhabiting the houses in this district was without a doubt rich. Pengzhan didn’t have a house here because the house he lived in was even more luxurious than the houses here!

Guangbo was the third largest shareholder in Pengzhan Industries, a company in the top five hundred within the country. It was no surprise that he’d have a villa in an area like this, especially when it was a Pengzhan Industries project.

The security was extremely strict, as expected- all incoming cars were stopped at the gates, with only the more prestigious cars or the ones with an pass gaining immediate entry. 

Lin Yi’s Beetle wasn’t too expensive, but any home well-off enough to afford a car like this usually didn’t have the Beetle as their first and only car.

Lin Yi drove through the gate without trouble. He didn’t ask for any directions, but rather looked for area F himself- the land of stand-alone villas stood out in the district.

Lin Yi parked his car in front of the sixth villa, and walked up to the door. He didn’t ring the doorbell, but stepped on the transformer at the side of the house, throwing himself onto the second floor’s balcony.

Xie Guangbo may be residing in a luxurious home, but he was never one for grandiosity. He lived here because of his status as shareholder- he might lose face should his house not live up to expectations, and that would affect how business partners perceived him as well.

He never remarried after his wife died- he was never one for materialistic things, and neither was he too invested in women. He never brought home random girls, and his biggest wish was that his son could take on his mantle.

Yet the son he’d sent overseas for education turned out to be an addict to drugs and gambling…

Gambling on its own was fine- after all, smaller gambles were a good way of bonding with friends. Drugs, on the other hand, was a bottomless pit that would consume even the largest of fortunes……

His son’s hundred million debt to the mafia enraged him, but he was the only son he had. He could never abandon him.

He’d just gotten off a call with his son- the pain in his heart when he saw his bruised face made him want to charge into the fray and save his son from the chaos!

“Xie Guangbo?” A voice sounded in front of him- he raised his head subconsciously to see someone standing in front of him!!

“W-Who are you?” Guangbo asked, shocked and in disbelief. Where did this person come from??

He was shocked not because Lin Yi had entered his room so silently- it was because Lin Yi was in his room at all! He’d locked his bedroom with the key still in his hand so as to prevent his bodyguard and nanny from hearing anything, so how was this man standing in front of him?

How’d he even get in the house? His nanny and bodyguard occupied the lower floor... Lin Yi must’ve alerted them to his presence!

His nanny would first notify him if this man were a visitor.

And his bodyguard would stop him if he were an invader.

But here he was, standing right in front of him, in his room, without him noticing.

This man came in with hostility. That was Guangbo’s first impression of the man. His experience in this world prompted him to regain his composure. “How did you get in?”

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